Apparent Rapid Expansion And A Big Bang

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Gen 1:9 And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.
Gen 1:10 And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good. (KJV)

In these two verses we state that the big bang is, (as it stands) only an apparent truth. We have the machinery of language to state simply that if the universe or "firmament" created is imagined to be cyclindrical with time increasing on the axis perprndicular to the circular cross section, or indeed as a cuboid likewise with time perpendicular to one face then v9 states that the "past" is made to apparently be "gathered together" so that the cylinder or cuboid of our spacetime becomes as an inverted cone or "frustrum" respectively.

The past is made to apparently consist of a small region, within which God narrowed the universe near to a "point" or at least "a thin waist", so that the universe was reformed in volume, giving the appearance of rapid expansion as the size of the observable (and apparent) universe increases with the time axis. The former universe before the appearance of expansion was added may have indeed been infinite - and the "gathering together" may justify in some sense the model of expansion with an "open" universe, or it may have been finite - and the universe may be either open or "closed", we can not tell for sure even with the telescopes we use today.

The phrase "one place" may equate to a point or more likely a small region, equivalent to giving us the appearance of the "big bang" when we look through telescopes and correctly deduce that red-shifts increase with distance when observing other galaxies: (Everything tends to move apart from everything else, no matter from what point in the universe we look from)

This "thin waist"or near-point allows God to insert the matter that forms the elements of the periodic table that we find in the universe. God calls matter "dry land" , a fitting alternative to "wet" as to the waters of waste (unwanted) portions of the deep, and "land" to indicate solidity, as well as to show land as the opposite of "waters". Or in this sense that water is neither space or "proper matter". Also, God speaks of dry land as in the earth, since the earth was created in the heavens yet without form and void.

Earth, along with its oceans are created in the firmament, yet, the past or "waters beneath the firmament" are created in an apparent way within the present. (This is not to state that the past as apparently created before the creation occurred ever existed, but that in the present, it is indiscernable that this is so.) In this manner God can leave the creation be and return to it without it vanishing in a puff of logic.

God called the dry land "Earth", (the intent of creation, or the goal of it - solid matter in the universe). God also called the gathering together of our spacetime some 13 billion years ago (apparently) "seas": which by dictionary definition refers to foaming surf, (of waves on a beach) - a fitting description of the chaotic highly energetic matter that existed shortly after the big bang. (The reason why I equate "one place" with a "thin waist" as opposed to "a cartesian point" only.)

Now, why only a thin waist and not a single infinitely energetic and dense point? Clearly in space-time such a point would immediately form an inescapable region, or "black hole". That discrepancy has led theorists to declare that the universe must have first rapidly expanded in "imaginary time" (as of the complex numbers, rather than human imagination). This "imaginary" time allows travel beyond the speed of light (rather, every point becomes connected in "proper time" in the four dimensional manifold.) and this allows the inflation model of modern physics, and the theory for the universe to exist and to expand, as following from an "unbound" singularity. However, this expansion is a "rabbit pulled from a hat", or an "deus ex machina" as ironic as that may be.

God in His wisdom did not see fit to actually create a universe with imaginary time governing its (apparently) expanding beginning: He then merely leaves us with the option of asserting that it was created and gathered into a small chaotic region in the distant past, or else had the appearance of a point of origin, a singularity. God has left this indiscernible except for the embedded meaning in His word in the book of Genesis. Either way, the universe is existent on its own past; and God has laid a sure foundation for it. Imaginary time is a mathematical solution; but it is an invention of the theorist, rather than a demonstrable physical quantity; it is not found present as an intrinsic extension of the time-like dimension in space we so familiarly find in nature. There may indeed be tachyons, (faster than light particles) but we may need to first travel in time to observe them in motion! Then where is the "God from the machine" to be found? I hope it is not us!

Now, for the first time we see that the phrase "and God saw that it was good." is applied. Creation now has everything it needs to exist, a first cause as well as a past to contingently rest upon as existent without such a past ever having truly existed. If modern physics can not tell the difference, perhaps God should be glorified all the more.

Modern physics has had to apply rapid expansion to show how the early universe was able to expand without immediately being crushed by the force of its own gravity. Professors have posited that the universe rapidly expanded in imaginary (complex) time, which would make every point in the early universe of spacetime traversable at sub-light speeds. In effect it is a simple idea to gather the waters under the present together, it is actually a simpler explanation - but I do not call physicists liars,. they are only showing what is observable outside!

In order to explain why galaxies rotate as they do and how the universe expands under its own steam as it apparently does there has been much talk of "dark matter, dark flow, and dark energy",.. Could it be that the universe is transformed as from outside influences? Which way does the arrow of time point from the "outside", and is there any entropy on that action? All way beyond me, but it does seem far simpler to believe God's account so far.

What can be said from the scripture is that the distant past is brought together into "one place". On a causal basis, it could not have been gathered together into one place then forming a "black hole", else it could not exist "later on" as it does not now, as open. It would have been unable to escape its own gravitation. Then, though the universe was brought together to exist in "one place", it, as from a creator's view did not begin from a singularity or was then gathered together into one - so Professor Stephen Hawkins was most likely mistaken about any requirement for a singularity or indeed any need for rapid expansion in imaginary time. Causality itself comes to the rescue in the form of a universal paradox installed by its creator, truly permitting a "beginning" of everything contingent upon it. Then dark matter, flow and dark energy are complicated complications made purely by outside influence, yet this added curvature is also truly observable but causality is reversed upon it! What a conundrum!

We now have another conundrum - why are plants apparently created next?

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