The Fall Was Universal

I need not defend that the fall of Adam caused some other men elsewhere (under the "sixth day man" label) to somehow sin also: It is not the case that sin transmits across distance by radio waves, rather it is a product of the pride of the heart. Paul states, "I would not know sin except the law had said "Thou shalt not covet."".

Every child repeats the same disobedience of Eve in evaluating their environment and treating their parents commands as irrelevant in favour of their own pleasure, long before they are able to be educated in God's requirements: They as children are already well accomplished sinners, although too young to be damnable under God's law. Jesus stated;

Joh 9:41 Jesus said unto them, If ye were blind, ye should have no sin: but now ye say, We see; therefore your sin remaineth. (KJV)

Scripture states that every man will die the death for their sin, yet the curse is of death of the flesh - we should also acknowledge that God in Christ died also, and that were we to be perfect and sinless we would be also mortal, yet judged favourably by God towards eternal life as a reward. (Except if we considered ourselves perfect and God's equal and fulfill the letter but not the intent of the law. C.f. the book of Job for much on this!)

However, Animals die too, are they sinners? In the same manner mortality is transmitted genetically through the generations of men we see the same in the animals, not even science disputes that great leveller. Before the flood the animals were created as living creatures, of species appearing both old and young. After the flood God permitted hunting to men, and we presume the animals also: the impression we get from the text that the animals ate only plants before the flood is not strictly accurate, merely that plants were meat for all animals in the case that they were not able to find meat. It is the case though that the animals were only fed plants in the ark.

Nothing separates the animals from man except understanding of speech and the mind able to speak and fully communicate the requirements of religion and knowledge. We as men are made in the image of God to be in fellowship with God in a manner that is to His pleasure. The animals, being dumb and without speech are already predisposed to the same carnal lusts and sinful nature that Adam chose over his required obedience to the commandment of God - the bible records no similar commandment given to the animals. (Merely a blessing to get on and multiply.)

It is apparent that there is a hole in the text unless eternal life is given by the spirit of God, (God would not strive with man by His spirit after the flood, when God limited man's lifespan.) Therefore the animals before the flood without the spirit of God to motivate them were mortal already. The animals were mortal and no doubt preyed on each other from the beginning according to their forms, although it is possible for any animal to survive on vegetation and its fruits for food. (As we are assured.)

The animals who live carnally are already without the spiritual obedience to God that men may find from their faith so readily. A dog for instance, requires some time to train from the wildness it is born with, and it is hard enough to get them to obey a man it actually knows to be a physically present master - so we may assume teaching a dog to obey God whom it can not see or hear (or feel) is next to impossible because it can not reasonably and rationally consider that it is spiritually fallen and requires divine redemption.

Animals therefore are already as sinful as man has become. The revelation of Jesus Christ states that the jealousy of satan has led the world to structurally replace the spirit of God in the churches with an emulation of this five-sense carnal mind in the form of their activity through the image set up by the "false prophet". It is this emulation that gives the image its appearance of life, its judgement of sound doctrine is performed in the same manner that Eve was beguiled by her senses.

The "beast" of revelation is then not only the model of the "lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and the pride of life" that has affected every animal since its creation, but now also the "body of christ" - or rather the Church of "Mysery Babylon" - the pretender that will admit no fault and permit none to admit it should do so.

Likewise it is man whom chose to become as an animal instead of a "son of God". Without the correct discernment of good and evil from the commandments and only the drive for pleasure and a dopamine rush, man is become an animal also.

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