No Water Jacket For The Earth

One of the prevailing views amongst creationists holding to the genesis bible account is the presence of a theory known as "the water jacket." In an explanation of the firmament (the visible arch of the sky) as created in the midst of waters separated to above and below the "sky". It has been suggested that Earth was surrounded by an upper atmosphere of water that not only protected the remarkably long-living pre-Noah citizens of earth from any aging ultraviolet rays but also accounts for the large deluge of water in Noah's day that caused the great flood. (There are often points such as the first rainbow after the flood used to support a change in the atmosphere.) I clearly dispute this theory with the following few remarks.

Firstly If there was such a water jacket it could only exist as a set of rings surrounding the earth as does saturns. It is clear that ater that is in orbit must orbit in a great circle or ellipse with earth at one focus: Were water to orbit earth above the poles, not as in a meridian orbit but merely about the earth's axis of rotation, there would be a super-vortex and a dreadful storm above each pole.

Also, If the water orbited on lines of longitude only then there would be great chaos where the water crosses the poles. Such orbits could not be geostrationary due to the coriolis effect. This simply means that if the water is further out in space it must orbit slower than the turning of the earth underneath it.

Also, consider the verses themselves;

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