The Flood And A Change Of Physics

The account of the flood of Noah contains references to the world being overflowed with water - in fact the text refers to the "fountains of the great deep" and the "windows of heaven" being broken up and opened respectively. The idea that somehow water was ejected from within the earth and that space contained a blob of water through which the Earth flew in its orbit is a nice, if hard to believe fairy story.

We have the creation account in Genesis to refer to when we consider the term "great deep". The deep (abyss) was that upon which God created the universe with the separation of past and future from the present (firmament). It was a deep within which God created the spacetime we know today with "let there be light". Those areas of the "deep" that form the past, present and future of the universe make up the "waters" in the creation account.

Then we could align the fountains of the deep (as broken up) and the windows of heaven (as opened) to being the light cones of the past leading towards the flood, (as stemming from a single cause in the past, alike to an issuance of water directly upward from a fountain that parts as a cone at its top) , and the spacetime aperature through which the light in the firmament (the present) may pass respectively. (In effect altering the static causes of the universe and limiting the resulting effect respectively).

The fountains being broken up would be alike to introduce some event not deterministically consequent to the creation of the universe as a replacing 'cause' of the apparent past of our universe. The windows of heaven would then be such as to direct where the future of the heaven (observable universe) would lead to. (fountains are a source (cause) and light (spacetime) travels through windows, almost as if being newly "determined" the universe is put on a different track.)

The rain indeed covered the Earth, but we may find that whilst God was supernaturally bringing about a flood under extreme circumstances, He was also at work - ie, altering the past underneath the waters, reconfiguring the Earth and wiping out all effect of anything in the flooded world that was not to His will, to bring about a similar but reconfigured Earth with a subtly different set of physical laws.

We have Peters succinct passage;

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