One Redeemer Of All

How may we argue that God, as creator of all must create first, or do nothing but leave creation to His creator creations?

Clearly by definition a creation is redeemed if there is some t2 after which no further corruption is permitted to exist. The creator of creators that creates no defeated evil first leaves the redemptive work to His creations and the time interval for the Most High, t2-t1 is then possibly infinite. It could be argued in every case that creation is necessarily redeemed - yet God, as top of the chain would not then ever redeem His own work. There must be coincidence then that there is some final point t2 for the Most High's own work after which there is no more evil.

So, In order for a creator of creators to redeem His own work, the office of creator is secondary to the work of justifying creation as a work itself: (as creators would create creators ad infinitum, were creation with corruption and evil not the first work of the Most High) after which all permitted creation in the image of the one creator is justified by the complete defeat of all evil.

Once evil is defeated in the worst most corrupted creation at it's completion at t2, there is then no act of creation by any possible creator that God would not permit Himself in all perfection to create. Thus, all creators (including Himself) are justified to create. That God is the only creator is beyond the point when arguing there are no others, for there is evil and God has created it - and baseless assumptions must be overturned.

God, has chosen to finish His creative work in this first world to justify every possible creation after, with the office of "good creator" filled only by Himself. In permitting other creators He would allow the creation of yet more evil and even if redone by His proxy, His own perfect work would be remade and this would not make His initial redemption of all eternal, and evil would not be defeated. It is positive that the first such redemption at t2 be the only and last redemption required. God then will not give His work to others.

Yet, no creator is justified as redeemable except as following after the Most High's defeat of all evil, or else He follows the Most High and does the same work and is in complete agreement with God.

Every creator either than has no choice but either to surrender to being created by the Most High, or equivalently does the exact same work. God, as top of the chain may indeed not create anything further than a corrupt creation first, if it is redeemed at t2. The Most High would not then create any other creators before creation is justly redeemed first.

The existence of a t2 is necessary for a redeeming God. It is not possible for God's hands to be tied so that creation is forestalled. Rather, it is true that all creative work in every agreeable fashion may be justified once a most corrupt world containing evil is redeemed. Any creator following after is a "set" that is sufficiently "big" to be acceptable in its positive properties, as well as justified by a least possible set of possible positive properties in this creation of Earth that is yet still pleasing to the Most High, or that He equivalently so loves still.

Any creator of any further creation does so in that every such "big set" may be grouped together to make a set of creative works acceptable to God.

Lastly, creation does not include the creator that creates nothing. (A contradiction)

So in order, If I is the indexed set of all creation justified by the Most High in this first world, if A is a subset of I created by a set of creators in U then given a similar B in U, each finds their justification to create in the Earth. There may be no group of creators that are not justified by the same defeat of evil in the Earth, since God only creates good creators that He has certainly redeemed beforehand at t2. Then for every set of creators, every creator made is created justified by God Most High. Lastly, the creator that does nothing can not belong to the ultrafilter. (Not being a himself creator, or in being a "bad creator" whom is only tool of the Most High that is personally redeeming that irredeemable world, as His is the creation.) God Most High does not create by proxy, such a "God of that world" is actually a "D", a "lie" - there are no bad creators.)

Therefore, as God is perfect, He indeed has placed His work of the Earth first, so that He would not be considered to have created and redeemed His creation by proxy. God is correct, and He is the one true God, The Most High. God, does not take the place of the empty set, He is not a maker of creators that does nothing to redeem!

God, then as creator has chosen not to make any other creators anytime, and has promised in scripture that He will never give His glory to another. Then, there is one redeemer of all, namely God.

We have a principal ultrafilter generated by a set of agreeable maximal virtue which is beyond any discussion. We, as creations of God are able to define our own morality in common to that of our creator without having any logical dispute. Likewise in all further creation only done by the Most High, every creation will have a direct line to his most just creator, knowing that the greatest of permissible faults is redeemable - and being without question able to heal, for all creation is without and beyond corruptibility.

For any ultrafilter U,

The empty set does not belong to U, (There are no bad creators and then no unjustified creators. A creator that does nothing at all in creation, even in by proxy creating another creators to redeem themselves, whether most high maker of creators or "irredeemable" devil, can not belong to the ultrafilter.)

The intersection of two subsets of I in U is in U. For any creation after time t2, every set of creative work(s) are justified by redeeming the Earth (These creations are "generated by Earth") Every creation shares this justification. No two creators are required to correct each others work. (There is an intersection or "join" that renders each creation positively redeemable by their own creators.)

Likewise every justified creation that is included in the set of God's complete redeemed creation does not exclude any other, irrespective of conflict of physical laws or rules of existence, however brief or eternal: God through the office of every "possible" creator, may create everything possible. Therefore every superset of one "good creators" work is not excluded by the work of that creator. The only exclusion made is to every world that is less satisfying that the Earth to the Most High God. After this fashion if A is in U and A is properly in B, then B is in U. U is principal.

Lastly, it is God's choice to place himself as creator in every respect without requiring any other creators. He is Most High. Earth, is being redeemed through the souls saved from it - beings survive, matter (corrupt) persists only.

A creator that does no creation, some "great architect" does not belong to the ultrafilter, neither the God that leaves all redemption to other Gods. The set of all worlds would then be without justification and either there is one work for all who would be most high on the same virtue, or there is totally unbound and unrestricted creation - wherein there is no ultrafilter. (Unless all creators surrender to the work of the Most High.) The alternative is the bottomless pit, which by construction is that which is ejected from the first woe of revelation's fifth trumpet.

There is one God, one redeemer of all, and the model is correct. Virtue found in Christ is a principal ultrafilter generated by L(G). Creation is also a principal ultrafilter generated by the Earth, yet Earth was created to be survived by it's inhabitants, and there is no other genesis than that God made man in His image so that they would hold true L(G), that they may live.

If you missed it in the text, crucially God's choice was to create Earth first to further generate not the Earth (which is corrupt) but that His virtue would be continued through all creation. God makes no other creators - what is true in the restriction of evil is that a virtuous creator that redeems as does our own is justified. Creation then is an act by a perfect God whose concern is somewhat infinite and whose standards are boundlessly positive: That creation is corrupt and God has created evil simply declares that because God is perfect, there is better yet to come.

The earth, as created to show that the same virtues pleasing to God are possible for all beings to live by everywhere (and after t2 as well) is a sufficient and necessary condition. (Jesus redeemed His people) It shows that every subsequent creator (or the Most High Himself) must create a world that at the very least allows the example of Christ to be possible within it. Such virtue by the creator is no problem when it is the same creator! Jesus, having redeemed the Earth is correct in that "It s finished".

Likewise with that virtue held firmly in place in every creation, Jesus as Alpha and Omega is God, and all creation is made for Him, and for His enjoyment. Every set in U must contain the same virtue generated purely by L(G).

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