The major sticking point for unbelievers is the idea that there is a God in control of every facet of life. They detest the idea that God will judge people to Hell for simply being made to go through their lives according to His design for them. Alternatively, they paint the devil in as the one in the bible pulling their strings in the place of God, and make then their "God" equal to the devil. Shameful.

Also it is their shameful "pride of life" that their sinful natures themselves are the created intent of God, and that they (as only their carnal selves as the inner man) are just as worthy of salvation as those that desire an "incorruptible" nature, and have crucified the flesh by following after the example of Jesus Christ.

The inner man is a brute beast, and worthless as dung - there is nothing good dwelling in the flesh - it is the spiritual man that is born again that will inherit the promises of God, this is the destiny of the final product of the redeeming work of the cross to us; that the Holy Spirit will engineer in us a better man so that the corrupt will put on the incorruptible. This end result is that to which the work of God through His Spirit is working - so we, and only we, as born again believers are all predestined.

It Is Not In Man To Direct His Steps
The first and major objection to God acting in the world is the principle of determinism,.. that everyone's future is foreknown by God and every consequence is merely the unwinding of the thread of the known plan of God. However, the bible teaches something else, and I wonder why this is not taught in the churches at all? Predestination is not determinism, we indeed keep our free will.

The Uncertainty Principle
Modern physics raises an objection to the classical principle of the clockwork universe, the view that everything is caused by all that went before in a predetermined calculable manner. The beliefs seized upon by the church before the quantum theory emerged is counterproductive to the teaching that is in the bible, It has masked the true word of God with misconceptions that have no scriptural basis. This has done the word of God a great disservice.

Higher Than Your Ways
We are told that the Lord's ways are higher than ours and He has concerns that are not for us to worry about. God is confident, we should be also. God has not just raised the dead, He died and raised Himself: Our small worries over what we will wear and be fed with in eternal life, Jesus taught are purposeless worries. Eternal life is such that these things are provided by the Father for us, however the problem of evil we are right to worry over: but the rewards in God are so very much more when we consider the true depth of evil that this world has made us to experience. We suffered with all this evil, we will receive the due reward for that.

The Purpose Of Iniquity
Why would God permit men to be evil as to tempt the devil to come in and be trapped in final judgement to hell? We should admit that satan is utterly insane, considering his own jealousy to be a matter of personal pride. In thinking of all the evil he has caused, he magnifies his self and it is only then true that men are also able to be evil, though maybe not to be so evil: the result is that the madness of the devil which has been tempted in has been so on the basis that those who love the truth of God and wish to be healed spiritually gravitate to God and will seek until they find him, whereas those that take pleasure in the works of the devil are not so much collateral damage, as equals to satan in his evil. The works of their Father they do, they are as without excuse - and the difference of evil between them and their father is simply the lifespan of the individual and the madness of the mind of the dragon - a product of that time.

The Predestination Checklist
I could include a shorter list of everything I would consider relates to being sure of predestination,.. I would be happy to find surety for myself halfway through the list: I include one point where you may cease in approval - but every thing on the list has been important for me. I include them in a semblance of order - the first half is the most obvious, the last few are perhaps overkill.

Approaching Pleasure, Avoiding Pain
With a swipe at the old testament, I take an easy example of why determinism is not a biblical doctrine. It has no efficacy in salvation outside of the action of the Holy Spirit. I also write about the group mentality being counter-productive to the very principles of salvation in new testament doctrine. Salvation is only on a 1 - 1 basis between the individual and the Lord. There is no safety in numbers. (No matter how easy the road is to travel.)

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