The Uncertainty Principle

The uncertainty principle, as far as I can remember from college is a relation of quantities that results from situations like Fourier transforms,.. that differences in energy and time are related with a constant, so that similarly the greater the accuracy measuring the energy of a body, the period of time over which the measurement is made must increase. Likewise, to measure the position of something accurately requires us to abandon a measurement of the momentum of the particle, we can not see where something is, and where it is going at the same time unless with an error related to the constant involved. This "natural balance" of quantities occurs all over mathematics in many places other than quantum physics.

However, as I am only a lowly graduate with no post-graduate study I can not honestly state that this would cause God Himself, (acting as if massless) to alter the momentum of the particle whilst He is measuring its position (He has no need to ricochet photons with momentum upon it to know where He left it.)

Does the spirit of God have momentum also? We simply do not know, but for us, what we measure we also change.

The uncertainty principle has been related to the wave/particle duality of matter and light, (as well as every other type of particle i learned of at college as an undergraduate) Though I always found it rather simple to consider the wave of light as a particle. That a spherical wavefront can be emitted with a form like an expanding bubble, and then detected as a particle somewhere with a probability distribution as to where it appears to be, upon measurement is no surprise to me. The light wave and its front is quantised as energy, and the wave front or "bubble" when it is measured is "popped" at the point it was pricked with the measuring "pin", resulting in a probabilty as to where the particle "photon" or quanta of energy is discovered by the scientist yelling "Eureka!".

The wave property of matter is somewhat harder to define in its converse: Of course if it is also a wave, then quantisation is no surprise either, yet mass is not quantised in the same way as far as I know... The mass itself is bound to the wave in a particle like manner whilst the energy is transmitted as a wave, the equivalence of mass with energy is enough to trouble particle physicists, so I am happy to be somewhat left scratching my own head!

In any case, this uncertainty of the universe on its micro-scale is enough that physics states there is a limit to the accuracy with which a system can be measured, and this has again raised the ugly head of objection against a God who created the universe for a purpose and knows where everything is and what will happen tomorrow.

Of course, in the correct light of predestination there is no real objection to an apparent lack of determinism except in those major things that go over our own heads, as the Lord occupies Himself for the most part with His own matters, rather than that of the universe - that it may continue on without His presence to move it into each subsequent moment. The end of the world and the purpose of it are not objectionables based on the ground of faulty determinism. I do not expect the wrath of God to occur as a mechanical consequence of someone somewhere leaving a light on or not unplugging a desk fan, or of a butterfly's wings stirring up the mother of all tornadoes.

God's outpouring of wrath will be without precedent, other than the complete breaking apart of all that once was the past and a complete reworking of all that will be the future as in the days of Noah, with the breaking up of the causes of the past, (the fountains of the deep) and as in the movement of the world towards final judgement (the windows of heaven opened for the world to pass through.)

The uncertainty principle seems more in accord with the God that asked Adam, "Where art thou?" than the God who controls him as a puppet. That God rested from His creation and is still at rest except for the benefit of those whom desire truthfully to be His children is a comfort - the uncertainty principle shows to me that God is able to rest as He stated He did, rather than for us to uncover His fingers in the universal pie as we watch it ever more closely.

I wonder why we would expect the God of creation to serve us, than for us to realise that creation serves Him? As Peter put it, in the last days will come scoffers, being wilfully ignorant.

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