Higher Than Your Ways

The genesis account states that this universe was created "In the beginning". We may take it as read that this is the first creation of God, and the testing ground of evil. There is a parable perhaps that could describe why this universe appears to be the playground of evil, but I will spin out a yarn instead.

Consider the very beginning, where God has formed in trinity and comes to the conclusion that He can not perceive that there is any being in existence other than Himself and made of His own image. He would consider; "Either the ways of this possible 'other being' are so much higher than mine that I cannot myself discern Him, or he is a sly, evil and disgusting person who lies in wait for me with those things I hate."

Then there are, given such a being, three possibilities.

1) This other being is a being that is far more powerful than God, and is only a concern to God if he reserves the right to create to Himself, as over our God.

2) This other being is totally evil and will corrupt any creation of God, and may do so at any future point, thereby ruining paradise.

3) The other being is both the above.

God then has a problem. In full knowledge of everything that He knows is good that He would create, He is in full knowledge of the evil that could so easily corrupt it, as from the posited existence of the one being He wondered after, as both devil and super-god wrapped up into the one same being, indiscernibly higher than God - powerful and also insurmountably evil.

God then would desire to create a paradise, but does He risk the paradise being corrupted by an omnipotent devil from elsewhere? God settled on laying a trap. God created the most evil creation with His universe that a loving creator could possibly create. The least of all his worlds to tempt the devil to steal creation from Him as well as to show that the devil would inherit the response of God's wrath. If there was to be war, God is confident in His own power and strength to fight him off. God is omnipotent, don't forget.

So, God created a universe that hung by a thread on the obedience of Adam, an unfortunate innocent, as bait to the trap.

The angel we know as satan took the place of the devil. Lucifer, was perfect in all his ways until iniquity was found in Him. In causing the fall and being fallen himself, satan took the bait. One could ask whether God created the devil, or if maybe the super-devil possessed satan, or if iniquity is this super-devil itself. Either way, when satan fell and was damned, there is the possibility that a devil in hiding will enter into satan and a being with maximal iniquity will be released upon the world.

So as this world is so clearly on the road to a complete and finished victory for God, the devil will risk losing all possibility of stealing future paradise; For the world (the Earth) that will lead to a paradise would need to be stolen since it is itself, the justification for paradise(s) to be created later.

Alternatively, if the super-devil lies in wait for creation of true paradise to destroy it and satan is a mere useful idiot in the meantime: The destruction of the one universe that is so clearly made to invite the super-devil in to use it as his jealous playground (by corrupting those that are corruptible within) is all God needs to bait the trap.

Paradise will not be so tempting, being defended by God and made incorruptible - this creation now however is the trap with the cheese with the devil snatching it away only to have the cage drop on him. This creation as the least of all possible paradise(s) is the weak point, and the only weak point that a super-devil would need to (or could) try to seize from God if the super-devil actually exists.

If satan is the devil, he is damned. If satan is not the devil, the devil has lost his chance to satan unless he is also here and satan is just his useful idiot. If there is no devil at all but satan, God gets to justify to all that there is no other devil, having tempted the devil with the biggest trap possible.

Clearly then also is that if there is a being whose ways are higher than the ways of our creator, that being did not step in to suggest there was no devil - sparing the lives of all involved: Neither has such a being taken the reins of creation from God.

If the being is the super-devil and the last possibility for considering him to exist is in the chance he ignores the bait and lies waiting for later, incorruptible creation. However, if the "deep" within which God's first creation was made is to be filled with "all possible worlds" - then this world, as the most evil ever to be created (the very first) is, as God's defining and justifying victory - the start and foundation of the same work of every possible world.

A super- devil that ignores the start of the full work of creation and waits to defeat the finished victory of a world that may exist without God present instead of omnipotent over everything has left his one chance behind unspent - and God will either creatively and personally completely fill up the deep (showing that by principle of extension, only the empty set remains) leaving the super-devil cast out and most certainly not existent, or the devil never existed except for some idiot called satan.

Satan then, is the only devil, or is the vessel for some possible "super-devil" that has shown up in the form of the source of iniquity. Whether satan is lucifer which is taught by the bible, or satan is merely lucifer's agent as some mystery religions would infer: It seems in any case satan could state "The devil made me do it." Satan then, was dangled the bait and whosoever took it, he himself or some super-devil, the analogy of satan possessing judas has occurred, with satan both trap and trapped.

Now, Adam and his descendants were and are shown much love: so who is the real bait now? How unfortunate.

So (1) is not now a concern, since a good super-God has not taken over from God or put His own end to the problem of evil, stating there is no devil. (Similarly showing evil defeated from His own preceding work without God's knowledge)

2) is not a problem as God is omnipotent and can imprison anything with existence outside of His own self, or by some spatial transformation within some small region, possibly the empty set as in non-existence. (God being omnipresent.)

3) Is God's concern.

The Earth, as the only world created upon which God has thus far rested: is in itself able to exist without God in it. God dwells in heaven, and in the paradise that will be after, God will dwell with His people in that paradise. Such paradise will exist in Him and His Spirit, where it is defended and incorruptible. If the paradise is to be attacked and seized by a jealous devil or destroying super-devil then the legs have to be kicked out from under God's throne: This Earth is the only such testing ground to trap such a devil or super-devil. (It is the underpinning justification for God to be Most High and also The Almighty.)

If God is considered to be outside of time, then so may a super-devil, however satan is not. The earth then is the only "entry point" for the super-devil. Satan it seems, as the first mouse has lost the cheese.

On the other hand, if God had once and first created paradise and there is no super-devil at all and this is a failed exercise - what was keeping God from declaring there was never a cause of evil before creation? What stopped Him from creating everyone in paradise to begin with? Well, He sorta did - at least as far as we could imagine it compared to this world we live in.

Allowing the possibility of evil is not the same as creating it, although God does just that. It is more important to God to solve the problem of evil than it is to permit and defeat it. The solution for evil is the meaning behind this current creation - God's ways are higher than ours, and upon such a proof God can subsequently ignore evil as a problem solved; His ways are much higher than our ways, we as "lower beings" complain about evil because we ourselves are evil. 100 years or so of experience under evil, to become anointed as kings and priests to serve God in eternity is not such a bad deal.

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