The Predestination Checklist

In order to be able to state that you are predestined into the grace of God for eternal life, there are numerous things you must first know.

i) That the only perfect example of faith and obedience was shown by Jesus Christ, and is and was found perfect in no other. (Jesus Christ is God. If you can't realise that, give up on the rest of the list; but feel free to read on.)

ii) Every will of your person that seeks to sin is actually a malformed attempt of twisting your own understanding of God's unchangeable character to suit your own carnal desires. Loving the one true God is what counts. Repent (change) yourself.

iii) You must not expect God to extend to you a blessing in any way before you are confident that it is a matter of His promises to His elect, whom you should consider few in number. If you hold such beliefs, relax your expectation upon God so that He is free not to show you those blessings at any time He chooses.

iv) You should study the teaching of Christ relating to the assumptions people had regarding their status as the chosen people.

v) There should be no effort in yourself to resist chastisement from God, it is necessary for your character to be tested, not His own.

vi) If you struggle with sin and constantly backslide - come to the real knowledge that you are under unchanging grace, it will not become stronger - you must put the sin behind you and be born again - you have to become a "new creature".

vii) If you doubt you are a new creature on the basis of all the above, and you question that you have the Holy Spirit, ask yourself seriously, "Does God really want to save me? Can I be saved? Will He want to save me?" In all three of these cases, the answer is a most definite YES! - that will be a shout from heaven.

viii) If the Holy Spirit you think you have is treating you like a puppy, and the comfort you feel is a warm and fuzzy feeling, you do not have the Spirit of God, you are not a pet.

ix) The Kingdom of God is manifested with His sons and daughters, in the way that God has determined through the law and the prophets. - In the more sure word of their fulfilment in Jesus Christ. Reading the scripture is a must. The law is the schoolmaster that teaches the man to recognise the person of Jesus Christ - the prophets are the sure word of His arrival and the new testament is the witnessing of the Kingdom of God arrived in full.

x) If you are convinced you are being mislead, remember that to test the spirits is more than to ask simply, if they say "Christ is come in the flesh" - they must say that Jesus is the Christ and He really was raised from the dead, and more the point, that He fulfilled all the word of God as above. (One must be able to examine all teaching with scripture to know that discernment.) If you are unsure, never put any person up on a pedestal.

xi) Avoid churches for the stinking pits filled with sinners that they are.

xii) Be prepared to be visited with violence from people you have no quarrel with. God does not hide those whom He praises, and spiritual opposition can be physically violent.

xiii) The route goes from you up to God and straight back down - dont pray to any other. If you are happy to pray to Jesus, then you should be happy to pray direct to the Father - there is no real difference. Dont pray to saints or angels.

xiv) Don't treat anyone as if they have a right to be heard by God over your own direct prayer route. No one is justified by wealth, race, creed or education.

xv) Try not to tempt God - if you find yourself truly split between sin on the one hand and a worse choice on the other, a quick prayer is more effective than failing and to be called to account later. Such situations will arise.

xvi) Ignore physical ideas such as of separating out a small room to pray in within your home. Every room should be clean before God in your home. There was nothing keeping Him out of it, there is no reason to exclude Him from most of it.

xvii) Last few... If these are becoming repetitive and you notice I am going on too long, ask yourself - "Did I stop at any point or rush straight through?" If you agreed with everything in the list, you should have at least stopped at (vii). If you did stop there, I am so very glad you managed to agree with the rest so quickly!

xviii) If you are met by an angel and he looks like a dimmed 40watt light bulb on legs, avoid him: Say only "the Lord rebuke you!" (Do not do it yourself.) That is satan. The Lord of Glory is much more impressive.

xix) The rapture is crap,.. avoid such fables that teach those that would certainly receive the mark of the beast need evacuating. Use a little discernment on the internet. Dont sign up for discussion forums, start your own site and kick those off you disapprove of, or avoid forums altogether.

xx) The body of Christ is the only Israel of God, you are included spiritually, not by birth.

xxi) Dont bring money into your worship in any way, especially as overseen or taxable by the state. God does not approve of you on the basis of a balance sheet, only government claims to be god when it does that upon your worship, no matter where it is aimed. Churches are corporations, keep that area of life separate completely.

xxii) I've said avoid churches, I say avoid christians, those without God are often more decent and honest - you see them coming: don't be blind because someone says they've found God, it is likely one of their own making, and not the Lord Himself.

xxiii) Last one. If you find yourself unable to tell your family of what has spiritually happened to you, dont trust anyone else with it except God direct. This excludes matters for which God has instituted righteous government.

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