This section further expands on the trinity model's description of the four seals of revelation as the basis for the dialectic process. In particular view again is the temptation of Christ as well as the construction of the dragon's tail or first four seals on the basis of accumulated dialectic balances - rather than simply the accruement of possible "shifts in unity" with a single "bow" or static triple in each case.

There is a little math and some material mixed in from revelation and the "metamath" sections of the site, If you have any time, I recommend you check them out if you get stuck; As this site is mainly for my benefit, I will not explain by repeating a subject that took so long to write on elsewhere.

The Fixed Viewpoint Of Identity
This page starts with some terms from the metamath and revelation pages but simply restricts itself to modeling the dialectic in the same manner that the scripture in revelation does. The dialectics themselves can construct dialectics also, but there is still the limit of construction to three such structures - the fourth is always an invalidation of the previous three. How may this process be stopped in its tracks? Simply by the fixed view of a party that will not budge from an absolute position and will not compromise.

The Paradigm Shift To Identity
This page doesn't really add much new - but at least it states where we have come so far - in modern terms the outcome of the dialectic process is widely seen amongst the "purpose driven" church as well as churches that are become mere corporations. In showing that the dialectic leads to its own contradiction, there are two outcomes to the one realising this: either they repent and stick with the facts, or they delight in lies and further the process. In order for the direction of the process to be furthered (steered) towards the end intended, the practitioner of the process must not only be in full knowledge of the inconsistency, but be able to manipulate the group at will in its carnal lusts. Welcoming in the process and its facilitator is to welcome in one bearing the mark of the beast.

The Limit Of Contradiction
I re-examine the temptation of Christ with the limit to which satan tempted Christ; Aside from the three dialectics that Christ was tempted with, satan also employed a final dialectic composed of his three individual temptations. We see these as the white, red and black horses of the revelation's seal passage. The fourth or pale horse is completely incompatible, and even laughably easy to resist unless it catches someone in them participating in the process of temptation.

To The Left Or Right (Freedom)
The dialectic process is far from a prison: rather the prison is the system that has made the dialectic its home: It is not possible for someone to shut themselves off from all the world, without being completely alone with one's own temptations - likewise the dialectic requires that people compromise on their fixed beliefs. If someone does not do so and holds true to the one true gospel of Jesus Christ then the dialectic actually becomes a proving ground for the election of the believer to enter the chosen people of God found dwelling in His Son. Freedom to choose what is right and wrong are permitted in the gospel, as long as it be a choice of free alternatives - and not between deciding what is true and what is false in the gospel, or in God's laws. Right and wrong in terms of freedom are not the same as choosing between good and evil freely - evil will not make one free in Christ.

Dialectic Convergence To Synthesis
The purpose of the dialectic is to resolve disputes: In that respect it works, but it does so by warping the stance of the individual towards compromise and should never have a part in making an individual conform his fixed personal beliefs to the will of the group. One can not democratically vote God out of office and it is ignorant in the extreme that the process which does just that is permitted such ground in religion. The end result? A warm fuzzy feeling of being "one with the group" or the rejection of the group, by the group and the believer.

The Eradication Of Faith
Far from the devil coming to your front door and killing you personally, the dialectic method is much more subtle. It provides a mimicking of the didactic truth of absolutes: it can be shown that logical opposites may be separated by "dialectic opposites". These opposites are evidence that the listener with doubts concerning the process is manipulated into believing that the process itself is to be trusted - what follows is logical inconsistency of an excluded middle, as it were in a loop - not the rightly correct division between true or false, but the equivalence of an assumed middle ground between absolutes. When those absolutes are deferred to in favour of the method, one has again been processed. Faith can not survive this invention, it is deceit.

The Flesh - The Strength Of Sin
I repay a visit to the machine of the lust of the flesh from the previous section, "The serpent spake". I recommend you read the last three pages of that section. The possible ways a person can justify to themselves their own sin are shown to be dialectic - The place of the flesh in filling the gap in the dialectic's inconsistency is compared with the dialectic filling in the knowledge that a sin was made. The result follows that such a sin be justified on the basis a man deny he is made in the image of God - that he was created to sin, a clear lie against the true nature of the creators intent.

The Promises Of The Serpent
...fulfill the mystery of iniquity described in the revelation of Jesus Christ: Finally, it is shown to be without force against the victory of God and His Messiah. The "vast falling away" of the church has been happening for many decades now - Wisdom is not to be involved as taking part or fighting it from within Logic states the individual must choose to leave their religion to them, and leave it behind - there is no victory in fighting with violence or leading them into further captivity - the world must needs be patiently endured with faith as Jesus stated.

The Reward Of God
The reward of God is a future not only where the carnal nature of man is removed: it is one in which all sin is healed - so that the tendency of men to slip into sin may be healed: that there will be the offer of spiritual and behavioural healing for any whom come to God for it. The concept that a person is saved depends entirely on whether they have "rest" in Christ - One must acknowledge that Jesus is the only good example and the route to salvation. It is not possible to practice ones own desire over the obedience to God and be elected in the body of Christ. All fall short of Christ's righteousness - the believers must be known by Christ to be saved, not just for the believer to know of Christ.

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