The lake of fire in revelation is the final dwelling place of those that will not repent and approach God on His terms. The system of the image and the "Mystery Babylon" church is the last refuge of every unclean and hated spirit - the system is such that it is possible to exit until God closes the door to grace and the inhabitants are shut inside. With the withdrawal of the octal and it's rest from beneath, the 666 system itself becomes the lake of fire.

The faulty devices of the second "Death" or mark of the beast and the "Hell" of the 666 system that holds captive it's inhabitants are thrown into the lake of fire: They state that there is no exit from the lake or "Hell" and that the trapped are then to be left to worship satan's devices in torment whether one would want them or not.

The Trumpets To Wormwood
I quickly recap the results of the first four trumpets in constructing the equivalents to the first four seals of revelation. We would have shifted static subgroups here whilst keeping a choice of unity fixed. For any three such octals in the "sea" there is a correspondence that gives the impression of a relation or operation over the "sea" of 30 possible octals. I aim to show that there is no justification for the devices of satan on the basis that these octals are unified in the one true God - through the automorphism of each of the 30.

The Four Beasts
The four beasts about the throne were representative of the shifting unity of the first four seals. They also represented the static triples that remained once one excluded the Lord sat at the Father's right hand as a static K4 subgroup and the unity element. In these triples we find a similar system revealed in the trumpets. Once more, there is no justification apparent in choosing to send one of our four octals to {}. We also have no clear sense of addition modulo two at all. We have no group apparent across different octals in the sea - in truth we are confused, we should be looking at the other elements in each of our four!

The Three Woes - The Unholy Trinity
The wormwood device puts forth the device of the dialectic as used by the devil to mimic what should be normal thought. It is deceptive in that in only one octal the result is mimicry of logic in the mind set that believes God is absent, and in the wider sea it deceptively mimics the operation of the K4 group. The fiat operation of K4 upon the earthy elements of one octal or over the appearance of divinity in the sea of 30 octals is replaced by the three woes which form the unholy trinity of the devil - they take the place of the true divinity found in God's Christ.

A Brief Mystery Of Time
The book of revelation lays out a brief history of what is usually assumed to be the church, but which in fact represents the condition of truthful doctrine in the age. The woman herself is representative of the gospel delivered by Christ and the removal of restraint on the dragon so that the truth of God's testament might be shown to be everlasting - entailing that the devil when defeated is done so when in his full strength, so his defeat may be all the more potent and that God's victory stands forever.

The Restrainer
The removal of the restrainer on the coming of antichrist is an enigma that has survived nearly 2000 years of Christian history - no one has conclusively deduced the identity of the restrainer: except for one upon the restraint on false doctrine - in the previous page this was touched on with the flood from the mouth of the dragon, elsewhere as alongside the resurgent presence of the state of Israel to heal the beasts deadly wound, but it is identified in the local text in a manner that does not require an individual, but a series of events. For the restraint is merely in the conscience of the one that would be a son of God or a son of the devil. Beware if you love and believe a lie!

The Great Tribulation
The "Great Tribulation" is much misunderstood, I have no problems with reckoning and calculating the time periods in Daniel and revelation. I don't bother! Eschatological charts have no meaning, and in view of revelations symmetries of the trinity as well as the study of the dialectic device in the octal, when placing the timing of Christ's wrath and His return under such trial as may be discerned presents me with no real problems. I truly hope I have kept intact the patience of Christ with us all.

Three Spirits As Frogs
The three woes are not the complete end of the story when it comes to satans effort to rebel against God. There is one last deception employed by Him before the Church is judged with the second coming of Jesus Christ. The passage in revelation of the three spirits as frogs deceiving the whole world is indicative that the dialectic process has become so interwoven in to this world that the blind are leading the blind - and truly, both will fall into a ditch.

The Way Of The Kings Of The East
Another enigma is this way of the kings of the east - it has been associated with the army of serpents some 200,000,000 strong in the sixth trump - but this is not the case. The winepress of God's wrath forces every spirit into the right handed octal, every octal that constitutes the sea is isomorphic - they are in a real sense identical - that God takes sole sovereignty over His creation is not surprising - but there is in this verse a simple word picture that reveals that this interpretation of the octal sea aligning into a "sea of glass" under the throne of God is actually, correctly discerned.

The Lake Of Fire
Creation has not quite been completed: Hell in the lake of fire has still to be created and there will be a new heaven and a new earth for those that are saved in Jesus Christ - as this present creation passes away and is destroyed, you had better believe that you must be in good standing with God, and not only in the institutions of this world. That God created any hell is a stumbling block and rock of offence to many, immediately rejected as cruel by those that do not believe. Truthfully though, to be removed from the rest giving presence of God is what they have chosen themselves, the flames and torments are not overstated in scripture, - the choice of the sinner to reject God is what they in return are given, the rejection of God. Flames are not there for God's pleasure, but are a result from His absence as the life giving living water.

Written In Black And White
God saves or He doesn't. There is no middle ground, and the vast majority of teachers in the church that have faulty doctrine deny that they are the sealed elect of God because they reserve "the honour" for others. Quite so, they should indeed do so because in so saying they are not the sealed they state that they are false apostles without any election in Christ. It is now vogue to consider the sealed as a super class (race) of super saints with every other Christian under tribulation, yet this is not the case unless the word "Christian" has lost its savour.

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