The Three Woes - The Unholy Trinity

The wormwood device of "Death" across the octals shows that there must be some further device that has been put forth by the devil to mimic God as Christ sat at the right hand. The three woes of the locusts, the serpents and of the final construction of the beasts and the image together form the counterfeit of satans jealous work. The idea of the devil is not to replace God, but to replace the faith of the believer in God with worship made of his devices.

The wormwood device sets the stage for the replacement of God with the dialectic device (A ∪ B)c. This requires the threat of "Death" or the exclusion to {} of a fixed position. The former is the device of the 200,000,000 possibilities of the angel's circuit countered by the sixth trumps serpents, and the latter the result of them employed by the fifth trumps locusts that twist the believer into a sensual carnal response to refuse the doctrine and ministry of the Holy Spirit. The fixed position is sent to {} by the serpents, and is played upon across the churches by the locusts, so that those that would escape are spiritually "killed". In reality in the octal during the three woes the true unity or identity (that fixed position) is a member of the K4 group only in the K4 form of the ultrafilter. It should be evident that these replacements are replacements for what is faith and sabbath rest in Christ. (Yet they are defeated though the sealing of the saints - the escape of philadelphia is the beasts deadly wound.)

The three woes are equivalently made of the fifth trump formed of a star that falls to the earth and takes it's place as to replace the fifth "church" or exit through the spiritual position in "Sardis" - the exit remains and the work is not complete for the believer. The result is that there are very few that find the narrow way - to realise departure or exit is required and not for the church to be bolstered with greater effort: The dwelling alone in spirit of the believer is a hard choice.

This false replacement for the spiritual commandment to the angel in Sardis is added upon the four earthy elements to form the group S5. The required transposition for this extension of the set {a,c,e,g} (the coset of the static Subgroup of the K4 ultrafilter [0,b,d,f]) is provided by the sixth trump serpents which are in direct opposition to the K4 ultrafilter - sending those that come close to Christ into confusion and contradiction.

The attempt is to "open the pit" with an implausible degree two extension upon the octal and through background noise interrupt the normal action of the seven cycle - not by barring the path, but by providing many other paths about it. The reality of the second woe shown by the two witnesses is that 12 elements of S5 are as yet unable to be constructed even using the key to the pit. These are elements formed of permutations of the four earthy singletons, so that 12 permutations of S4 are non-constructable and the "background static" of the surrounding S5 is incomplete. At the judgement of the Church the door out is shut and God fills in these missing 12 elements so that there will be no escape. The result, the irredeemable "second death" or the wage of the "mark of the beast" is cast into the lake of fire.

The paths that are "almost like Christ" (as opposed by the serpents) provide the basis for an individual to threaten the truth of the gospel with spiritual "Death" thinking they do God service. The transposition required on the octal to construct S5 upon the opening of the pit is present only in subtly avoiding the K4 form of the filter, the switch of arrangements of elements in the coset of [b,d,f] from {a,c,e,g} to say {c,a,e,g} or {a,c,g,e} is used: The result when the K4 form is included upon the octal is a structure that does not exist in either the K4 form or in the octal. It sends the structure to an interruption of the seven cycle so that some element as unity is indeed sent to {}. The circuit of the angel it would appear, has been fraught with much peril, and much deception.

The third woe is the lake of fire itself, or what will lead to someone being condemned to it. The replacement for the Holy Trinity based on approaching pleasure and avoiding the discipline of God; under what would appear to be logic - worship in the "church" and obedience to the law in heeding the state of Israel as the "return of God's true people" is actually to dwell without God orto dwell with a false God, and ends in the lake of fire.

Where is the devil in all this? Simply hiding again, pretending that he does not exist - but we are given the sequence of kingdoms which show that he is yet working his devices, and these are the last days.

This page should have been placed in the revelation or metamath sections, yet it makes more sense here to state that the dialectic device is satans only encroachment to existentially replace God Himself: and the attempt of the three woes is to replace proper faith instead! This is done with pre-established corporations in the form of "churches". The devil has sworn "I will" and what if he actually believes that accomplishing his oath will somehow justify him before God? Is he then true to purpose? The devil is a murderer and totally insane from the beginning. There is no redemption for him in fulfilling his oaths in his self; Satan is still in hiding; is ending in the lake of fire to be placed under satan or punished along with him? There is not much difference, one would assume both also for satan.

The devil has lost his place in heaven: there is no sense in replacing the Holy Trinity within heaven itself: The dialectic shows he does so "in earth" only. The devil likewise with the "wormwood" has replaced the proper action of the K4 operation with a mimickry that actually works upon associations between elements of the group's coset whilst appearing to act as the Trinity. The remaining action of satan' devices are to replace the institutions of worship. (Run like hell from those before the door is shut.) The open door of Christ's offering is to simply exit. There is no law that church must be attended (yet.) It is also very unlikely in this secular age.

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