The Lake Of Fire

This section has not really attacked the title of the section, although it has skirted about it thus far. As the octal sea is closed in isomorphism and those in Christ are contained in the K4 form of the ultrafilter then all those that dwell in the four earthy elements are strictly contained outside of Christ.

When the Lord creates everything new those in Christ will be preserved and those without will be cast "into outer darkness" and are imprisoned inside "the lake of fire". We now identify the "lake of fire" as the place where the "beast and false prophet are". It is not true that the the beast itself is the lake of fire, as the beast is taken and cast into a lake of fire

Rev 19:20 And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone. (KJV)

We have met with "brimstone" before in the sixth trump description of the second woe - the serpents hurt with their mouths in nullifying the seven cycle by taking the place of Christ as sat in the octal filter - though they can not contain the octal filter as does Christ. We had the formula that fire + brimstone = smoke (I.e., smoke that obscures the pneuma (spirit) of God.)

Later we read that the devil is damned to the lake of fire where the beast and false prophet are, and that the smoke of their burning rises for ever.

Properly then we may deduce that the 666 system is completed by the judgement of God - the missing twelve elements are added and the system is left to exist completely outside of sabbath rest in Christ, and that their burning obscures the life giving spirit of God forever - and there will be no looking back upon the damned in mercy, as there will be no rest for the wicked looking for it - they will be tormented with the 666 system completed for ever. They chose it.

No one may imagine the love that God has for the world, that existing in this world may be relaxing and peaceful for those living in it: If living existence outside of the God of scripture is scary and painful and without rest, (especially within the 666 system) then we have a great deal to fear from God's judgement.

For those in Christ we may simply state that Christ no longer sits at the Lord's right hand but is Lord Himself and the Father exists in Him as much as He in the Father. The "lake of fire" then is equal to the empty set by construction - and aside from arguments about coordinate transformations and scaling or time dilation, there is only the idea of perpetual exclusion in that: The lake of fire as outside of Gods loving grace and gentleness may be the true state of affairs in the deep and only God has the power to make rest within that deep.

God does not construct the lake of fire in the 30 octal sea, but across them all, ready to cut this old creation away with all those in it and preserve to Himself only those whom He has chosen. There is no solution in the trumpets or the three woes that allow any substitute for what is "rest" in the same manner as God offers. We can be assured that the lake of fire is torment, exceedingly hot and without relent or respite. The appearance of a group across the 2nd and third generation octals with the wormwood device does not permit a K4 group - and there is no substitute prepared for God and Jesus Christ.

The choice of the believer is not determined by their understanding, the truth resides on whether you choose Christ or you choose a replacement that serves yourselves. You must come to the knowledge that Christ is resurrected and follow Him in spirit and in truth - There is correct doctrine and there is much false doctrine. The problem arises when a person deliberately chooses the false doctrine over the true and blasphemes, worshiping the imaginations of their hearts and not the one true God.

So Why is this section in "Creationism" on this site? Well.., there will be a new heaven and a new earth for those that are saved in Christ and a new hell and a new death for those that have rejected Him - we are told neither is created yet. The new hell will be constructed of the four earthy elements filled up to S4 and the new death will be the ongoing and relentless torment - for there will be no rest in hell. Existence will not be brief or rewarded any longer,death that supplants th K4 filter by standing in the place of God will be replaced with the absence of God, forever.

As far as the flames and burning goes, it makes better sense to state that this occurs in darkness away from God; the flames and torment are real as a reward for the ungodly - yet these flames are prepared for the devil and his angels as well as for those that prefer their own sins to the gospel: The whole world was baptised in Christ, some with the spirit and all others with fire, each prepared to their eternal reward: Under mapping the four earthy elements to the empty set as in complete destruction, there will be a great deal of heat as the physical elements of this world are dissolved and the world ends;

In revelation "fire" is reserved for the appearance of an octal reversal that in structure opposes the order of the left hand: one descends as hail (the cold or left hand) leaving the right hand (the hot) to appear to ascend as flames in opposition. Both are mingled one to the other in their associations of singletons to subgroups or triples in "blood" or a circulation: The continual branching of those associations without the correspondence of the blood are no longer "looped" through natural correspondence in Christ behind right and left. The "smoke" from this branching obscures the K4 ultrafilter and the smoke and "earth" flees away from the heavenly scene of Christ judging on the throne. We are left only with one isomorphic octal in which all are aligned as "fire" with no opposition to provide anything but infinite descent in continual branching in the second death (For the blood is the life).

With no association of singletons to subgroups there becomes only the four elements of one octal remaining under a system closed as S5 wherein every choice is determined by physical lust, without any regard to the truths of scripture. The "mind" of this system is animalistic and slave to its senses: there will not be beauty or truth in hell.

Hell has not yet been created since there has not been judgement as yet (from our point of view) There is still time to avoid the rewards for iniquity and sin. Creation is not a closed book and there is still room and time for you in the reward of your choice. Please, choose Jesus Christ, before the book of life is opened and found to be full.

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