This section examines satan's use of the dialectic to mimic God. The similarity between what is truth in God and the result of murder by satan (as from the beginning) is shown: It becomes apparent that simply murdering Christ was the closest satan ever came to justifying the passage in Isaiah with lucifers "I will..." oath. However, wishing a necessary God would disappear is not the same as it happening for real, as satan has no doubt realised long since. The idea that there is a wider sea within which satan may ascend is itself false: In placing his oath on dievices that do not stand in any single octal, but only the many, satan has actually sworn on the basis that he will ascend through the empty set. Clearly, satan has no ground to stand on.

God And Subgroup Addition
Just to recap the basic properties of static subgroups and addition of subgroups in the octal. For a much more exhaustive treatment see the revelation area of the site as well as the metamath pages. Note also that there are 30 isomorphic octals in seven symbols. This set of octals comprises the wider "sea" in revelation

Like Unto The Most High?
There is a close similarity between the dialectic on the earthy elements of the right handed octal and the operation of K4. However it is not an isomorphism. There is no K4 operation for the dialectic on the one "sun" octal of the right hand. In using other octals of the 30, it should be noted that they are again, isomorphic to the original octal. So such a device on the wider "sea" is actually without premise.

Left, Right, Somewhere In The Middle
There is a distinct sense in the apparent near-K4 operation on the earthy elements of the right hand - in fact they are not operating on the same octal at all! The dialectics require more than just the earthy elements, they require other octals in the sea of 30. Once this is realised; that every element in the hand of the devil becomes sent to the empty set : on his oath satan essentially swore emptily, that he will do nothing (for nothing can be done) and claim victory. The devil is clearly undone. Rather fear God who truly has the power to send a person to hell.

A Proverb Against Babylon
A brief comparison with the octal sea under satan as compared to the well known passage in Isaiah on the fall of Lucifer. The madness of satan, that "wishing" the Holy Spirit away is evident, and the truth that there is nothing that will separate the Lord from showing love to His people slams the book shut on satan. Satan, in claiming dominion over the "sea" that is everywhere isomorphic to the one octal of the Father, there is no opportunity to send a product g*g to {}. (As it is impossible in the one octal). The Father as enthroned on a "sea of glass" is already the victor.

Hurting The Oil And The Wine
I briefly comment on the context of the operation when an element is sent to the empty set by the operation: It is not without premise - as we see from the revelation itself. Assuming some common use of the term "hurt" we should be able to search the revelation and ascertain a little more about this mimicry of the K4 group in the octal. It is clearly not equal in operation; yet it is deceptively similar - and there is context for considering the believer may be put in harms way for not shifting their fixed belief.

Back In The Saddle Again
Knowing the Lord to use simple word pictures n His revelation, I tried to find an explanation for why there are four horses in the first four seals. I am happy with the treatment of colour coding evident from the Lord's octal group with multiplication (on permuting the labels or colours of a four colour map under automorphism.) However in that for the Lord's name we are told to "not hurt the oil and the wine" we find that if we do so to take a look at the deception of satan, we reach the conclusion that the underlying nature of the "earthy" elements has some symmetry which is alike to a simple picture of a "horse".

Dialectic Chaos
A small consequence of sending an element to the empty set (hurting the oil and the wine) is the effect that this has on our example of the four colour maps. (From the interpretation of the first four seals of revelation.) However as this is not the case structurally, the underlying logic has very little going for it. In fact, we could expect a counter-example with little trouble at all!

The God Of This World
A quick return to the scripture here, I invite you to take note of the Lord's instruction to prayer. The dialectic devices of satan rest on the assumption that the logic of the devil's mind is restricted to the viewpoint that God in trinity does not exist. The crux of the model rests on the full set space to be the four elements that are the complement of the static subgroup in the octal, and that therefore the static subgroup "Christ" is "dead" or empty as {}. If we have faith that Christ is raised, we have the victory over the devil and all his works, Amen.

I Didn't Put My Name To That!
I take a look at the result of repeatedly opposing the dialectic method in discourse, the result is either to not shift the fixed position being debated; or alternatively not to shift from the fixed position. In either case there is a cyclic nature to the discourse - it goes "round in circles". If a point may be conceded or one compromised the result is that there is a falling away from the truth. This may also count in ones favour when an argument tries unsuccessfully to recover from the clarity of the absolute truth. If the truth is not compromised then the Lord has been witnessed. If the compromise occurs it is because we are failing.

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