Hurting The Oil and The Wine

In the passage concerning the first four seals of revelation we see the rider of the four horses "Death" attempting to escape God's gaze by scurrying out of view with the four devices of the dialectic - in view as "from the earth" or the four elements of the static K4 subgroup. In reality the rider is going out in order to construct a beast "from the sea" of the wider set of 30 octals in seven symbols. The passage on the third (black) horse states that a voice from the midst of the four beasts tells John to "hurt not the oil and the wine." In the previous page "Like Unto The Most high?" we sent the "oil" (unity) to the empty set and recovered an operation on the remaining three elements of the coset that partly mimics the operation of the Klein 4-group. The words to John then may be reconciled to what is "The revelation of Jesus Christ" and is not the revelation of satan.

Lkewise we can also send the "wine" to the empty set which moves our synthesis from

{d,e,f} => {e,f,g} <= {d,f,g} with "f" as wine and "d" as oil, to;

{d,e} => {e,g} <= {d,g}

And in place of (A ∪ B)c We may now instead use (A ∩ B)c so that {d,e}*{e,g} = ec = {d,f,g} = {d,g} as required. Once again we also retrieve an operation that mimics the K4 group.

So we can consider "hurting" the oil and wine is to send the elements to the empty sety {}. We also see the locusts of the fifth trump have the power to hurt men five months, and the serpents of the sixth trump have stings in their tails with which "they do hurt". The purpose of the locusts is to cover the action of the cycle of the Holy Spirit with a "flood" from the mouth of the dragon that overwhelms the believer with "static" - causing them to remain in the five refining churches and not escape to the approval of Christ.

The serpents however disrupt the seven cycle by mimicking Christ within the octal, so that the solution of the K4 subgroup sat at the right hand of God is interrupted in a fashion that the serpents efectively "over constrain" the seven cycle and the result is an empty solution. It is the combination of serpents and locusts that render the captivity of the end times believer in mystery babylon.

The "earth" opens its mouth in order to protect the woman and her offspring (In the vision of the woman with the twelve stars in heaven.) The earth's mouth would be the speech of it's head: And as we may assume the woman is aided by the fixed position of her doctrine in Christ; The "mouth" is the unity element; and remaining in a fixed position without compromising to the dragon is the only aid the earth can give. In this manner the earth "swallows" the flood of water (c.f. th living water of Christ with the brackish water of "wormwood") from the mouth of the dragon. If the woman does not compromise, and hurts not the oil and the wine then in holding to fixed belief, she may overcome.

However the hurting of the oil and the wine is such that we may state neither is enough to mimic God completely - rather it is an act of deception, and the enemy only has the power to kill, not to destroy. The end result is that satan, upon confronting a believer that will never shift their position or fixed belief, must in mimckry send the fixed unity to the empty set so as to produce the fiat "identity" that is the empty set. So, if d=1 then d*d becomes {}*{} when the believer is killed. Not even this acts as an identity, for the result is {d,e,f,g}! Yet Christ stated the days would come when those that kill you think they do God service.

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