The last section thus far in the creationism area of the site has a few minor odds and ends, more often some observations on the interpretation of scripture used in this site - There is very little that may not leave a bad taste in the mouth when using the site content against those that ridicule faith in Jesus Christ. God is the one rejected we must admit, not us.

Dinosaurs In The Book Of Job
There are passages in the book of Job that have been seized upon by christians and creationists amongst them as evidence that the bible shows that dinosaurs existed alongside mankind. At the very least the creatures mentioned could be God "making public the admission they existed." Neither of these attempts to rationalise the fossil record of dinosaurs has any real merit in the scripture: Indeed one of the two beasts is referred to in other books of the bible as an analogy: Yet the remaining Behemoth is taken to be evidence for dinosaur life besides man. Truly an inconsistency.

Science Is Not Irrelevant
The study of the universe past and present is not taken alongside the bible as its equal; indeed to creationists the bible is in the forefront and to the scientist - they for the most part dismiss the bible altogether. That should either give the creationist a great head start or else complete exclusion from the realm of credible scientific enquiry. The split is not down the middle, the scientist or secular humanist has for the most part won the battle of numbers, although christians in their fervency to stay with the scripture (rightly so) have only ceased to enquire further. When the creationist has to admit they're wrong about dinosaurs and water jackets, will they be taken as credible? I can only hope so.

The Dangers Of Literalism
Where is the danger from the bible today? Is it in people taking it so literally that they will sell all they have and do good works to help the poor? Clearly there are those brave souls that do so ; the greatest danger is that the bible accounts of what are assumed to be laughable statements about creation (and are totally unscientific) are paraded before the world by a secular society that can not interpret them correctly. There is no loss of literalism when the interpretation of the language is found. In order for a bronze age nomadic tribe to keep the scripture intact for us today the scripture was "sealed" - we have the eye salve to open the scripture - they had the good grace to keep it for us.

Is This Some Sort Of Joke?
I hope this site helps the visitor to interpret God's word more perfectly - it started because I periodically have loss of memory and difficulty reading: I was advised to write a diary or journal - and this site developed from bible studies I wished to preserve so that I could grow as the site also has. The site is serious stuff, it is no joke: although I can imagine the ridicule I could get if the site became the target of some "super-scientist" that could honestly feel threatened by a lowly individual such as I. The content on the site is good for personal edification, there is now so much content that it would become a life's work just reading through: Indeed I only attempt to "hold fast that which ye have" as the revelation relates.

Faith In The Face Of The Evidence - So Called Science
Just to point out that this site is edifying in the sense of to yourself, not for others, and that any strengthening of your faith should enable you to withstand the "oppositions of so-called science". Be comforted in your approval from heaven, not in the converse that those that prefer science over God will have to face him sooner or later.

Ultrafilters And Creation (ZPE?)
I am not usually one for paying any attention to pseudo science. I think it is the domain of crack pot inventors and snake oil salesmen. However, there is a well examined principle called "zero point energy" which brought me to the notion of a universe that may be far greater than we presently imagine, containing dimensions that are "wrapped up" very small, or are "very large" compared to our own "familiar" 4D space-time. The notion of creation can boggle the mind, quite literally!

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