Science Is Not Irrelevant

On could ask if the formation of the world during the accounts in Genesis of the six day creation and the resolving of the world during the flood of Noah in his ark renders study of the geology and biology of the far antiquity useless. If the apparent past is only that; "merely apparent" does that render those sciences a pointless pursuit? I would argue no. That it provides a great deal of work for a great number of people is irrelevant; what is important is that archeology and geology is intimately interwoven with warnings along the environmentalist lines.

Man was placed in dominion as steward of God's creation. It is important that we find our place in nature and preserve the nature of God's creation, and more importantly that of His intent - or else we will go the way of the dinosaurs; ourselves causing a mass-extinction and including our own. That God saw fit to write death threats to the serpent satan in the ground over the fossil beds of the earth shows that God takes the preservation of His nature in the hands of man most seriously.

Science has not taken the fossilised warnings of mass extinction seriously enough. In considering the gene pool fit for accelerated manipulation by genetic modification, man has taken what may have required decades of selective breeding and simply put in a "software patch", assuming that the stable mechanisms of nature are irrelevant. We have not preserved the nature of God's intent: We have no idea what truly wiped out the dinosaurs (as far as including a first cause would require some form of causal continuity in the apparent past)- it could be a form of genetic virus that would have infected the dinosaurs and made a terminator crop of a whole generation. If this is in the "apparent past" through the fossil record - we will find it's warning far too late.

So also the studies of the stars through astronomy - if the light travelling from distant galaxies was itself created so as to be present in space reaching the Earth from the moment they were created; that the EM waves were also created in situ between there and here - and that the apparent expansion of the early universe is a "software patch" from God Himself in "gathering the waters together", does that make theorising about dark matter, energy and dark flow a pointless exercise? No more so than it does in view that the answers will also be in accord with the record God gave in the scripture : it will be aligned to the text as God gave us the scripture in the spirit of truth.

Does God's anger and the catastrophic nature of biblical events render all the study in universities irrelevant? By this I refer not just to the tower of Babel episode, but of the unification of learning in study using the one language of mathematics and stable, repeatable experimental method. I again say, "No" because no one is being enslaved to build those centers of learning. Mathematics is not raised above our heads by the crack of the whip upon our backs, unless of course one signs up to the many conspiracy theories that there is a secret "black science" withheld from us mere proles. Neither is direct divine intervention raised over us in the face of repeatable observations, if God is still as free to act today as He ever has been - we are fairly given the same record of those events in the same bible. It is up to us to trust it or not.

Science then is the study of today to understand and restrain the effects of tomorrow - scripture does not restrict the mindset of the scientist - rather it should be a guide as to how science should be performed morally, without ethical quandary. God provides a manual of proper and decent morals and thus gives the creationist as a scientific enquirer a good head start on the moralist, that is himself required to define his morality before he can convince others his experimentation is "ethical".

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