This section picks up on the relevance of the account of the fall of man as it pertains to christian faith today: Some clear lines have been crossed in the last two hundred and fifty years that seem to spell the end for faith in the God described in the bible. - At least "faith" as would be "allowed" by secular society. Religion is not a dispute on what is right and wrong but whether God is right or wrong, and many have taken the stance that it is the latter.

They may scoff but they aren't saying anything new - God has shown us that their viewpoint is as old as man himself. He (Jesus Christ) will not be moved.

The Dialectic Vs. The Didactic
If you are unfamiliar with these terms this is a good place for you to start on this subject - which is covered in greater depth in the pages to follow as well as the metamath and revelation sections. The difference is made between the two concepts of truth, the didactic or absolute or logical truth as opposed to the dialectic consensus or 'synthesis' of two opposing viewpoints. The former is the paradigm the God of the bible made over all men, whereas the latter dialectic is not a modern invention of Hegel or Marx, but comes from the serpent in the garden of Eden.

The Dialectic - The Beguiling Of Eve
Introduced here is the tempting of Eve by the serpent in the garden of Eden as an example of the dialectic process in action. Particular attention should be paid to the results of the sin of Adam and Eve; many churches use the exact same process at facilitated meetings, the outcome is that all taking part or in approval are made spiritually dead, being bastards.

The Didactic - The Tempatation Of Christ
The examination of the dialectic is rather lengthy in this page but it is very subject rich. Of particular note is the leaving open of the dialectic statements used by satan. Satan leaves Jesus before he is flatly shown to be arguing from a baseless position. Although Jesus could have destroyed the devil himself, He simply dismissed his arguments with scripture - Jesus' logic is shown to be completely correct. Jesus provided us instead with an example that we may learn from and adhere to - both with the use of scripture as well as logic: for satan is a liar and the father of it. (Two swords are enough).

Luciferian Philosophy
The methods of the dialectic were supposedly first formulated by Hegel and Marx (when it comes to the concept of social engineering): yet it has been practised as a method in religion for far longer. Indeed much of what we consider the christian calendar is born of paganism derived from the method itself. The "greater knowledge" of the ecliptic being reserved for the elect few by a powerful priesthood and the more popular festivals and furnishings of religion become what is in effect a secret system parading its manipulation and control of the people over their heads.

2001 - A Space Odyssey
The opening sequence of Kubrick's film is full of luciferian images. The end of the film, and the "star-child" is equally as symbolic: - The film ends in the manner it begins. It makes sense to think of the film as a birth of a new species,.. one that was set to raise above man the computer or the computer the man; The final confusing scenes make sense when one thinks of what could have happened to HAL if it had reached the jupiter obelisk before Dave.

The Osirian Cycle
The Osirian cycle has a direct link to the account of the beguiling of Eve in the garden of Eden. It simply remains for the right mind to have the right key for the right lock at the right time. Read and judge for yourself if this is the right time for old scratch to be cut too!

All Judgment Given To Christ
The "Osirian Cycle" also has a direct link in comparison to the salvation of the least in the kingdom of heaven. Satan has known the argument of the least as saved since the beginning - and the three woes of revelation are stacked in his favour 200 million to one. It is time then, to admit that oaths are breakable and that the creator is soon to come calling. Man will repent, or at least be prayed for without hatred - for God is the only supreme being and satan not so, being a mere creation. One then realises, that Lucifer must also be a created being. Oaths are subject to their place in truth or nullity: and the "infinite descent" section is good further reading!

Ordo Ab Chao
The motto of the illuminati, we are told is "Order from Chaos". Just what this means is less important than being able to spot it - It can be clearly seen when it is occurring, but less so when one sets out to find the contradiction caused as it were by "the serpent's tail". I have only ever heard it mentioned once on a radio show as "the knowledge of good and evil". Perhaps that is the right name for it: the limit of the dialectic method that beguiled Eve. We are told to watch for satans tail to march through history as a guide to the soon coming of Jesus Christ: That tail has all but landed on the doormat - the world has been watching it twitching to life for decades.

Lust Of The Eyes
I begin to break down the dialectic into three stages, which are common to us all, but not succumbed to by everyone. There is the basic premise that the dialectic requires pleasure for people to want to be part of the process, and in order to make serious work a pleasure when it comes to big decisions on a government scale, it has become the reality that the same methods employed in our lives from childhood of fun and playing are used in a serious setting - so as to release dopamine. The instinctive release of dopamine in the process keeps those participants going ahead without knowing the reason why it comes so naturally. That reason is the dialectic synthesis.

Lust Of The Flesh
The lust of the flsh is much harder to formulate - so it is best left to the metamath section. However I try to use an analogy of a "machine" here that will work in the manner the senses have on me, I still get caught with thinking along these lines, even after becoming aware that this is what is happening. I still get caught out when i think of pizza, tobacco, etc.

The Pride Of Life
The pride of life is an unexpected twist: It finds itself as the part of the self that is described by carnality - The working of our carnal nature is separate from our spiritual selves, not being part of the soul but purely of our flesh and blood. Those that can not disregard it with God's aid will never be able to do so - but that first requires that we be in good standing with God to receive His help! Who shall deliver us from the body of this death? Only Jesus Christ.

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