Luciferian Philosophy

Luciferian philosophy is the viewpoint that Adam and Eve were kept in a prison of their minds until lucifer gave them the gift of intellect and freed them from being ignorant animals and set them on their feet to build all civilisation as we know it. That account in the book of genesis is assumed to be a figure; of lucifer's agent satan performing this very gifting of intellect, and the bible account is nothing more than a poor reflection of this.

In other words luciferian philosophy is the more politically correct form of what could constitute "intellectual witchcraft". Witchcraft is defined as "an action employing the methods of satan in expectation of a supernatural result." Nowhere else in the world does intellectual witchcraft attain a greater effect than it does inside churches. Using the methods of satan (as described in the bible) to sway a group towards a particular false doctrine, or to employ the dialectic process in the churches towards expansion and growth or in partnership for growth with those that are clearly in error, whether they be christian muslim or hindu, the outcome is the "church" is severed from all fellowship with and in Christ.

This has been going on for a lot longer than most would like to think: Nearly every church since the time of Christ has employed the methods of satan, incorporating christmas and easter as well as the dialectic methods is almost as old as satan himself (before churches even): Thus the term "luciferian philosophy" rather than simply witchcraft - it sounds older.

It is a reflection on the world that every effort is made to incorporate everyones views as valid and equally so, and that it is become the norm, and given application in every area of our lives. Yet it must not touch on one's fixed beliefs or we indeed cast our pearls as swine rather than cast them before swine.

Today's society requires that scripture has no place: but the laws of logic do have a place and will always do so. On encountering the dialectic practitioner - when catching the logical error in its tracks and later when the dialectic shifts to subsequent triples it is possible to catch an argument in its self-inconsistency: It is logically possible to counter the method rather than the argument, and lawfully point the finger in the accusation of "doublethink". I've embarrassed a few people on that count but only on the very rare occasion. Be assured that it is possible however.

What can I add on luciferian philosophy? Just the following, that satan has encroached on the body of Christ as far as he can - the churches all use the process, and have brought the world in through doors it should have stayed outside of.

Luciferianism also has it's own concept of trinity. The god-king, (osiris) his wife the "madonna with child" and his son whom is the god-king now dead and resurrected. Clearly the representation is of the solar day: the king lives as the sun rises towards its zenith and dies towards its setting, the moon or madonna (isis) that watches for his return and the new rising on the horizon (horus risen) as the god-king is reborn of the wife towards a new repeat of the osirian cycle.

It is this religion that started in Bel, the city of Nimrod we are told, and that it is the oldest religion, present in Sumer, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Assyria, and every other ancient culture. It is the religion that man is merely an animal that has had an original thought beyond it's instinct.

Part of the belief of this religion as we would know it today is that everything in the bible is a collection of traditions of other religions and has been assembled purely for the purpose of preserving the texts in a single package where its true meaning would be in place for the properly versed, and the scriptures themselves nothing more than a delusion for one whom would take them literally. Belief on this kind would place the "Sun of God" in its setting and Christianity would be nothing more than a poorly constructed perversion of a much older religion.

The very concept of thesis and antithesis is built into this cycle: The thesis of life and death, the synthesis of the mother that is both bride and mother, the opposite poles of which are found in the winter and summer high days (and transition between the equinoxes): When the sun winds down to the lowest point in the sky and returns back upwards as Earth precesses about the ecliptic. The "sun is dead" at winter for three days between December 21st and 25th and rises back from the dead towards summer: the Easter sunrise also being a celebration of the birth of the child horus (also tammuz from the mother ishtar hence "Easter").

The four points in the cycle of high days and equinoxes represent the series of four dialectics employed by satan, with the extremes of winter and summer the opposition of the dialectic's inherent inconsistency and the equinoxes the "stable balance" of synthesis between thesis and antithesis. The states of the three in view: the quarters of the moon, the moon itself as well as the position of the sun and the length of the day have been twisted to fit the articles of the religion offered to or for the mass of people we would call "the public"; but the representation of the ecliptic to show the properties of four self-inconsistent dialectics in a stable whole is for the initiated only.

In truth there is no such representation for our edification: The truth is that this has become a religion that excels itself in manipulating people. It will continue to do so, but we are assured it will not eradicate God Himself. Even if such a religion were to birth the greatest enlightenment in the history of the universe, it could not justify the methods by which it got there. Such an enlightenment is called tyranny for no better reason - who are these people who consider themselves God? One should acknowledge the words of God Himself, taken up in parable against the king of babylon (Bel).

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