The Osirian Cycle

The Osirian cycle is an Egyptian myth that links the worship of Ra with the cycle of the sun and moon in the heavens, and the cycle of every day. Plenty of material exists online of the account of the cycle itself, detailing the murder, partial resurrection and reincarnation of Osiris (the sun) by Isis (the moon) into the "Son of Osiris", Horus. Such material as Bill Cooper's "Mystery Babylon Series" may be found or purchased online at "the hour of the time".

By way of making a mountain into a molehill I will simply state that the sunrise represents the resurrection of the god "Osiris" as "Horus risen", then the sun ages as it reaches its zenith before perishing at sunset as the dead "father". The myth finds its origins in a story of how the enemy of the light (Osiris) one "Typhon", (otherwise "Set" or the dark) tricks Osiris into climbing into a coffin which is then locked shut and thrown into the sea. To cut the tale short Osiris is cut into 14 pieces and his consort Isis is unable to recover them all, missing only the genital. This missing piece as the "generative force" of the religion represented by the solar cycle, represents the lost magic held by the ancients, the ability for man to overcome the passage of time every day and the slow decay he awaits with age, and what is more, how to work to live forever, to gain eternal life.

This life giving force is often represented by the dot in the middle of a circle or the "eye" of Horus or some other, or as it actually represents the act of conception, within the birth canal. More to the point this lost "word" is thus represented, being lost to all men, only for the pursuit of all men and religion to be geared towards this very end, the power to grant oneself eternal life. Isis is unable to resurrect the dead god without the genital but manages to do so only for long enough to conceive Horus. Such as it stands with the cycle; the universe is winding down, not up.

The goal of many mystery religions is "the enterprise" which is to give mankind the ability to make himself (a) God, and destroy any need for any religion. This is the "knowledge of good and evil" promised by the serpent to Eve. "Ye shall be as gods" the serpent promised, and lied.

That said, what is the evidence for this in luciferian doctrine itself? What is the bottom line that luciferians worship Satan? For it is not clear unless made so for the benefit of the uninitiated.

Simply put, we will read an inscription from a stele on an obelisk of red granite held in the hall of one Syon House, an estate of the Duke of Northumberland in England.

Now, we note that there is a name deleted from the obelisk (one of a pair, this one the "female"of the two genders) of "the amen" and that there are also two such obelisks, both offered on the altar of Egypt's first god Ra. Then, Satan, plays both parts as the mediator, the servant of god also offering the "gift" to Ra (as if Satan were also the god) whilst receiving the power from on high to then give eternal life. The amen then, is neither god nor priest but worshiper, the one with whom the covenant is made. We may only note the truth of the reasons for the name being removed, for this removal is the evidence for the fiction known as "scratch".

Why was the name of the then one and true god's first worshiper removed? Clearly blasphemy is not to be blamed on so famous an individual worthy as to receive such an "honour". The answer simply put was; it was always a woman's name. Today, we may call her "Eve". Thus Satan promises that he has the power to ensure men will someday have eternal life, through the gift of this "enterprise". Then, this stele is actually the oldest record of a covenant between any god and man for the gift of eternal life. In actual fact it promises slavery of all men to attain this end, unless they also be initiates for "scratch".

There are mentioned two such obelisks because this stele or "false witness" to this lie of Satan is thus then apparently by divine writ made fabric, and although we do not have the other obelisk (the male), there are various other steles that one may reference. (One other is conclusively examined in Bill Cooper's "Mystery Babylon series".)

So, now you know what the words "old scratch" mean. It is the removed evidence for the first covenant between any god and "man", or in fact as it truthfully was, "woman". The truth is there was no such covenant, merely the fall from eternal life of all men and women for disobedience. "Lucifer" means "light bearer", yet "light" in "gospelspeak" is "virtue", which is the only way to inherit eternal life, being the gift of God only by His own virtue. The generative principal was lost in that fall, and is not a gift to be offered by falsely taking that "light" for ones' self in vain. "Prometheus" has a meaning far beyond its limited scope.

Woman then, as the true generative force (or rather, properly named "Eve") is kept a secret from every initiate even today, the stele being hidden by (or rather upon), "scratch". We see the same act of suppression of this ancient and correct truth of the existence of the true creator of the universe (YHWH) with the putting of ones finger to ones lips and saying "Shh".

"After its resurrection in the underworld, the shade of Osiris visits Isis and in consequence thereof she gives birth to another son, as it were, by a Holy Ghost, for she knew no living man. This child is called Harpocrates and Plutarch says of him that he “came into the world before his time, and lame in his lower limbs.” Harpocrates is usually depicted as a nude figure, his head adorned with a single curling lock of hair on the right side, this being with the Egyptians a symbol of youth or adolescence. He is sometimes depicted with an elaborate plumed headdress or wearing the double crown of the northern and southern empires. His finger is placed to his lips which Plutarch interprets as a gesture symbolic of his childish and helpless state. The Greeks and Romans, however, considered this gesture to be a symbol for silence [or secrecy] and from this has arisen the custom of placing the finger to the lips as a motion for quietness and secrecy [and we do it today]."

(Taken from Bill Cooper's "Mystery Babylon Series".)

Now, are we beginning to see and read between the lines?

For the incorruptible seed of the dead that represents the keeping of this utmost secret of the true identity of "the amen" (Eve) or of scratch itself (this obelisk) is now corrupted no more, being in secrecy incorruptible whilst the current worshipers of lucifer grow old and die. Through the ages their enterprise has been for men to experiment with magick, sorceries, pharmaceuticals, science, the genome of life and finally with their own damnation, as the conquering of Death itself.

Thus the offspring Horus as the initaite into the secrets of these mysteries is promised no "new" life as yet - but to slave every day to the enterprise on the sole basis that a woman can never be worthy of any such promise; but as it stands today one witness (obelisk, the male) is missing and the other (the female) required before God is clearly a total lie before Christ.

"Even the decievers are themselves deceived". The obelisk may not be the oldest of all, and the stele itself cut after the original; but these two gifts offered upon the altar of the first god of Egypt are no lie! They are the first and only significant justification for Satan to claim ownership of the earth. First; by predating the scriptures then denying the world to its true creator, to challenge him for all sovereignty because "Satan scratched first."

What of the other, the missing obelisk? We may surely consider the first as the "female" principle and the missing as the male. Together they form the dot in the circle, or as a little further thought would provide, each initiate (amen from the other pillar) then becomes as the "male" obelisk. One pillar, "scratch" provides the enterprise, the search for eternal life; ("alchemy") and the other the conquering of death, or the act of using it for the subjection of all for the same enterprise, the means to the end; i.e. the mass slavery of mankind. (The doctrine of the initiate.)

Then the appearance of the initiate dressed in an apron with the skull and crossbones over his loins, dressed in masonic robe and with the red sash over his shoulder represents the luciferian initiate, dressed as the penis - the obelisk (of osiris, not the female isis) itself wrapped in the red sash (the female principle or vagina). Should there be a mystery for the other obelisk; it is that "scratch" has ownership of the initiate's family line by oath. The enterprise is not so easily appeased.

So who is calling God Most High the "c" word here by representing him by the red sash? If the female pillar was scratched by Satan, then each initiate is scratched in return by God as their creator and judge (hence the red sash). There is enmity there - indeed, under their oaths there is enmity. The worship of lucifer is without any repentance, unless under very constrained circumstances requiring grace - (but it is freely offered). The skull and crossbones worn on the apron then become the mark of the given threat of divine judgment and Satan thus declares that he has God by the balls by holding a family line for ransom? Heaven forbid.

One last point, if Satan himself yet has the other pillar as a "secret" against all initiates, then perhaps it needs to be shown openly, instead of an excuse for Satan to declare he is righteous for judging as God, "for" God and by God over his (Satan's) captives. In truth, there is no reason for keeping them from salvation except by their own fear and mistrust. The resurrection in Christ is freely given no matter what the constraint under any oath. If one breaks it, then are all made free before God. 'Nuff said.

If you happen to be a "Blackadder" fan, then the final scenes from the episode "Money" from "Blackadder II" will perhaps smack of coincidence or just plain rotten luck. Percy, dressed as a phallus in red leather (and chains) is perhaps the only "hidden" place in which I've found the missing obelisk, (and not the "female" obelisk which was depicted in Kubrik's 2001 - A Space Odyssey).

Bishop: You fiend! Never have I encountered such corrupt and foul-minded
        perversity! Have you ever considered a career in the Church?

Edmund: No, I could never get used to the underwear.

[Bishop nods in apprehension]

Edmund: What I could use, though, is, let's say eleven hundred pounds to buy
        back my house, four thousand pounds to cover some sundry expenses,
        ten shillings for the two doors, and let's say throppence for a
        celebratory slapper binge at Mrs. Miggins' pie shop...  (last bit
        said to Baldrick)

[Baldrick smiles and nods]

Bishop: Yes, yes, but first, one question: Who is this second figure? Who
        could you have got to have performed such deeds, to have gone lower
        than man has ever gone, to have plunged the depths of degradation
        just in order to save your filthy life?!!!

[From beneath the covers, Percy wakes and sits up.  He is dressed in red
leather with chains and assorted items.]

Edmund: Ah, Percy, may I introduce His Grace, the Bishop of Bath and Wells.
        Your Grace, Lord Percy Percy, Heir to the Duchy of Northumberland.

Percy: (speaks weakly) Hello. (shakes Bishop's hand) It was lovely working
       with you.

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