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If we compare the account of the tower of Babel to today, an age in which man has found a common language in science and mathematics, there is a direct parallel between the expectation of the apocalypse and the destruction of the tower we built in our own modern form. We have sequenced the genome - and even make it as nothing that we alter it - considering evolution to have done the same by accident and that we are wiser to toy with life and play god because we deliberately corrupt the stable balances of nature.

People have for the most part, found it rather trying to adapt to change, each new discovery being more bizarre and more to be distrusted: there is a little luddite in us all. The expectation that someone somewhere will "blow it all up" or that God will rightly step in and put an end to it all are truly valid concerns. The ability of man in the Babel account to obtain any desire of his heart is a warning from history that such things are not tolerated for long.

God is not opposed to scientific progress: as long as it is based on facts. It is a fact there are dinosaur skeletons, it is also a fact that God put them there. There are stars in the sky: God put them there too and there are many questions which need to be asked and rightly answered as long as they will eventually result in the one question that is the reason for all others, one asked of God "Are you there?". I am confident He has and does answer; that doesn't stop me looking for more answers!

Knowledge is not evil unless it is knowledge taught of how to practise evil. Man has made too much effort in that direction for God to be called unrighteous for causing suffering or as here in the account of Babel, for scattering men from uniting in a common place of learning: especially since the city was built to make a "name" for the men there: to give them a lasting record in history of power and strength.

The account is not one of God being in opposition to the effort to pass learning on to the next generation in history. That the language of the people was one common tongue permitting easy communication of knowledge to the younger from the elder is not itself evil in God's eyes. However the knowledge sought, that of the "worship of the host of heaven" and in the practice of the dialectic God indeed hates. The symbolism of the eccliptic and Earth's yearly cycle used in the early solar religions or "cults" is only used as a method of further control over the uninitiated. (Whether by multiplying superstition or by the creation of a priestly caste.) The practice of the dialectic was the evil that concerned God. The worship of the host of heaven, the planets in their courses was a secondary concern. A single people united were a single people of evil with one goal - control of the weak.

It is a typical complaint that people will call God unjust for causing suffering, when nature is fascinating, beautiful and worthy of all respect, even awe when there is no God included "in the equation", and then nature immediately becomes evil, painful, unjust and diabolical as soon as God is introduced. I hate hypocrisy, as does God.

What essentially was the case at Babel was that learning in this sense took the back seat, and the pursuit of power was the driving factor. That there was one language and one people that was confounded and scattered shows God rightly acted; in creating "foreigners" the men of each tongue would be truly united within their own language, with respect to a common defence, as opposed to united in one state where the strength of the state and the "progress" of the state is as an overbearing power that can only be directed one way: down upon its people.

The city would only be indwelt by what would have become a caste system, with the rulers and astronomers at the top and the deltoids at the bottom. The result was of ancient Bel as source of the religion most commonly known as that of Osiris and Isis - and the child Horus. This same religion has sprung up in places all over the world - and its source we are told is the ancient city of Nimrod, this very one.

The ancient religion was always of a "god-king" enthroned in learning over a people without any as such, ruled over by superstitions and the iron fist of the state-lord's power. Whether God stepped in to put an immediate stop to this, or that God saw that in a direct converse to the reasons for the flood, that long term goals were based on a root lust, we see the beginning of a long term project for which anything - any evil was permissible to see the project through.

It is projects like this that began injustices like slavery, forced labour and a ruling caste. When an educated elite raise themselves above the suffering many - we should remember that God stepped in to put a stop to it once; It was we that did not learn the lesson, God will not change man's diapers over and over until we realise we are the cause of that evil - and expecting a God to solve the problem is irrational, because we will just nod, agree, and then buy shares in the next startup that begins the process over again.

So, as a centre of learning, Man did not learn his lesson - as we can so easily see from the world's history.

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