Bungee Leap Messianism

The concept that God, the Father, Christ His Son, and also the Holy Spirit are one and the same, identically equal - that in some sense God is one individual present on earth for Jesus' ministry whilst also in heaven I termed 'Bungee Leap Messianism.' The idea that Christ's own individuality is not distinct from his Father, that he IS his Father, and has his presence on Earth anchored in Heaven, much  like the bridge diver has his legs anchored by the bungee. In some sense, 'what comes down must go up...'

The Holy Trinity remains one of the great Christian mysteries. From the first commandment "Hear O Israel, the Lord thy God is one God." Christians find it hard to explain how there could be three Gods. Referring to Jesus life as 'The Incarnation' and to the Holy Spirit as somehow 'God's power' or some other indefinite presence most Christians would find such a view skewed from truth. Christ also affirmed many times that He was not his Father, though HE was in one accord with him, to which the scriptures repeatedly attest. 

In science, there is the view that as there is no inherent beauty of one thing over another, all things being equal, that the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one. This is called the argument of 'Occam's Razor'. However, the view of this singular identity of God runs obliquely to the concept of the Trinity. Christians may prefer a statement like the following, that God is three individuals with one heart. Metaphysics itself, as from Anselm's principle leaves any state of God's existence, (which is 'His choice') unknowable, yet that which is necessary, his existence, remains perfect (albeit abstract in conception) though exemplified not as consequence, i.e. contradicting it's necessity, but that the abstraction become a property of God's existence rather than God being a contingently existent exemplification of a necessary abstraction.

However, we find in the four gospels that God is one unity, rather than one individual. It is very hard to explain how Jesus could fully contain His Father, as well as the Holy Spirit, and the same triple containment be for each of them, so that each gives 'Life' to the other two. I know if I have a glass of water that two things are possible. Either the water is in the glass and I am not, or the Glass contains me outside, whereas the water inside is free. There are three things, the outside, the glass, and the water. How would the glass feel?

Analogous is the representation of the Trinity as a hen's egg. three parts; shell, albumen, yoke. Yet one egg. My objection to this and the glass of water case, is that they are not symmetrical, in that we can not permute the analogy around the 'trinity' so that the trinity are in sense 'equal'. I would prefer this. There is of course, the method of Anselm's argument. We conceive God singularly in the method. Are we wrong to do so? Gospel teaching is that "All roads to the Father must go through Christ, and through Christ alone." That we initially pray for salvation to this formerly unseen God of the argument, to me would require some symmetry of existence in the Trinity. That we can reach the Father through Christ's mediation and intercession, is fundamental to every Christian's belief.

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