In this section I present my findings on the 666 system of the beast "Death" spirit as well as the number of the beast or 666 that is found in the image. The bible states that "it" is the number of a man, but it is also the number of "Death" states outside of the K4 ultrafilter. Though by construction this is "outside of Christ" and therefore empty and desolate (ie {}, the empty set, now the kingdom is here) There is some crossover - We see precisely the meaning of 666 here as taken from the scripture.

For A Mark Between Thine Eyes
The first mention of the divine mark on the Israelites is astonishing, we see that the beast's mark is actually a satanic counterfiet of the true faith found in God. The Israelites were "called out of Egypt" as are Christians in a spiritual context. We have the Lord's laws written on our hearts and minds and our freedom comes from divine authorship of a perfect and God-pleasing life in the example of Christ - and not by a counterfeit recognition of religious liberty from the state after incorporation within law.

666 Outside Of Christ
A brief repeat of the calculation of the number of counterfeit rest states outside of the K4 ultrafilter. (Whilst not forming subgroups on the right hand they indeed do so on the left.) Don't forget that there are valid octals with these "bows" as subgroups.

660 or 666? - The Image With Life
The scorpion (locust) spirits are given to hurt men for five months, the healing of the beast's deadly wound with a source of leaven from satan by virtue of the image casts a shadow over the churches of 660 elements. In truth though, the dialectic system of the horsemen provide a bizarre alignment or synthesis of 6 possible states. (These correspond to a final six antichrist states under the same model of the human sensual nature found from the A5 factor of S6.) I argue that from the perspective of man with these 660 elements "in alignment", this provides 660 + 6 states, rather than 6 * 660, (ie 3960 states.)

Death Shall Flee From Them

What of the cryptic verse;

Rev 9:6 And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

This is very enigmatic.. does it not indicate that same defeat of the four angels by the resurrection of the two witnesses? If the result of remaining outside of the K4 ultrafilter (Christ) is nullity, do we not find a contradiction in the dialectic logic of Death? Truly, "four strikes and you're out!"

Wormwood = Death
There are direct 1-1 correspondences between the sets of "bows" in the first four seals and the consequences of the third trumpet. In fact we can number the octals generated by the wormwood spirit to 666. Then there is a simple transformation to connect each wormwood combination to a "pale horse".

Abaddon = Hell
A short lead in to the differences in the system of antichrist. The following three pages define properly the false prophet spirit that seeks to make itself instantiated as the image and the mind of antichrist using the dialectic process.

The Heart Of Mystery Babylon - A Cage For Every Bird
The dialectic process is actually effective when it is used against those that can not argue logically for themselves. They expect discussion in a group to go their own way and will always preserve the standing of the group over the facts. Likewise, the group that seeks to follow after pleasure (pride) has its analogue in the false prophet.

Hell Follows After
Lastly the identification of the false prophet spirit is made with the completed image system of the woman and scarlet beast together with the dialectic method which it uses to speak, The dialectic is as the heart of the woman, the image.

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