Death shall flee from them.

We can see that the locust or 'scorpion' spirits (of the fifth trumpet in revelation) are unable to form a simple transposition amongst the five churches in the laodicean conglomerate. Likewise there is no need for a transposition (to factor the senses to A5) within the obedience of man to God, as to make him sensually consider the requirements on him to do something in obedience to God. God is a patriarchal Father, and His word is truth. There is no tempting a man to obey God, there is merely the knowledge that obedience is good, and disobedience is evil. It is not ever the case that a man would reasonably object to obedience of God on the grounds that it is temptation - His commands are not grievous to be borne.

Of course this requires us to realign ourselves with God, and not to question God - His ways are higher than our ways, and may have a positive effect many years in the future beyond our own knowledge and scope.

However on that "men seek death and shall not find it", Why would they be seeking death? We should identify the 666 image method as "Death" as with a capitalised noun, rather than "death" itself.

The pale horse in comparison to the balances opposing it does not share the same "oil" or the "wine". It as the remaining but also contradictory "bow" is an antithesis to the method itself. (it is a neat picture of the double mindedness of the process.) The process of searching for that particular transposition necessary to logically provide a good reason for disobdience (rather than a sensual one of approaching pleasure and avoiding pain.) is the search for the "Death" spirit but in a minor but more widely distributed fashion. The "Death" is the spiritual template, the "death" the occurrence or instance.

The locusts do not kill, but torment -whereas the serpents are there to maintain the system opposing the ultrafilter with their transpositions. Then in the days between the fifth and sixth trumpets the multitude seeks to find "rest" in the set of antichrist bows, the antichrist equivalent on the sabbath of Christ. That rest is based on the faulty premise that the system of bows provide rest, when it actually provides its own contradiction. Rest itself, will flee from them. It merely shows that the multitude in these locusts are continually without any rest.

Switching the oil and wine by using the pale horse system is in view as that "Death" identity. The truth is that there is no pleasure to be found in the facts and no facts to be found in the pleasure. There is no dialectic process that will find pleasure in disobedience during the wrath of God. In that manner, men shall seek Death in order to find pleasure or "rest" upon facts (the wrath) that can not be ignored, yet the pleasure they expect using the process will not be found.

During those days, the facts will not be able to be ignored. (They can not be "oil") Likewise if the facts are painful truths, they can not be sensually arrived at with the 660 of the senses. The dialectic will not permit it: What is in view is the system of the dialectic fails in the wrath of God. The system has no solution in the wrath, "Death" will not be found by those that seek it.

Likewise it is also true that the serpents are without rest either - for the "death" they require is that of the 666 system and its logical contradictions. Instead the serpents are those which seek to kill rather than to rest. The multitude desires rest, but only motive and animation is provided by the locusts whereas the only rest provided by the 666 system of locusts and serpents is that of physical death. Spiritual death was on the table already - the wine of the diaprax process has ensured that.

However death flees from those in the locusts upon the conglomerate of laodicea: There is no rest in Christ for the disobedient, and it is a sad fact that "death" or even "spiritual rest" flees from those that can not justify themselves before God, but will spend forever gnawing on their tongues.

The serpents that oppose the ultrafilter form another octal that is in opposition to the seven cycle of the Holy Spirit and thus interrupt the original octal ultrafilter. It forces a switch to this new octal with the former C7 (and yet) an incompatible seven cycle, forcing that former identity element of unity to be within the fixed subgroup of the alternate octal as under frobenius - and forces a structural opposition that is equivalent to "death" (The interruption of Christ as life). The four euphrates angels form such an opposition until the original C7 cycle is retraced and shows that the two sets due the witnesses and these angels are mutually exclusive. They come from completely different octals.

Likewise these transpositions causing these octals to be interrupted are six transpositions on four elements - and represent the same elements or "bows" of antichrist in the 666 system. Here in the passage of the witnesses we are faced with shifting subgroups instead of shifting unity in their pair wise correspondences of the seal account, but the result is the same: The life, or Christ's- shows that Death is empty and He (Christ) is victor - whether of His own victory after His resurrection, shown to be slain as a lamb before the throne, or in the resurrection of His elect as shown in the two witnesses. Either account of the seals or trumpets show that Christ is God, and the keys to hell and death testified to by the resurrection and the life (Christ) entail that "Death" is an empty state, an empty set.

The pale horse is then a contradiction to the three possible balances on offer alongside it, independent of the choice of oil and wine. The system contradicts itself (as the balance opposing the pale horse's bow is totally incompatible in the octal.) Any pale horse as opposed to the balance's choice of unity (oil) and "wine" is completely antithetical to that which is there in the underlying algebra. The synthetic substitution of the A5 group and its conjugation in S5 for the pale horse is a sly trick, but it has no effect on the efficacy of the truth, or the desire of God for men to be obedient and for Him to be pleased with them as His people. The sought after missing generative force to the process is then a fruitless search.

So there is no key to the 666 process to make it fact, merely true is the fact that in the creation of God it has become a lie of satan - it has no bearing on the truth and is merely the exercise of fluff between the ears. Death doesn't so much flee - he was never there; there is no death in Christ, and there must be a resurrection of the just and unjust.

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