Abaddon = Hell

Hell, as identified with the system of scorpion or locust spirits finds its completion only with the use of the key to the bottomless pit. Even with the ability then to form transpositions on the orbits of additive subgroups of finite fields under multiplication, the five elements (as the refining churches) in the octal are twelve elements short of creating the full group S5 (and then also A5 is incomplete.)

The result is that even with the key, "Abaddon" whom makes his appearance as the algebraic closure of a finite field (as an upper limit) is still unable to ascend out of the pit with a true solution, God is not able to be spoiled and is as "The Strong Man". The blueprint can not be made complete until God Himself closes the door of those missing elements on those within the scarlet beast and casts the whole construction completed into the lake of fire.

In implementing the system numbered 660 (of the churches as under the false prophet) of the image to make the full 666, believers are falsely worshipping the spirit called "Abaddon" - whom is unable to accomplish the end of the dragon's schematic. In effect giving the image their worship,.. so then Abaddon = Hell. This is in its entirety a doctrine of demons according to the text.

However, there is a misnomer or misuse of the term "Hell" here. "Hell" is a term reserved for the heart that fills the gap within the fourfold the system of the dialectic, so that the heart is tortured with the rider "Death" of the pale horse whom is always in direct contradiction to the logical mind of the individual in the process. The torture becomes such that escape from the logical system is not possible no matter how the heart attempts to justify it. "Death" once the creator has completed the lake of fire, in it's proper setting is then a cage for the heart of every living thing within.

Then the churches under the image system itself forms the body of the scarlet beast and the image then itself forms the woman's heart or mind. In modelling the mind of the woman (the image) one has done so sensuously, so in correctness this is actually as the heart of the image, (woman). The "three onto one" device of the dialectic is then to be equated with the heart of the woman, as doing the works of her spiritual father and paramour, the devil.

Hell as the emotional attempt to rewrite the truth in the dialectic system can not, nor may ever ignore the absolute truth of being cast out of creation into the lake of fire prepared for it's end. Hell is the result of ugliness one way or another, and pitying the appearance of that system of "Mystery Babylon" is hard to accomplish. When we remember those that went their own way, whom will we hear? Whom will we see?


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