Hell Follows After

There is one verse that aligns nicely with the fourth seal, (actually the fifth trump of the Father's sequence).

Rev 9:6 And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

This is not a statement of failed mass suicide! Rather this is a reference that the attempt to make complete the scarlet beast system will fail and the inheritance of satan and his angels has no place in creation without due judgement upon those whom follow him. The angel in the fifth trump must fall first with the key to the bottomless pit before this system may be instantiated, (this I believe happened already.)

God is far stronger than these serpents and scorpions and simply commands His own elect to remain separate. Those within, as spiritually dead, "bury their own dead" and under the exit of the least of the flock gather as it were themselves into bundles to be burned.

Enough of that which Hell is not, time for that which Hell Is.

The woman's heart numbers 666 when the dialectic process is able to flip-flop between pleasure and pain, and reversing itself in double mindedness. In being able to choose those last six elements to conjugate orbits of A5 subgroups in A6, the image system shows that this balance may be placed in any such position in A6 as if it were one pair of bows chosen from four, (as six choices.)

The 666 numbered as outside of Christ in bows only number the possible sets of pale horses in the whole sea of 30 octals. Each single such pale horse arrangement may under the image align with the woman's heart, whilst the false prophet which is the completed offspring of satan is become the image or woman with her heart, (yet to be completed at the judgement).

In this manner the satanic union of "Church" and the dialectic with which it speaks is the real false prophet spirit whose own number is six hundred, threescore and six. The false prophet then repeats the cycle to bear the mark to a new fellowship where the process repeats. There is a three cycle of false prophet =>speech of antichrist => image => the scarlet beast (false prophet.) The common element in each is that the fellowship is "desolated" with the exit of the Spirit of God from them. That has in truth replaced the inheritance of the saints with nothing at all.

There is then a cycle in view that links the spirit to the "Church". The mind of antichrist that numbers 666 actually has 666 instances across the octal sea of 30. Each instance in each octal extended to it's "Death" or "pale horse" is in a unique correspondence to the original bow that logically contradicts it; thus the "Death" also numbers 666. The completion of the image with the heart as false prophet numbers 666 as Church and dialectic process enjoined. Whereas we may construct the image over the churches, there is a disconnect between each set - however they are actually equal sets!

Christ is God and even if He may be sat at the right hand, He also spans the octal form with the K4 form of the ultrafilter. Therefore the system outside of Christ numbering 666 is actually "overconstrained" and is empty.

Likewise the system that contradicts itself and appears to justify as true and false on daydreams and butterflies is also a null system, and (technically) is also then the empty set.

Whether you simply consider both as empty, or as {}, or one such set as a set containing the other 666 times (and all those empty) the result is that neither make any logical sense to worship, and you will look stupid treating it as your e-ticket.

Also worthy of consideration is the fact that the fourth balance of the "Death" system that may not be logically "instantiated" is filled with "Hell" in the form of the scarlet beast or Church (with the image). The 120 possible choices for three horns of ten (as kings) correspond to conjugated elements of S5 over the five refining churches (as A5) and over the six A5 subgroups of A6 in S6 when considering the source of leaven,. or synagogue of satan. In order to calculate this number of 120 we reduced our criteria to consider one particular choice of unity only, (or only one static subgroup) in the reference octal upon which the system of the beast is set up. (Examining only one church exeunt.)

We made the distinction of 28/7 * 6/2 * 10 = 120 (Note 28 divided by the 7 apparent choices of unity.)

So, Christ is "fixed" as unity albeit partially replaced by the image process itself whilst the door remains open, ready for the sealed to exit and the laodicean conglomerate ready to be vomited out of the Lord's mouth and her reward poured out to her double (the 12 missing elements added in upon the "stolen" 12 elements of the Lord's seven cycles she leached her own portion of A4 from).

The remaining system is then as we found it: and the 120 elements act upon churches as is required for the dialectic process. Whatever decision is made on the doctrine of the churches themselves, it is not done with the angel of the church's "say so", (i.e. that of scripture and the facts in Christ.) only by those practicing the dialectic process in the form of the (three from ten) kings. This triple (balance) is then filled in with the group consensus of the fellowship itself (as "Hell" to complete the system of "Death") on both an individual basis and upon a consensus which is binding. The meetings are facilitated and usually perform the dialectic process along the lines of total qualitative management. (approach pleasure, avoid pain.)

The result is that the group concensus absorbs the false doctrine across (and into) the refining churches (kneeding the leaven into the dough) and extends the image to include that leaven of the synagogue of satan. The group concensus becomes the "heart" of the image, (the woman) as utilising the dialectic process for judgement and the "Hell" that conjugates the laodicean conglomerate into alignment with the leaven is actually the heart of the believer in concensus under the system of the ten kings.

The ten kings by charter or by contract set a (free-falling) declining standard and the synagogue of satan sets the rule to measure it. The ultimate standard set is total legalism; it is no wonder the state of Israel seems to be so prominent in the many prophetic systems of the church: Obedience in the time of trial is a natural impulse for Christians, but sadly it makes no difference when a believer is excluded by the position they have taken (regarding whose body they decided to be a member of, that of Christ; or the beast's image.)

In essence, the woman as part of the image relies on the individual hearts of the believers in the fellowship itself to judge on their own hearts and emotions whether to sustain their relationships (practicing sin as to what is considered right or wrong) as to go with the group or not. (for the fix is in already because the mark is accepted and the numbering is underway.) This permits each conjugate pair of inverses (upon churches and as elements to leaven all five with false doctrine and thus marking the name of the beast upon each head or church.) to be aligned in a natural and one-to-one manner with the senses of each individual believer. The heart is being played by a master of manipulation and the church is singing his swansong as if to the Lord.

In truth, the fellowship that accepts the discussion accepts the false prophet and each individual is then caught practicing sin, (moving in the spirit of the false prophet.) Beguiled yes, but so often fired up with zeal for "forty days purpose" or "great revival" or "the spirit of universal goodness" (as I heard one believer say.) The believer is the sinner in the system rather than the spirit in which they move; the false prophet is a structure born of the bottomless pit and Hell mixed in with Death. It is a vile trap of satan but God cuts believers off for their part in it: God has never had to worry as to whether or not to save a "church" - "churches" are simply soulless constructions. It is His people that require His grace, not the edifice that is the result of unheeded warnings concerning the size of mustard seeds.

The strength of the false prophet system is that it makes the individual to practice sin in the process before the process allows the believer to reveal the nature of the sin - the process itself. The answer? Leave. Just walk out that lovely open door and meet the Lord outside. It is one door no man can shut.

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