In this section, I give a reasonable explanation for why I can believe in a holy trinity, but no other gods. I have one Father, One Lord Jesus Christ, and one Comforter, God the Holy Spirit. For any other gods to exist, I insist that they are inferior by virtue that a perfect being, God the Trinity is the limit of construction of a Perfect Godhead, and anyone looking for am opening in the Trinity is no god. I assert that granted the existence of 'gods' The God of the Bible is the Most High God, and those others at most are other spirits; Angels, or worse: demons.

In this page I show the union of the trinity into a finite set can't be extended beyond our "Three Bags Full", our three containers, and any such addition of another member of the trinity diverges from a finite set into an ever growing spiral of increasing number.

Holy Trinity – The Only Finite
May there be other Holy Trinities? Here, in this page, I explain that the Godhead is unique, not up to isomorphism, which is usually the result of a mathematical construction, but indeed, totally unique in instance.

Pantheism – Most High God
Simply put, this page is a statement that if indeed other gods exist, they are not perfect. They merit the name "gods" merely because of the beliefs of others. Whether a spirit is present or not, they detract faith in the true God of the Bible, and are deceptive by nature or misplacement.

Lord Of Hosts – Angels
The Bible lists spirits of various kinds which here listed, may indeed seem like "local gods" in their sphere of influence.

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