Pantheism - Most High God

There are numerous places in the Biblical texts that deal not only with gods of other nations, the Canaanites, the Babylonians, the Philistines and their variations. Perhaps the earliest examples are the "gods" of Egypt. In almost every instance it is deducible by the reader that the inference is made that these "gods" are non-existent. They are referred to as lifeless graven images, idols without power, or poor substitutes for the real thing. In one case during the building of the second temple in Jerusalem, the cuckoo inhabitants of the holy land from Assyrian origins are excluded because though they claim to have worshipped the same God, they have an impure doctrine of amalgamated beliefs and other gods, not just because they are "foreign". Their belief was due to the fact God opposed them in their occupation of the promised land.

The one reference to an actual god other than the one true God that actually is said to exist throughout scripture is in the statement "the god of this world" in reference to satan. I don't hold that satan is powerless. Neither do I believe that there is not some spiritual influence of fallen angels and demons in this world. That there may be some evidence for the coherence of other faiths surprises me neither. Whilst I ascribe the origins of faiths expressly in opposition to the good news of the Gospel to a supernatural influence, I can only call them that which they are by biblical definition: Antichrist. That is - against, or in place of, Christ.

All faiths other than the true one, are Antichrist, especially those that include some deity. those that have no deity are idolatries. The saying "there is nothing new under the sun" is as true as it was aeons ago; There have always been other faiths, which can be read as deceptions leading those away from the true faith, or merely as continuations of systems meant to comfort, civilise, anchor and preserve societies, ensuring good behaviour with the threat of divine retribution. 'Meant' has given way to 'Believed' over many years.

That such beliefs exist is due to their origin from this world. Any opposition to the Gospel message and Christ's ministry is not for God's benefit. This only serves those opposed to it and by scriptural intimacy, satan. Thus these other faiths, even if slightly tainted versions of the gospel are deceptions.

The term 'Most High'  is used in many compound names within the Bible. It is primarily an identifier. Whether Angels and demons have some perceptual radius of their presence in the mind of God I cannot deduce. I don't wish to dwell on a perhaps unhealthy fascination with the subject beyond that which is biblical in the next page of this section.

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