Lord of Host's - Angels

That Angels may have some shared cognitive ability within their surroundings with that of God is indeed possible. God, the bible states is Spirit, as are the angels. 'Angel' is a term that actually means "messenger". The examples of angels with messages from God in the bible never shows them as completely discernable to everyone present. Balaam's ass saw an angel standing in the way, whereas the rider did not. Saul's vision on the road to Damascus was not universally perceived among his company. It is often written "An angel appeared to..." rather than "An angel appeared." Sometimes, such as in the book of Job, physical changes and disasters are ascribed an angelic source.

A dwelling within the Spirit of God may be heavenly paradise, or if the spirit is fallen, a real headache. Spirits come in many forms other than the white robe yellow-ring on stick and tinsel variety. The most famous verses on spirits opposing the Gospel in the Bible is from Romans chapter 8.

Rom 8:38 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,
Rom 8:39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

The main two that stick out are "principalities and powers". Geographical locale's,  Nations and Religions are often referred to by their "Ministering Spirit". A strange term since the ministry serves the spirit. The book of Daniel refers in part to "The Prince of Persia" (not the computer game). There is also reference in part to the "king of Babylon" Lucifer in the O.T.

Fallen angel's were not biblically created that way. They fell - an act of disobedience. There is also the idea of a demon. These, never were 'un-fallen'. I expect a fallen angel has a local sense of shared-omniscience or omnicognisance with God as they were once faultless. I can attribute their influence people to this: their ability to appear in any manner they choose, any form; and impart visions and their explanations. Demons, I ascribe no such ability to. They have some communication unheard or unseen as familiar spirits of mediums/necromancers versus those familiar spirits of the punter in the audience, or across the table.

Familiar spirits may be very dangerous. Regressive hypnotherapy, when taking a subject back beyond their birth or received consciousness, has delivered visions of demons, suffering and hell that has later severely affected the lives of the patients. The fellow in the Gospel with the legion of demons, had supernatural strength. Another case is when some elders tried to cast out a demon from a man in reference to the power of the God that Paul preached. The demon, without a threat of true authority, beat them severely.  

The 'hosts' of which God is Lord of not only speaks of men, nations / languages, Angels (true and fallen), armies, collectives, but more truthfully, the term is derived from the use of "captain of the host" in terms of military command. It was the captain's job to know all of his men, and to be able to recognise them. Mentioned in the Bible is the concept of a captain as of over fifty men. (Though there is no upper limit). Captains were even declared over a particular tribe of Israel, (there were twelve in total.) the 'Lord of Hosts' places no limits on the size of the hosts, or how many hosts. It is however implied that such a title reckons God as "Lord with the complete Lists", that he knows every name under his authority. He is well acquainted with us all.

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