I called the 6, 7, 8 cycle a misnomer, I still believe it is, but in terms of the octal structure upon which most of this site is based, in comparison to the revelation I can state that the 6,7 8 cycle is a valid observation albeit misnamed. Perhaps one should think of a better one - however being able to choose one's spiritual direction from the options presented make the beginning of a new cycle a result of the previous seven. Is this what is meant by the "eighth"?

I would expect then for the revelations passage on "the eighth is of the seven" to follow suit, but it does not do so. The eighth is a "little kingdom" following the seventh head of the dragon (which as the tenth horn is itself formed from the 7th, 8th and 9th horns) necessary for healing the beasts deadly wound - directly leading to the image being constructed from ten kings, not seven.

With Apologies To The Reader
I claim elsewhere that my own study is very close to the 6,7, 8 cycle but does not agree by a hairs width. In fact, as far as I understand James' study the basis for the 6, 7, 8 cycle may properly support my own study as long as one separates both the physical and spiritual wounds to the beast from the cross of Christ. The physical wound in the NT period is the exit of Philadelphia, (They hear the shepherds voice) and the spiritual wound is the result that logically, the beast does not supplant the kingdom of God at all. Christ's is the ultimate victory.

Rightly Dividing The Word Of Truth
I do not agree with the name James Lloyd uses of "The 6,7,8 cycle". The pattern is correct, it is a valid observation on the scriptures, but it is sadly a misnomer - it reveals the same pattern seen in the revelation text as also in many other books of the bible, but the name itself, and the allegory of sixth as "man's" number synthesising with the seventh of "God" to become the eighth, of new beginnings is faulty.

The Deadly Wound Healed
The beast system that exists in scripture is in view as having a deadly wound that satan and the false prophet have healed. It is simple to point out what the wound was, and the structure of the beast before the wound is as most people would expect from reading revelation. One would almost brush it aside as an obvious attack: Indeed even with the healing of the beast's wound the system has been altered and the image added - but the devices and roles played by the dragon, beast and false prophet are the same.

New Beginnings
The 6, 7, 8 cycle is also able to be put in terms of a 2, 3, 4 cycle. Though it is true that the mind set of today is such that two opposing views collide in a synthetic compromise, There is a basis for the formula (even though it may unfortunately be a misnomer.) that the individual has a choice of whether to accept correction, reject or ignore it - is closely related to the spiritual rest a believer may attain to in Christ. It is not a nonsense to hold true the formula, it indeed shows a valid reaction to the individuals contact with the truth of the gospel.

Hot, Cold And Lukewarm
A quick recap on the fact that two parts are clearly divide from the rest found in Christ. (Despite the apparent symmetry of the field GF(4).) We do have a floating unity element but there is a separate sense in which the field GF(4) has in common the unity element with GF(8). Only one element in each setting is permitted - "unity" and two elements (parts) must be cut off. Scripture designates these two parts as the "cold and lukewarm".

The Collision In The Octal
This page states that though there is a symmetry of the fields GF(4) and GF(8) there is clearly a difference when we take into account the fact that Christ is "sat at the Father's right hand". Only one of the elements {b,c} may be cold, and only one therefore lukewarm. The result of the octal within which we keep Christ as a static subgroup is that the use of an antichrist device is a false rest and it is preferable to Christ that the individual be cold than in this miserable position. It must be noted that the sealed believers of God are at rest only, and not to be patterned after the other "six".

Regressive Or Regenerative?
This page shows a little more the subtle difference between what is apparent and what is happening in the octal structure. There is a distinct sense in which the individual has the choice to obey or not - as well as behind the veil where God has chosen us or not. There should be no disagreement on the deciding factor - that God chose us, and not us He. One is either saved or not, there is no mingling of God's elect in Him, and it makes sense to realise that one does not wander to hell from the earth by taking a whistle stop tour of heaven, having been welcomed there. One would only end up in hell from never being welcome in heaven.

Seven Spirits More Wicked
The teaching of Christ when He was accused of casting out devils with the power of satan is astonishing - it has a mathematical allegory, and Jesus correctly speaks of the situation that is also in the book of revelation, (in the sixth trumpet passage.) Jesus ' statement "He that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad" is a hugely deep statement - The salvation offered in Christ shows the Pharisees that clearly, if demons were in use the only result they can have is confusion, and not the praise of God.

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