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Addendum: Now, as straight from the off, I recommend you read the page "Discontinuity - A Deadly Wound" in the previous "The Insanity Of Satan" section of this area of the site. The deadly wound to the beast at the cross formed by the discontinuity leaves behind a wound that remains: For now Philadelphia may exit obedient in the spirit to Christ's call to exit the church. The result is that the beast is healed by the addition of the three woes of the book of revelation (Trumps five, six and their combination.)

In this section, buried somewhere in all the pages is the statement that the real difference between the content on this site and the 6, 7, 8 cycle discovered by James Lloyd of Christian Media Network is not big enough to squeeze a sheet of paper between. In fact, my only complaint is that the 6,7 8 cycle is a misnomer: As far as I can show there is only the octal group, not an eight cycle.

I present the eighth as of the seven as an entity that has chronologically outlasted the seven and continues on - in the case of the scarlet beast, it is the join (that which is common) of all ten kingdoms (horns) of the dragon, the little horn state of Israel.

James however equates the seventh kingdom as the kingdom of God, and He is right (It arrived as the seventh) - although the "eighth of the seven" refers to the survivor of the seven kingdoms of the dragon, and introduces the little horn of Daniel's vision (Where the fourth beast does not have seven heads, but ten horns, which it survives as a "little" horn.) The result is that satan replaces the kingdom of God (in my study) with a amalgam of the last four of the ten horns into the USA new world order as we see it. (The little horn becomes the eighth of the seven then.)

However, there is no good reason to dismiss the kingdom of God as the seventh unless there is a scriptural leading to do so.

We are shown with the first four seals and instructed by James to align them with the four beasts of Daniel rising up from the sea. However the seals show the same rider within the four seraphim (beasts) before God's throne and the pale horse is given power over the "fourth part of the earth", and we deduce quite correctly that the four seraphim in that coset of the static subgroup represent the earth.

So, we have two sets of four in the OT from the statue dream and the NT from Daniels four beasts and the first four seals. The kingdom of God arrives between them and forms the seventh in the sequence of kingdoms;

Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, Kingdom of God, Holy Roman Empire, Spain, England, Russia, Germany and the USA.

However, as we learn from Revelation, satan (the dragon) lay in wait to devour the man-child in the vision of the woman with twelve stars. The quartet below in bold was set to devour the fledgling kingdom as if it were physical, but was spiritual and Christ was victor on the cross.

Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, Kingdom of God

Note that the quartet in italics intersects the latter four that were bold in one place, such that the accumulation of the dragon's tail may remain continuous.

Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, Kingdom of God

The intersection allows the tail as it moves through history to continuously hold fixed an identity element as it were in the octal structure. Were there a separation into two parts numbering eight, we would have two sets of dialectics and the tail would suffer a discontinuity in the middle, and the kingdom would be truly divided against itself: Not by dictate, war or conflict of legality but of rule. (The dialectic method itself would require some contradiction, that the seat of the dragon was broken. I.e. on removing the Kingdom of God;

Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, Holy Roman Empire, Spain

Shows the discontinuity at the kingdom of Greece after the rule of Persia.

This would require the equivalent of the kingdom necessarily "changing hands" after OT Egypt sometime between Greece to Spain. The presence of a subverted kingdom of God would necessitate that the current "now is" is as it were a floating unity element fulfilled by the lies of the dragon with the tail accumulating in time with the heart of man racing before it to facilitate change. That fiat "now is" is a lie and actually "is not" so that which once was, now is not, and yet will be, at the time of the writing of John's revelation of Jesus Christ.

The fact that the Kingdom of God is not subverted in Heaven is enough to state that satan "fell as lightning", yet the beast still has a deadly wound from the cross from this discontinuity.

The diabolical solution? merge kingdoms England, Russia, Germany and the USA, and do away with the Holy Roman and Spanish kingdoms altogether Make the USA out of the other three spared with it (the three horns) and make it the seventh instead of the kingdom of God. Voila! no discontinuity. Then the eighth that follows the seven may simply be all "image" to the beast, the "Hell" that follows after.

So with my sincere apologies, this is the closest I can get to the basis for the six, seven, eight cycle common to James and I both. The beast gets a deadly wound from the cross, yet in Revelation, Daniel's fourth is John's first beast - there is no difference in truth but the deadly wound to the beast caused by the fact of Christ's kingdom being not of this world is enough to permit Philadelphia exit from the beast and for the deadly wound to the first beast requiring healing to make the scarlet beast of the image system, which goes to its own destruction as a sin, nothing more. (Satan's claim of sovereignty is baseless.)

Also, I have neatly sidestepped the issue of the discontinuity, as if there were two conflicting dialectics: We would require there to be continuity of rule in satans kingdom, else he would be laughed out of his place by God. With a discontinuity as between italics and bold above, for the dialectics to function we need an alignment with an octal where the unity is free to float. In real terms we may only do this within the kingdom of God. What occurs in satans kingdom is fiat: There is a "join" that survives the kingdoms as the tail moves through history. With two separate sets of four kingdoms there is no "join" between first and last and no sense of continuity, although this is hard to describe.

Each choice of unity in the octal is as it were to the dialectic a fixed position of fact that must be compromised upon for two opposing parties to form consensus. Even if it were possible to agree with satan for the sake of propriety that his dialectic system was reasonable and his claim to the earth legitimate, a truth that must be dismissed as inconsistent in order to preserve the consensus is in view when the dialectic moves on with the tail.

A series of eight dialectics is consistent only in its first three forms, as when a fourth element is present it must be sent to the empty set for consistency, else the previous three assumptions are found to be baseless. It could be argued that only that which was entailed by the fourth as become null (implying a disjunction, thus our two parties or parities agreeing to diagree as the third party of synthesis) was intended and the first three were merely for construction: yet then the fifth is inconsistent with the construction of the previous four as one is sent to the empty set in place of the fifth: by the time we reach the eighth, for there to be any real "change" the set must have counted all of the first four positions of eight as empty, (of the first fourfold dialectic) so by the time the eighth arrives, the dialectic has shown its own method to merely result in nullity.

Then the dialectic itself is shown to be inconsistent as a method, if it may only be applied in one sequence of seven, never eight. The accumulation of the dialectic shows its method inconsistent as a form of logic. (Unity can not be sent to the empty set, and absolute truth is unaffected by a lie, you can't lie God out of existence.)

The result? Satan must never exceed a series of seven, else he falls rough. (He has indeed fallen by constructing "Hell" following after "Death" as in the revelation, as constructing the serpents and scorpions.) He doesnt just merely fall, as he has done his best to heal the deadly wound by sleight of hand or intent of his "construction". His claim to sovereignty depends on one thing: that the least in the kingdom of heaven; as the consistency - the join, of all that is perfect regarding salvation in this most wicked of worlds be saved, not by works but by grace. (Satan must demonstrably show that his kingdom has shown no discontinuity upon the very least in the kingdom of heaven.) Satan must show his kingdom is not divided by the cross: and that - as the least in the kingdom of heaven demonstrates (if he be at all under satan) can be done if an angel can be saved also.

The result? The least doesn't need to turn back the clock: Christ has already won. Unless of course satan has any new tricks (Which he does not.) If the least overcomes the beast and its mark, then he has overcome the same device of three onto one (used by the dragon's tail) and proven that the NWO beast is false with regards to its consistency in the Kingdom of God. That requires that all satan's efforts after the cross are as null: Not hard to do when done by Christ already? Not necessary, for logic will do the work! All that effort is for an inconsistency - the door is still wide open for all to leave.

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