Rightly Dividing The Word Of Truth

I compare the results of my study with the basis for the "6,7,8 cycle" study by James Lloyd. I agree with the pattern itself but the name "6,7, 8" cycle is unfortunately a misnomer. That the spiritual drive of well meaning individuals find a collision with those that are cold or lukewarm and there is some further compromise and the "hot" becomes itself lukewarm is a valid argument and has a wealth of scripture to back it up.

Also true is the collision of the spiritual hot with the cold forming a lukewarm, in which the latter two states are spiritually cut off by God, preserving only the hot, (true and also valid.) But why is the name "6,7,8 cycle" a misnomer? It is a principle in the text that has been misread - although the process of hot colliding with cold to form the lukewarm is actually present in the same text. The problem is only with the identification of the Kingdom of God as the "seventh kingdom" in the revelation text: Yes, the Kingdom of God was the seventh to arrive: but the seventh kingdom in view is the seventh application of the crown of the dragon and the seventh head of the beast that rises up from the sea, and not the kingdom of God.

To be truthful,.. the misnomer is easily seen... Jesus taught that the sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath. That implies that man is created to continue in the sabbath, because the sabbath is fitly prepared for him to dwell at rest in God. So the question arises "How can the eighth ever be regenerative?" Man continues in the sabbath rest of God or does not attain the underlying rest of the seven cycle. (Since there is a six cycle in the field of seven elements, the "eighth" is not strictly required, and what should be the sabbath made for man as unity in C7 is actually replaced with the first element of the six cycle repeated. Then the sabbath rest is never attained by those whom do not attain to it, it is reserved for the elect of God.

In short, forget the misnomer 6, 7, 8 - and instead of the sabbath rest or "seven" which is life in Christ place its spiritual antonym "Death" in the form of the image to the beast (Within the dialectic system of judgement of the "three onto one" device of the last four of the ten horns.) Then, that leaves the remaining six "kings" (of the ten horns - as with a single mind) ruling over the laodicean conglomerate leavened by the synagogue of satan as if it were "Hell" following after, with this system now forming the scarlet beast as "the eighth". The "eighth which is of the seven" is then the healing to the deadly wound caused by the exit of philadelphia from the image's fiat "heptad".

The text in the book of Daniel concerning the interpretation of the statue dream states that the Kingdom of God arises in the days of the last kingdom of Rome and that the people of God, (the "clay" of the potter) and the "iron" of the Roman empire would mingle but not be joined together. The seventh kingdom of God in the last days is in this sense "mingled" in revelation with the Kingdom of the first four seals (the USA). The result is the "synthetic" eighth kingdom is the synthesis (joining) of the USA with the seventh (the kingdom of God.) producing an eighth, which is a recipe formed of the seven before it, as including the Kingdom of God.

In revelation the scarlet beast is seen as "An eighth king and is of the seven" (previous kings). James would equate this eighth king to a mingled synthesis of the seventh kingdom (the Kingdom of God) and the USA (but not the image of ten kings) as formed from the first four seals, rather than the woman riding satans' accumulation of physical Israel's false doctrine from Egypt through to Rome and from the USA itself.

As the source of leaven within the church, the liars promoting a false gospel and another Christ are the synagogue of satan that heals the beasts deadly wound. The state of Israel stands in the place of Christ for but a moment before the image leavens the false doctrine in the church in the apparent place of Israel. Israel never truly enters the system of 666. The result is that physical Israel provides the "baseline" for the leavening process rather than becoming leavened themselves. For this to work, Israel does not belong in the 666 system but is replaced by the image that takes the place of Christ. The synagogue of satan rather is working within, as inside the 666 system under the spirit of the false prophet, a little leaven will do the whole lump.

The scarlet beast that is rode by the Church is correctly identified as this mingling of the kingdom of God with the beast kingdoms of men (but of the image, not the empire of the beast from the sea); and this also identifies correctly the lukewarm position of the laodicean church of today, so what can be my objection?

Clearly not to that principle of the mingling or synthesis in this modern age, but to the identification of the eighth as the kingdom of the beast (as in truth formed by the three horns falling to form it) namely the USA. I do rather state that the image unrestrained by the reappearance of Israel as a state is this eighth kingdom (the scarlet beast). If this were the case, (by the 6,7,8 cycle) that the USA is itself the scarlet beast (the eighth king) it would also as I state; be the final tenth horn and seventh crown found of the three horns (strengths) remaining of the dragon: It is the USA that was given self-rule,(crown from Britain) military superpower status,(great sword from the USSR) the dialectic philosophy of Germany (balances) and the spirit of "Death" to use in the churches (Hell follows after as 666.) The USA is the empire to whom the rider of horses in the first three seals fled to be finally identified in the fourth. The little horn or the state of Israel is then not "present" unless in a minor role:

Israel as "the little horn" is then partially or completely painted out from being the (little) eleventh horn on the beast, also then it can not be an eleventh horn of the dragon, since the 6,7,8 cycle system places the USA as the eighth king (in truth the place of the little horn) rather than assigned to what I state is the USA, the seventh kingdom of the dragon. (Of three horns falling in order to allow one last crown to be spent on the very last horn) The last kingdom of the dragon MUST NOT be the kingdom of God: it is found to be only the USA.

The "little horn" is not the superpower in view, its 'small use' for the image is its "little status". (As simply a lack of restraint on the image once it appears), the image finds in the little horn the doctrine and blessings to promise to the Church - now the "synagogue of satan" and the false prophet or source of leaven has the eyes like a man and mouth speaking great things - it is the office of false prophet seizing upon the horn as "finding in him", (the horn) the means to suggest blessings, doctrine and great growth.

With no eighth king in view within the dragon or the beast from the sea, there is merely an apparent difference in the count that includes the kingdom of God as the seventh in one case (of the scarlet beast) and the USA in the previous two, the text is made to appear to count thrice and differently two to one the same seven kingdoms of the dragon. Not only that, but there is no apparent requirement to incorporate the little horn as the eighth with doctrine of the seven or a little 'eleventh' horn that releases the final restraint on the dragon's work. The system would be closed without the need for the little horn at all - then only esoterically related to the restrainer in another book entirely.

So, if the little horn is merely in the background, what then? Well we could fix the discrepancy in my count by slipping the Kingdom of God in between the sixth crown of the dragon (Rome) and the seventh (the USA) but then the 'eleventh or little horn' and eighth king could arbitrarily be chosen as the synthesis of the three superfluous horns of the dragon, as into the eighth or scarlet beast (confusing the device forming both the beast from the sea and its image by switching the roles), making the pale horse and its rider the state of Israel by elimination. James expects the state of Israel to swallow up three geographical neighbours,.. not only is that a false expectation, it is important to avoid. Yet the fourth horse James identifies as the USA and not the state of Israel. Israel is not the worlds last remaining superpower. Neither is Israel "Death" or "wormwood" - these are spiritual identities.

The scarlet beast is indeed an eighth king, and is an addition to the seventh kingdom the USA. This little horn is the state of Israel, which is the loosed restraint on the image or eighth kingdom, and therefore the eleventh (little) horn of the beast and dragon; separate from the tenth (the USA) which is formed of three horns that were plucked up as superpowers (Britain, USSR and Nazi Germany). While these were uprooted as horns, the little horn was being created in the background. Israel is a "little horn" - a necessary addition for which satan's devices in the image have had requirement to be unleashed. The arrival of Israel is easily seen to coincide with the removal of the restrainer as James so correctly teaches.

Rather than paint in the kingdom of God as the dragon's last head, even appearing in the mingled form of lukewarm laodicea, the substitute in the text for the kingdom of God is actually the eighth system and is the image to the beast, not just of the five refining churches themselves but inclusive of the source of leaven - (by the mystery of the seven candlesticks, the three woes and the parable of the ten virgins.) The source of leaven or false prophet has had to heal the wound caused to the beast from the sea (by the separation of philadelphia in obedience to Christ), taking the place of the sixth head (or "high place of worship" - a mountain) - leaving the seventh place to be filled only by the image of ten kings. The false prophet or "synthetic church" under the image is not in view as "the kingdom of God" - there is no mingling, the people of God are exeunt. The church "was once" God's people , now "is not" God's people yet will become as God's people ("yet shall be") when the only true faith is eliminated.

Similarly, Israel was once, now is not but yet is... at least in view of the world that wonders after the beast with the healed deadly wound - healed by the source of false doctrine (supplanting philadelphia) and the process of the image, the scarlet beast itself.

Israel then as the little horn that the false prophet (laodicea) rides doctrinally, is in a small place within the doctrine and methods of the eighth king - of the image system, bringing to it false doctrine from the previous seven "kings" from Egypt to the USA. It is the beast'sthat the Church rides whilst uptaking the little horn as the source of its doctrine and blessing (with eyes like a man and a mouth speaking great things, coveting approval and promising growth), and the mingled sense of laodicean synthesis is in view as James correctly teaches with the misnamed "6,7,8 cycle".

Yet it is not possible to paint the kingdom of God in with six "other kings" of the dragon followed by satans last - with the USA as the eighth, for would the USA not be of the dragon? Of course they are - as fulfillment of the three horns uprooted for the tenth horn and seventh kingdom by analogy to the four horses of the seals.

Rather the Kingdom of God has always been separate from every kingdom of the dragon. The seven heads on the scarlet beast are those elements forming the image to the beast from the sea, and God has no part with the building of that temple aside from putting it into the hearts of the ten kings to unify the churches so that the exit of the least of all the flock would justify the call for the rest of the flock to exit, from every denomination.

If the kingdom of God was actually in view as the seventh and the eighth was of the seven, is the eighth an accumulation of the doctrine of the seven, forming the mingled eighth? We know that the scarlet beast is actually the image; We ask, is the eighth the seventh itself rather than the eighth? A little confusing to count the seventh as the Kingdom of God then, when taken in context. A mingled kingdom of God can not be the image in two sets - as the eighth following the seventh, if the seventh is the last head and crown of the beast from the sea and the dragon also.

These interpretations are so close and so similar I have trouble separating them or even making a case for one over the other. My discernment rings alarm bells when the kingdom of God is "slipped in under the mat" in the sequence of the dragon's crowns. Or indeed, when the Lord of Lords and King of Kings is referred to in a set of kingdoms as "there are also seven kings", as if the other six were His equal, and in His own revelation no less.

Likewise, that three horns fall before the little horn arises, to form this eighth of the image system is irrespective of identification as to whom they fell to or for... They fell to form the USA as it is today (The beast upon which the doctrinal strengths "horns" now are - six sets of OT false doctrines and four antichrist "bow" devices of the seals and trumpets.) and this chronologically preceded this final mingled scarlet beast formed with the doctrine from the little horn seized upon by the liars in the churches deceiving those who would be in Christ, the synagogue of satan, aka false prophet.

One other thing that identifies the USA beast as the one to whom these three horns fell is found in the seals. The first three horses rode out from each of the four beasts, as if fleeing when God's gaze became fixed upon them. There is one rider, and when the last hiding place for that cockroach "Death" was under the spotlight, John then stated; "behold, a pale horse". The exit from those three kingdoms to the USA is in view: Three strongholds of satan fell whilst he grouped and prepared himself in the one last kingdom permitted by God, the fourth horse/kingdom to whom the previous three fell (as with satan fled with devices for the fourth.) That is the USA, not Israel.

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