The Deadly Wound Healed

Without the deadly wound caused to the beast that rises up from the sea by the exit of philadelphia, but with the discontinuity "patched" by the NWO we would have the following situation;

Under the freedom (the authority of the first beast on his - the false prophet's behalf) granted to the source of leaven (the false prophet or synagogue of satan in the laodicean and refining churches) by the first beast, (the USA) - the false prophet is clearly identified as the agency of satan. The state of Israel plays its minor role as little horn, and is the loosing of restraint on this system: The arrival of Israel permits the false prophet to leaven the churches by mingling the false doctrine of his own quasi-christian synagogue of satan within the seven churches by taking the place of the identity laodicea; (In truth laodicea is the collection of the previous six churches, and anyone overcoming this beast system merely has to obey the letter Jesus wrote to that seventh church.)

However the deadly wound was caused to this system by the obedience of philadelphia in separating themselves from the end-times system. The synagogue has to take the place of philadelphia and replace laodicea with the image made to the beast. The false prophet is the spiritual entity that creates the blueprint for this healing of the beast.

A person could state in wonder as to why anyone would fall for a scheme like that: Indeed the beast whose deadly wound was healed is also overcome by the letter to laodicea, and for those five foolish virgins still remaining in the five refining churches, the system over them is essentially the same - they still have to overcome in obedience but the full revelation of the beasts healed wound somewhat clouds the issue to those without the discernment to see the revelation for what it is.

The false prophet is the same spirit that speaks like a dragon in the sense of the diagram above: The tools of satan, his 'devices' have not changed but merely shifted to counter the Lord with movement of the source of leaven as taken from physical Israel into the church without leavening the doctrine of physical Israel or including them in the process - rather a separate entity the "synagogue of satan" leavens the church in physical Israel's place, once they are acceptred in the process begins, and does so with the creation of the image of ten kings. The false prophet or 'synagogue of satan' is in place in the diagram above (before the appearance of the deadly wound) with himself issuing the dialectic process over the six churches rather than the image of ten kings. The two horns that are "as those of a lamb" yet again correspond to the authority of the dragon, and the same authority of the beast (given by the dragon): each in view as ten horns or doctrinal "strengths". These align with the six OT kingdoms survived by the jews as well as the four dialectic "bows" of antichrist.

Then we see how the false prophet has accumulated false doctrine from those six OT kingdoms that was itself effective against OT Israel and also "speaks like a dragon". On the dragon's side we have the accumulation of false doctrine, and on the other we have the authority of the ten kings of the image to heal the deadly wound: We simply state that the horns are equivalent to the dragons devices of the dialectic as well as the false doctrine. We then have the situation with the horns of the healed beast in this manner;

Whereas to compare these two strengths of the dragons speech (the image of ten kings) with the accumulation of false doctrine (as OT Israel) we have the corresponding strengths of the lamb mimicked by the false prophet.

So the office of the false prophet is clearly unchanged; (by making the image to the beast, the synagogue of satan also speaks like a dragon.) but when included within the image system the five refining churches are caused to follow after the first beast (In method of speech and action, using the dialectic and bearing the mark of the beast.) This results in a little leaven (of the scribes and pharisees) leavens the whole lump. The final result of the scarlet beast of the image is that the whole has become as the synagogue of satan and as the false prophet (The Church image riding the scarlet beast). The outcome we see is the same upon those five refining churches - the wound is healed, but the people of God in philadelphia are exeunt.

The false prophet (the beast from the earth) causes the world to worship the first beast and sets up the image to be the method of that worship. The false prophet requires the churches to operate only in the freedom granted the church by the beast. We see that the freedom granted the false prophet in the system without the wound, (that gives the false prophet the opportunity, method and means) from the USA is such that the dialectic devices of satan or his spiritual children - the liars in the church (the false prophet) operate also as the beast government operates, and interaction between the churches and state require the methodology of the beast and false prophet, and this leavens the churches as freedom declines into complete regulation.

That the world wonders after the beast whose deadly wound was healed - the system before the wound is just as it were after the wound is healed. The beast is the same, the false prophet is the same, the only addition is the scarlet beast in the form of the image as eighth of the seven: but even this end result of the church is also as it would be in the case without the deadly wound. The "wonder" of the world is the uptake of the dialectic devices, that all incorporate the dialectic into every facet of life, to act in the world has become to use only the one method.

Also the "wonder" of the healed beast is after the making of the image: The world incorporates the image system and its counterfeit "life" as if the worship in that system is evidence of divine approval, when it is merely the "group hug" and is made as the blueprint of the sensuous and sinful double minded man (the beast 666).

If a person states they wouldn't fall for the 'trick' or 'snare' of the beast as before its healed wound, (pointing the finger at laodicea in pastures elsewhere) and yet remain in the false prophet's system - they deny that the same devices are those still used. - They in effect state "Who is like unto the beast? Who can make war with him?" Remaining in the system is to deny the efficacy of another, that of Christ Himself.

In not recognising the beast as it is now and today, they have postponed their timing of the beast's arrival to much later with doctrines such as the pre-tribulation rapture, that "oil" that runs out too fast as with the five foolish virgins. The world has fallen for the false prophet lie: They already have the mark but the church states it is all to happen "later on", and no flesh would be saved at all, rather than the days being cut short by God.

So the devil is insane, and the insanity is to repeat his same devices when they clearly do not work. To swap the false prophet for the image is to shift their stance into the place of philadephia and Christ, but the beast from the sea still has the wound: the presence of the image is merely a sticking plaster but the deadly wound is made. The first beast is still there with the deadly wound for all to see - the image system rode by the church is worshipped by the world as in amazement of the first beast from the sea: but it is an eighth, not a healed seventh: the beast is dead and beaten by the gospel.

The belief of people in the healing of the wound itself (as caused by the exit of the believer in philadelphia) is equivalent to state that there is no way but through the beast's own and the dialectic image to worship God in the last days - one requires eyesalve in laodicea to see that this is itself worship of the beast that is now. The mere future expectation or assumption that all must require the mark to buy and sell doctrine, (when it is freely given in philadelphia) is to be blind and to wonder after the beast.

The tribulation will come upon all, but philadelphia is spared the "hour of temptation". The beast is not the only way; philadelphia have found the narrow way and straight gate. The only other option is to believe that the church and other similar systems are the "only way" - "only" as every alternative employs the image system. The verses of the false prophet causing all to accept a mark in their right hand or forehead is not a microchip implant, it is the worship of the beast and behind it the dragon, of the attitude that the establishment of faith and of free practice is merely a gift from government (and thence satan) instead of only God Himself.

The Father does not appreciate being displaced from the head of the body.

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, but the fear of some future beast system in the minds of those that panic and seek to hide in doctrines like rapturism, is simply "fear of the beast". That is the worship given to the dragon, "who can make war with the beast?" etc. We are not given a spirit of fear, but the rapture and related systems are just that.

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