The 6, 7, 8 Cycle is an adequate description of the deception of satan that has followed the cross of Christ. The "spirit of antichrist" (and the method of applying dialectic reasoning to draw people away from absolute truth) is employed in religion to draw people away from the absolute truth of the Gospel, and to diminish the work of Christ.

I actually disagree with the name "6,7,8 cycle" - for an explanation of "why" visit the "Rightly dividing the word of truth" page in the "Insanity of satan" section or click here.

The name "6, 7, 8 cycle" is due to James Lloyd, the head honcho of the Christian Media Network ministry, and is otherwise right on the button. The following pages take the math of the octal structure and show that there is a description even of evil. The 6,7, 8 cycle is a description of finding truth in the senses, in the satisfaction of the senses, and ultimately the denial of truth in order to attempt to justify the senses and the result of seeking pleasure.

NB: Whenever the state of Israel is mentioned in regard to the fulfilment of the book of revelation, it is to be understood that though the unbelieving jews reject Christ, they do not hold christian doctrine as true, (because they are hebrews) therefore none of this is a "jewish plot". Neither are the jews specifically a knowingly obedient tool of satan. Christianity has and will become further a tool of satan through the stupidity of christians accepting false doctrine, also becoming themselves the source of leaven and false doctrine - the "synagogue of satan" referred to by Jesus as in the leavening process. Likewise, replacing any mention of the little horn with another suitable entity that is neither christian or holy and is a nation in its own right (that is leavening the church), would not make that entity at fault for the purposes of satan, (they are merely following their own beliefs; Unbelieving: 'yes', saved: 'no', facing judgement: 'yes', but not so as a believer in Christ lying to everyone out of their own stupidity or deliberate perdition.)

The 6, 7, 8 Cycle
Here I give a brief synopsis of the teaching of James Lloyd on the dialectic process. James applies the description of the dialectic process in the realm of bible prophecy and it has particular evidence within the book of revelation. The ability of man to control his senses and to find rest for himself and his senses in Christ are the 6 and 7 part respectively, but going beyond Christ to justify "more than the truth" returns the man to the state of his 6 cycle. Denying the truth in Christ is effectively attempting an 8 cycle that is the start of a new 6, 7, 8 process.

The Devil’s Jealousy
Having seen the octal and seven cycle structure of the Holy Trinity, we take a little look at the jealousy of the devil, his arrogance and ultimately his defeat. This may seem a little too prosaic, but it will be drawn together in the following few pages. We are taught not to be ignorant of the devil's devices and there is fortuneately (for the reader) not a vast amount of math to appreciate.

Numbering The Beast
There is then a simple way to calculate the number of the beast as 666. This is not three sixes, but "six hundred theescore and six". While I make mention of the senses, it should be realised that a man who reasons purely upon his senses and not logically despite them is merely an animal. Bear in mind that the numbering here entails that men, women and children can reason the truth without fear: However if the raison d'etre is to be "Approaching pleasure and avoid pain" (because the truth may not align with your senses own pleasure) it shows only that 666 is the "extent" of the animalistic (carnal) man.

The Four Horsemen
The first four seals of the book of revelation show a work of satan that emphasises a particular description of this same 6, 7, 8 cycle. The example here is of particular application to the modern history of the United States. Whereas the beast is government in general, the US has to be the "biggest government" of our age. The 6,7 8 cycle shown here is applicable to almost any modern western government. This page is quite long.

The Seven Churches
Right from the opening chapters of the book of revelation Jesus Christ shows that the beast is a defeated entity. The churches are "married" to the beast or pictured as the woman riding the beast. The beast's deadly wound here represents the very same defeat of satan by the cross of Christ. Also shown here is the evidence of a seven cycle that in detail explains the identity "five have fallen, one is; and the seventh is yet to come" (as cycles counterfeited by satan with the three woes) as well as "the beast which though sawest, even he is the eighth and is of the seven".

The Beast’s Deadly Wound
Here we see in detail the math of the seven cycle - that the sabbath rest in Christ's body that displays that the fall of satan and his work (to realise the beast to trample the body of Christ) is a defeated work from the outset. Where satan himself has fallen, he seeks to institute the beast as made in his image of his jealousy and physically replacing Christ's own place in is people. The false prophet that has wed the churches to the beast has been given satan's authority, but the work is unable to be performed (read perfected).

The Vision Thereof Sure
Jesus' revelation is a promise of His coming and of the final defeat of satan. We will not have to wait long. Here I draw the strings of this section together in a summary that should encourage us all. There is no reason for satan's authority to have any effect on the work of Christ - the marriage of the lamb. Leading up to the final defeat of satan's forces at the battle of Armageddon , the spirits that go out to decieve the whole earth will not (can not) be justified before the Lord.

What A Tangled Web We Weave
The numbering of the beast system with respect to the seven churches of revelation is near-identical to that in the previous pages... Here we see just to what extent the church has been leavened with false doctrine, and how very near we are to the end. In the last days Jesus taught that people would be marrying and giving in marriage and would not know until the flood came and took them all away. There is so little time left, it is even at the very doors.

The Ten Kings – Ten Horns Of The Beast
We have a few remaining points to tidy up. I heartily recommend James Lloyds teaching on the 6,7,8 cycle and the beasts of Daniel and revelation, though I equate the first three horsemen with the three horns plucked up before the little horn, during the period of time when it has risen up. This changes the entire picture. I would press you to read James' books and listen to his radio show. Make your own decision, but don't make a blind choice for either explanation - you will need an open bible to effectively follow this page - or use the bible search tools on this site in another browser tab or window.

The Leaven Of Divorce – Even He Is The Eighth
We have one final piece of the puzzle. This is the spiritual identification between the eighth king of the little horn of Israel and the whole beast system itself. Be prepared to be surprised! As we look towards Christ's coming we may hope that those days will be shortened.

The False Prophet And The Image Of The Beast
Here I provide a verse by verse breakdown on the "image to the beast" - that the image is the duality of physical Israel as a nation wed to the laodicean church - (as well as a church wed to the USA beast by the twin horns of the false prophetic doctrine seen in the second beast - to whom satan has given his authority.) This second beast looks like a lamb but speaks like a dragon - it appears christian but is very deceptive and seeks to destroy God's people.

If Thy Right Hand Offend Thee
The seven churches of revelation are not churches as we would imagine them. In fact they correspond in like fashion to overcoming the leaven in the church, and to the six kingdoms of satan corresponding to his crowns of which Rome is the last. From these escaped physical Israel as a false remnant - overcoming laodicea overall is to overcome the other six eras of physical Israels sinful history that has leavened the church. Therefore it is greater of God to allow that there is one Angel of the church that has overcome all the leaven for us and proven the device of satan completely false. (God's example in Christ was to fulfil and overcome - he would send a fitting angel. We have entertained one unawares!)

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