The 6, 7, 8 Cycle

I must encourage you to purchase and read the booklet "The 6, 7, 8 Cycle" written by James Lloyd and available through the website. This description of the dialectic process is a very interesting phenomenon that exposes quite how far fallen from the truth in Christ church going christians have fallen.

James opens his book with the observation that there were six kingdoms preceding the ministry of Jesus Christ and the arrival of the kingdom of God. Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Media-Persia, Greece, and Rome. These kingdoms are those that had their place in dominion over Old-testament Israel. The seventh Kingdom in the sequence is the arrival of the kingdom of God with Christ, and the cycle goes on to an eighth, a synthesis of the christian bride of Christ with the state; in a mixing using the dialectic process.

The cycle's eighth stage is such that it is a start of another six cycle; the process starts over and the only loser is the believer as the seventh sabbath kingdom becomes increasingly leavened and further from the "truth" each time. This started early in the church age as the church of the early believers were wrestling with the previous power structure that had developed under the previous six kingdoms: the pharisaical sects that were already completely leavened and were exporting their doctrine into the christian fellowships. The sect tried to accomplish the institution of God's law as upon all believers, gentiles included, as well as the traditions that went along with them. Paul did a marvellous work by writing against this seduction many times.

At many points within the new testament there are examples of this leavening. The "mystery of iniquity doth already work" and the resulting synthesis that leavens the kingdom of God - the "eighth kingdom" is a return to the six upon supplanting or replacing the true seventh. The salt loses is savour, and wherewith shall it be salted again? Clearly the answer is for the believer to leave the leavened fellowship and return to Christ himself.

The six cycle stage can be equivalently related to "man" or the physical nature of the previous spiritual system. The seventh is the true spiritual state of Christ's bride, and the eighth that supplants the seventh would be a (quasi) spiritual-physical synthesis that diminishes from the finished work of the cross.

The sixth stage could also be considered to be the unsaved man with no belief: and the seventh to be the salvation and rest in Christ. The eighth would be a falling away, where the man said "Because I have decided" and the liberty due God and the truth is not in his favour - the man effectively returns to the six cycle stage but can not return to Christ unless he repents of the previous eight cycle stage.

We can formulate this process as "thesis versus antithesis brings synthesis" The thesis, Christ's kingdom versus the physical man and his lusts (antithesis) detracts from the truth of the gospel (synthesis, also both sixth and eighth in nature) - the kingdom of antichrist that follows the kingdom of God in the mind of the deceived.

In each cycle the "eighth" is brought in a little further. The historical nature of this cycle began after the resurrection of Christ - the eighth supplanting the seventh "began to ascend from the bottomless pit"; in this sense: The beast was; now is not; and yet shall ascend out of the bottomless pit and go to its own destruction.

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