The Leaven Of Divorce - Even He Is The Eighth

Now we have but one final mystery left in babylon, the verse;

Rev 17:11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

Though he is deserving of great and due respect, I do not agree with James Lloyd on the identification of the eighth king as a degeneration of the sixth that rejects the "seventh" kingdom or kingdom of God, beginning a new form of the 6, 7, 8 cycle. James would appear to state that "once was" would indicate the beast or dragon "once had dominion over the (physical) kingdom of God (Israel)" Then, by "is not" James would indicate the dragon or beast now has no dominion (over the spiritual kingdom in Christ) making the eighth king - the scarlet beast itself, even as the modern USA (as we would define it as the result of the devices of the four horsemen of revelation) the eighth after the seventh (the kingdom of God). Clearly this is not the case as the USA is in place as the seventh head or application of the last crown of the dragon, formed from the last four horns (with the "three onto one" device.)

I disagree because not only does this paint out completely the little horn of the nation of Israel upon whose doctrinal influence the image rides, it also indicates that the seventh (the USA) , indicating both that this beast which is the "eighth of the seven" is simultaneously the seventh head (or a previous other) on the dragon, as well as the eighth king here in this chapter. Yet the verses clearly state in this chapter (17) that there are "seven kings" that in truth correspond to the heads on the dragon (and not heads on the beast here, whose heads refer to the laodicean conglomerate and source of leaven, governed over by the image which supplants the rest in Christ.)

These verses refer to the seven heads of the beast (not the dragon) as "mountains" or "high places" synonymous with the places of worship of foreign gods in the old testament that polluted the doctrine of the then true people of God. In these verses, the six churches and source of leaven resemble this pollution of worship with the image as the seventh. The seven kings that "are also" (and not the ten kings of the image) in this chapter however refer to the seven heads (or kingdoms corresponding to crowns) of the dragon, (not those heads of the scarlet beast).

In the seventh head of the dragon we deduce the appearance of the modern USA (the pale horse kingdom). This leaves the "eighth which is of the seven" as apart from what would otherwise be a postponed "eighth" head on the scarlet beast, but indicates the scarlet beast here is not the seventh head of the dragon but an eighth, a clear over-stretching of the dragons authority to heal the beast from the sea's deadly wound. It is an addition - "a little horn" after the ten horns of the dragon, A "little horn" in its own right and I simply state this is the nation state of Israel upon whose doctrine the laodicean conglomerate and source of leaven ride with the image. Israel is not destined to be a world dominion, Israel will not rule over all, or tread the residue of the people of God under it's feet. It is the image in supplanting Christ that aims to do just that.

So, what can we make of this fundamental identification? Be as surprised as you can be, for although the eighth king is the little horn state of physical Israel, this verse would ascribe the entire beast to this king. However, God does not always make a physical identification, but we have the most fundamental identification to make. Jesus Christ warned His disciples to "beware of the leaven of the pharisees and of the scribes". We make the fundamental identification that the beast that once was, is not and yet shall be (physical Israel) was divorced by God - Israel was translated to a spiritual kingdom that included the gentiles at the cross of Christ.

The sin of Esau whom God hated was to sell his birthright and the promise to his brother Jacob for a bowl of soup. Because the laodicean church has switched out the truth of Christ's true identity, and their true identity in Christ for physical Israel, that little leaven of the pharisees has divorced the other six churches from God, replacing philadelphia with a source of leaven that has synthesized the doctrine of physical Israel. "A little leaven leavens the whole loaf".

By selling their identity in Christ for false doctrine, they have emptily and unknowingly given their birthright to physical Israel, saying that they bless God's people Israel by honouring physical jewry all the while they deny their own identity as the people of God themselves. Because the leaven of legalistic, kabbalistic, talmudic jewry leavens the whole system of doctrine, the only remnant aside from the source of leaven's influence is the philadelphian church. They as the true remnant have not sold their inheritance. Those that remain in Laodicea had no inheritance.

It is truth then that the beast system with its mark that will attempt to bind all in lasting divorce from God with government authority recognising only the free exercise of the global NWO church religion and not spiritually correct christianity, has a name. The beast's name is "My end is the divorce of God's people." So, truly the eighth king, physical Israel that is not the Lord's people is truly the leaven that has leavened all of the laodicean church by the source of leaven, so that the state of Israel, whose spiritual end was (as past) their divorce from God to become "not His people", is identification with the woman riding the whole beast. (Through the action of that leaven in doctrine.)

The final state of the 6,7 8 cycle is that the 8th returns to the sixth, but the new cycle begins a little further from the absolute truth. In this case the beast exists to satan's end - to destroy the identity of the believer as a Son or Daughter of God. The believer's identity in Christ is leavened by misappropriated doctrine from physical Israel, and there is no way within the church system - (even if a church does not hold to this doctrine but drinks from the same trough as those that do and willingly so) that is spiritually clean before God. The church system becomes immediately leavened the moment it seeks government authorisation (permission to exist). Even that brings a church away from its spiritual identity. The ultimate end is government regulation even upon what can be taught and what can not.

The mark of God on the right hand and forehead of His people is the defining act of God that establishes the faith of the body of Christ. For Israel, it was their exodus from Egypt. For Christians it is their identity as the children of God, their creator. For the laodicean church it is the permission to exist under the law of the beast government.

The creator of a corporate church is the authority that grants the charter of corporation: before God that entails a corporation is subject to the will of its creator. As the dispensationalist doctrine gathers speed and the source of leaven becomes more woven into the fabric of false church doctrine: the church doesn't await its fall - it fell immediately as soon as it traded its spiritual creator for a physical government one. With two thousand years of church history, is it not possible that the dice were loaded from the start with more devices of satan than the unprepared believers in the incorporating church might expect?

Spiritually, the true remnant of God's people Israel (the philadelphian believers) are replaced in the laodicean Church by the source of leaven. Whilst the philadelphian church is the remnant drawn from the previous five churches, and is actually the beneficiary of the multiplicative identity element (of the field of seven elements) in obedience to Christ's (zero-like and victorious) commands to come out of the leavened laodicea. The work of satan has been such that the leavened remains of laodicea (the woman riding the beast) has as it would seem the identity of a six cycle as the source of leaven along with the other five churches: Believers will gravitate towards honouring that which God will not honour. That is the final six cycle, and the laodicean Church riding the beast is composed of all six "leavened" churches including the source of leaven. The whole would appear to be as an identity element of C7 through the closure of A5 in the thought and structure of the beast and the devil's mark and name numbered 666.

As a final insult to God, satan attempts to emulate the octal group and the fields of order seven and eight: yet the eighth is not present! The zero element has been replaced with the empty set - a non existent entity because the beast has a deadly wound. The beast's emulation is with its "quasi" multiplicative group of seven elements as well as the non-field of seven elements with its "quasi" multiplicative group of six elements. Because finite fields are abstract and unique - will the kings of this earth foolishly believe that this false kingdom is somehow equal to God's own? The math is not such as to make a cyclic set of a conglomerate set of the whole laodicean structure: neither does Israel as leaven guarantee that those who are truly in the right handed octal group of the trinity ultrafilter guarantee that those believers will gravitate towards becoming physical jews! In fact, the opposite is true - they have come out and will continue to leave the Church.

The structure that is left is composed only of those who think as 666, live as 666, worship as 666 and the mark of the beast upon the right hand or the forehead is in contractual agreement and service of worship - not a physical mark, microchip or tattoo.

The believers should be well prepared to avoid any state recognised church at all costs, and await the soon coming of Jesus Christ, who assures us all - "Behold, I come quickly!"

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