If Thy Right Hand Offend Thee...

Physical Israel is the eighth, and is of the seven. The nation of jewish Israel is a remnant of six kingdoms in history. These are Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome. The current doctrine of physical Israel is the accumulation of all the false doctrine it has ever had. The five churches of revelation together with the seventh that is the whole NWO religion leavened from Israel (and named as laodicea) is that which has either been infiltrated and overcome by the liars in the church that are the source of leaven - or overcome by the believer by obeying the purpose of any or each of Revelation's letters to the churches - to bring the Lord's people out of the church and into His true spiritual people Israel. (as Philadelphia)

The seven churches correspond to the leaven in the church due to the misappropriated doctrines of physical Israel. (accumulated sins of jewish history) - that have accepted the example of the jews - as if christian doctrine should reflect and accept the sins of old testament Israel.

Egypt - it corresponds to a people that did not know their God - spirtitually in christian doctrine as deciding who god should be by virtue of separation in sin (bondage). In the letter to Ephesus the church's task was to test apostles as false. (Those that give doctrine and direction to the assembly of God.) The commandment to do the first works, to be cleansed of sin is to overcome - to repent of falling from grace by following falsehood. Encouragement is given by being counted a believer - being able to access the Father (tree of life) Therefore this spirit is overcome.

Assyria - God's people were judged for their blasphemy - committing spiritual harmony by worshipping the host of heaven of the surrounding nations - culminating in being carried off by Assyria under the Lord's judgement or being laid seige to in Jerusalem. In the letter to Smyrna the church's task was to recognise blasphemy and overcome the captivity of prison - whether they be preserved or not, recognising blasphemy led to prison for some. We see the analogy here of being tested with the NWO religion of leaven. Encouragement is given by freedom from hell - the mindset of blasphemy. Therefore this spirit is overcome.

Babylon - historically the center of all false religion under the Osiris/Isis/Horus or Bel/Ishtar/Tammuz systems. Here, the people of Israel were in captivity as judgement against their blasphemy but kept their faith more or less intact. In the letter to Pergamos the church's task was to recognise the works of chanellers within their fellowship - false prophets. It is dreadful to think you are hated by the spirit of God because no one else's gift is open to you. I have gone through feeling like that, it is quite a stumbling block. The result was impurity of the fellowship with doctrines of idols (demons). Encouragement is given with election to the body of Christ - therefore the Holy Spirit is gifted. Discernment is given, so therefore this spirit is overcome.

Persia - The jews were returning to Israel but many had married into babylonian culture or had taken wives from the inhabitants of their former nation that were foreign, worshipping other Gods. To the letter to Thyatira we see the task of the church is to avoid an aberration of doctrine - intermarriage of their doctrine with non-christian systems like the rapture cult for example. The worship of Baal is alluded to here, which is the primary fault of Israel, worshipping the host of heaven. Here in the modern age we are faced with the rapture cult which comes from the occult - a doctrine of demons from prophetic chanellers. Encouragement is given with authority over the nations. Judgement is given, thus false Gods are recognised. Christ (the bright and morning star) is given, Jesus is known. This spirit is overcome.

Greece - In this period of Israel's history they were spiritually dead to their faith, and lived by traditions only; they transferred completely over to the talmudic system rather than the old testament only. In the letter to sardis, we see Jesus admonish the church that their works are not perfect, and to repent. Clearly the church was leavened with a form of legalism. The task was to overcome the misconception that works are enough to justify faith, as opposed to making the faith correct so works be evidence of faith. Encouragement is given with the seal of the Holy Spirit's ministration - election with recognition in heaven. Thus this spirit is overcome.

Rome - In this period Rome scattered Israel through their rebellion. In the letter to philadelphia we see that the remnant church has been scattered out of the laodicean "Church" mainstream, and they will go no more out having found the sabbath rest of the Lord. They are the true remnant. The church's task is to realise they are not scattered without a shepherd, but have come home to Christ completely. (As Christ has come to them!) Encouragement is given with the rights of an heir - The angel's former standing is retained - therefore this spirit is overcome.

Today - NWO
Israel today is the little horn - the tool of the liars in the church which are the source of the false doctrine (leaven) that has completely leavened the church with all the false doctrine Israel has ever accumulated. In the letter to laodicea Jesus spews the church out of his mouth as lukewarm.. cold for Israel and hot for Him would be preferable indeed! In order to overcome completely, one must overcome the doctrine of the other churches set them in their tasks. Thus overcoming the device of satan in its entirety. Therefore it is better for there to be one angel who does all this to prove the efficacy of philadelphia's open door - so that any might leave immediately. Encouragement is given with the right to enter to sabbath rest (heaven) in the Father as Christ rests. Thus this spirit is overcome completely.

Because there is the modern system of ten kings reigning with the beast, this leaven has worked its way into todays church from the historical sins of Israel leavening the church - that physical Israel is "holy" because of their descendency as a bloodline. By justifying Israel within their doctrine the church has become leavened by their sins, and lied to by the sources of their false doctrine. In order to fully recognise the beast one must overcome the sins of Israel from history, which has accumulated to the present state of their religion. Spiritually the same devices are being used in the churches to bring physical Israel into prominence by the leaven of facilitation amongst the ten kings system with this false doctrine.

Each church opens with the phrase "To the angel of the church in ... write". (except the NWO laodicean church where it says church "of") Jesus said "If thy right hand offend thee, cut it off..." It is plausible that God would send an angel to overcome this modern system completely to open the door for everyone else. By overcoming all seven he could regain his first standing - no longer esteemed as an unbeliever or fallen. The gifts of encouragement would be to his deeds for overcoming each of these church's systems tasks, so that the overcoming would stand as he moved on to the next. Christ also said "If thine eye offend thee..." Could it be this encouragement was required because the angel was completely innocent of false doctrine as believers in the church are? God bless that man! It seems we may have entertained an angel unawares, and he us.

The final state is that there is an open door set by Christ that no-one can shut. Because this entire system can be overcome in Christ with obedience as proven by his angel, all anyone must do is walk through the door if they overcome even one church. (And find God has come all the way to them!)

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