The Devil's Jealousy

There is a useful fact concerning the structure of the octal group complete with its seven cycles. Since seven is also a prime there is a finite field for each seven cycle (as if it became a new form of addition) with seven elements, the octal's own unity then corresponding to zero and the new multiplicative group of six elements is also cyclic.

The number "six" is figuratively man's number; but there is not much to make of this although being in a seven cycle (not unity) does not stop you being in a six cycle also: but an eight cycle (as addition) does not contain a seven cycle since finite fields are structurally perfect and unique up to isomorphism, and only the octal group contains the cyclic group of order seven as a multiplicative group when the field has eight elements.

Now, each octal group has an order seven cyclic group for multiplication as a finite field. Since seven is prime it can act as a finite field's additive group also. We have the group C6 as the multiplicative group of C7 here. There is also a result that for a group C8 as an additive group its multiplicative group of units (those elements with ,multiplicative inverses) is the Klein Four group. So the six seven eight cycle can be thought of as a way to slip from the underlying octal to the identity element of a Klein Four group. This is the six seven eight cycle, and results in yet another way for people to "decide for themselves" what the perfect and pleasing will of God is. It is not equivalent with the rest in Christ of the C7 identity of the octal.

It is better to bear in mind throughout the metamath section the results obtained by examining the trumpet judgements. For God said, "I swore in my wrath, they shall not enter into my rest."

Jesus Christ was a man, but He is God incarnate. We expect His example to show Him to be obedient as a man should but we can not expect him to be less than God. Assuming that Jesus Christ was himself somehow a seven cycle, we can happily wonder what would be if he were a six cycle "but for a time". The unity of the seven cycle could be left or right hand corresponding in the octal: and we could actually have a Klein four group as the "zero" of our new smaller field of seven elements. (but in the left hand that group wouldn't know what the right hand was doing!) Thus we could see how the Holy spirit could be put into a man in the form of inclusion of K4 properties that would provide dialectics to collapse as well as to be soluble in open terms.

However, The book of revelation states that the dragon, satan, is a sign in heaven preceding the coming of the man child (Jesus) and that satan had seven heads and seven crowns upon his heads. Jesus himself testified to seeing satan fall as lightning from heaven. We can assume since the earth swallows up the flood sent from the mouth of the dragon that he has lost his authority and all of His crowns. Jesus victorious resurrection after His cross has defeated satan.

So, as satan is defeated and stripped of all authority; he has replaced the image of God he himself was created in with six more heads of witchcraft: It helps to assume satan is also made in the image of God and that these subsequent six heads are an image of jealousy of God, and satan seeks to be ascending to the height of God. The angel satan (the sixth) rebels against God (the seventh) and comes out as the dragon (the eighth).

The number five is often associated with the number of creation. The bible teaches that lucifer, satans 'alter ego' as being transformed as "an angel of light" was once the covering cherub of creation. In fashion, his task was to keep the law, but as he was a murderer from the beginning and has been cast out - he has set himself against man, God's creation.

The real target of satan is not man but the ability of God to save man. Wishing to oppose God's salvation he has devised to oppose the work of the Holy Spirit that provides us with succour. By assaulting the truth and aiming to get us to compromise dialectically, satan assaults the mind by getting us to draw ouselves away from didactic truth with our sensual feelings and perceptions. Whilst using his six heads of witchcraft - five to assault the pleasure centres that produce dopamine from our senses, as well as holding one over our thoughts, he seeks to nullify the strength made perfect in our weaknesses by the Holy Spirit. In opposing the unity in C7 that is rest in Christ, He seeks to make man transfer from six to eight in the three stages of the cycle with barely a passing recognition of the seventh, Christ.

The action of the identity of the Holy Spirit in seven elements is as zero: but in truth it is as multiplication, so anyone who has come to the Father through Jesus Christ - (that truth way and life that draws us from left handed seven element field to right handed same) in the spirit, this act is immediately undone. Besides, witchcraft doesnt act upon the mind as with the octal or a cyclic group upon a K4. In fact there is no connection between the elements themselves as long as one takes the opportunity to hold true to the didactic truth of Jesus Christ and the Gospel rather than be a slave to the temptation of satan within an assault upon our desires of the flesh (our sense centres of our brain).

Such an assault is easily defeatable if one holds firm in the truth.

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