Numbering The Beast

What is a man? The number of a man is "one" - Himself. the number of an animalistic man with five senses that is a total slave to its senses is 666. That isn't three sixes, but six hundred and sixty six. For this calculation we assume that the definition of an animal here is for a man that has completely rejected didactic truth in favour of merely reasoning from his desires and senses. There is no truth or consideration of the truth in him, and this is the ultimate work of satan, since the man himself has somehow been stolen from the possibility of ever considering the truth.

The beast in prophecy has always been government. But when government becomes completely self serving with no moral strictures and totaly hedonistic as well as stripped of all justice: (for lies, slanders, murders etc are all the result of being a slave to one's own lusts.) a relationship between the church and state is dangerous for faith. We can compare this to being devoured by satans six heads of witchcraft. From here on in I use the following shortened terms.

Senses - actually the centres of the brain from which we derive pleasure from a release of dopamine in our brains from our senses.

A5 - The alternating group of degree five with 60 elements, composed of permutations of even numbers of transpositions on five elements.

S5 - The symmetric group of all permutations upon five elements, this group has 120 elements.

Soluble group - A group that has a decomposition series of normal subgroups that completely factor the group for which there is a corresponding series of prime order cyclic subgroup factors.

Finitely generated non-abelian simple group - A5 is a finite order, non-abelian and simple group. A simple group is one that does not have a decomposition series of normal subgroups that factors with prime order cyclic groups as above. This type of group is considered INSOLUBLE.

A5 is a simple, normal subgroup of S5 - A5 is the only proper non-trivial normal subgroup of S5. That is, it has the property that its corresponding factor is C2 - a single transposition (switch of elements) by pre and post multipying by gH(g-1) here, with g in S5, we only recover the elements of A5, not S5. There is no proper non-trivial subgroup G of A5 for which pre and post multiplication by elements of A5, hG(h-1) with h in A5 recovers only the group G. The only such groups are A5 itself and the identity element "e".

To number the beast, we take each head on satan (of witchcraft) seperately. Then all the permutations of the five "senses" (S5) may be examined or tested by five heads whilst the man's logic is tempted by the remaining sixth. (I assume each of the six is different on logic). We then assume that satan's role as a facilitator is to get the man to consider the logic of absolute truth (or morality) as just another sense - this is the role the serpent played in the garden of eden.

Thus we have reached (5x4x3x2x1) x 6 = 720 possible combinations of temptation. (considering the logical mind as just another sense that may be ignored)

We assume that the man considers logically the input from his senses, (we may subtract the 120 permutations of the senses that do not include the logical part of the mind, as if it were another sense with "obedient/disobedient" rather than merely pleasure/pain.) So we have 600 permuations (not including the identity of the group.) We must however for reasons that become clear include 60 of those removed permutations, as the man may reason logically on the senses only, as if "pleasure/pain" were the only anti-logical deciding factor, aside from logically doing well or choosing not to. It was upon these 60 elements (of A5) that Eve was beguiled by the serpent.

We factor by a subgroup of order two - a transposition - because input from the environment is not enough... there has to be desire to satisfy another sense based upon the input from the environment to an initial sense. Then we consider "I want to touch because I saw" etc; We consider the transposition a "temptation" so that "I want to eat what i see" is synonymous with "I ate because I saw". (Note that the order of eat=>see and see=>eat, are closely related by the nature of temptation.)

Rather than as above disregarding every permutation of senses as false - holding to an absolute truth; we simply find "agreement" in any of A5's permutations of the senses away from absolute truth. Here we factor from S5 to A5 with a transposition under five of the "six heads" in agreement with transpositions of the senses - Finding the tempting from the 'heads' in accord with the senses to replace the true fact of obedience with the sensual desire due the 'imagined satisfaction' from any transposition upon the five senses. It only requires one sense to be tempted, but there is no temptation unless a desire to satisfy the senses is realised upon first recognising the object of temptation with another sense, one must see the cookie before imagining tasting it. Permutation groups of this size are non-abelian. In this way, we limit ourselves to agreement corresponding to even products of transpositions. (By factoring down to A5, in effect the flesh does its best to remove itself from the tempation of the transpoition by factoring to A5).

There are two cosets of A5 in S5, we find that if logic would overrule the desire of a sense, we can find that permuting the order of preference of our senses fulfills the lust of temptation upon our logic, i.e. swapping two elements in a transposition "sense/lusts" acts just like a single transposition, splitting the set of S5 into the two cosets. We can again overrule this with our adherence to didactic logic but the remaining set of even products of transpositions may not be split further in the same way unless fully down to the identity element. (A complete lack of "thought".) Therefore we add back the remaining 60 permutations. These form the group A5, but we are not finished yet - having deceived ourselves once we are again stuck: for the logical temptation is the same - it does not change, though we have found an illogical compromise in self gratification here. Any further reduction past A5 is not possible since A5 is simple.

We can show the process used to retreat to the 60 elements of A5 simply here. By transposing from the temptation of one sense, e.g. sight with the expected gratification of another i.e. taste, we pre-multiply by a trasposition in S5 and after we have been beguiled, we post multiply by the same as if we had not done anything other than gratify the lust of our eyes. Thus, we show that the largest (and it is simple) subgroup capable of remaining closed under this pre and post multiplication by inverses is the normal subgroup A5 (left and right cosets are equal). By reducing from S5 to A5 we are attempting to ignore the temptation by choosing the coset containing {e} and not our "sense/lust" transposition: leaving us only A5. Truly, Eve was not lying when she said the serpent beguiled her. By ignoring the temptation one ignores its logical response - to adhere to the commandment.

For instance - when Eve was tempted by the serpent, she saw that the fruit looked tasty (lust of the eyes) and that it was good for food (longing for taste, and would satisfy the senses; the fall back to A5 here.) as well as desiring to make one wise - (allowing the use of this new "antilogic") Thus she transposed before and after and then proceeded to tempt Adam afterwards. Post-multiplication would be the statement "I saw it so I ate it". The initial factoring down to A5 by input from the environment would have been done by the serpents statement "Hath God not said ye shall eat of every tree of the garden?". The conjugation with A5 may have been done by Eve herself in the manner of her own choosing.

So we have 660 possible "sensual temptations" upon our logic.

We then have to add the six heads of satan upon the total here, for we are using them for "logical senses" if we continue to trust our senses entirely, rather than reason didactically. By conjugating the sensual group A5 by transpositions in S6 we permute our A5 in the senses through every subgroup isomorphic to A5 in A6. We could consider this as adding the whole process, the five senses and the faulty 'antilogic' process in place of the commandment, back; so that afterwould we would effectively have convinced ourselves each senses had been reasoned with logically. (this is not the case.) Such conjugation by (logic, sense) swaps the element (sense) with logic in our group A5. In holding up the senses as equal to logic we reach "the pride of life". This would be alike to Eve's tempting of Adam with the statement "We shall not die.." or "I did it so it must be ok." The statement is closer to the "implementation" stage of the temptation.

We could apply the beastly thought process by cycling arbitrarily through the possible five senses and our own logic for the appropriate desire to gratify ourselves with the "false wisdom" of the fall to the group A5. (By conjugation - pre and post multiplication.) (for the expectancy of a dopamine rush - listen to the shows by Dean Gotcher or the Dragonspeak and Diaprax tape sets through James Lloyd's Christian Media Network for some great information on this.) If we learn the process upon our logic so well that we replace the six heads of satan with our own thought processes, we have been completely processed into an animal. Then, the man would simply cycle through the possible five senses and "antilogic of A5" using the process in place of true logic in considering the truth, choosing along the way his lust, his longing for gratification and his pride until the system has worked for him

So, 720 - 120 + 60 + 6 = 666

Alternatively, what is action upon this process? Can we add in the final "6" because the temptation is given in to? If the whole process can be described as "Do as thou wilt.." would the "do" part be the final six? Simply put; as the statement "It must be ok because I did it." We can think of the final 6 in this way as conceding to the temptation as justification itself for the performed action.

In fact the final six come from the six ways to choose thesis+antithesis = synthesis from the dialectic - see the creationism area on dialectic logic and the preceeding sections there for more information.

We have reduced from 120 permutations of the senses to 60 whilst considering logic 'fixed' - yet the "600" part relates to holding a sense fixed and considering the logical part as a sense: (5 x 120) This is as much "evil" as it is a result of the 60 part, as it is for us to believe our senses or not. There is no "temptation" to be considered on the truth of whichever sense we hold fixed, only holding logic as a fixed element not under consideration can be related to temptation. Therefore it would make no sense to remove these other five S5 groups to A5.

We also have to consider that pre and post multiplication by a single transposition is not the end of the story. Some persuits of temptation can last for years, whilst in order to fulfil that temptation people are tempted many times over - of course the initial factor group remains the same, but the actions of the senses wrapping the group A5 in inverses continue to build up until we can pre and post multiply by any element of S5 and its inverse. Just what are people prepared to do to fulfil their vanity?

What of the trivial normal subgroup {e} of A5? It would have to differ from correspondence to the senses of the man. Once it is learned that logic, upon pure didactic truth or absolute truth may be simply ignored to suit the senses, we recover the six heads of the witchcraft of satan. Each element of thought, over the five senses and over the logical centre of the brain must be overruled - not just the five senses. The result is pure sinfulness, and a broken human being who has been "spiritually devoured" by satan. The animalistic brain of the man is therefore the method of the six heads, thus, we add back six anti-logical "senses" that collapse the didactic with the logical mind and then forms the dialectic mind driven by lust, longing and pride and reach a state of mind-spiritual-death. No thought could be possible under these circumstances. The end of this experience must feel like true hell.

So, what is the knowledge of good and evil? Simply that the serpent's temptation on Eve gave her nothing she had not already! She had simply disobeyed God's commandment. The curse "In the day that ye eat thereof, ye shall surely die" seemed not to take effect. The beguiling must have been done in such a fashion as to have the witchcraft of satan acting upon her, since if she had done this thing herself, on her own, she would have collapsed completely to {e}. (Since A5 is generated by three cycles, it would be a simple matter to collapse the whole system.) Instead, there was a spiritual mechanism that supported her senses against the immediacy or evidence of the Lord's prophecy. Therefore we have six heads of witchcraft and one serpent through whom satan was "ministering" or talking through. The fact that Adam simply capitulated is astonishing - He must have simply accepted the evidence of his senses that Eve was not yet dead, and brought sin - the motivation of five senses and the capitulating mind together (whole) into the world.

Were we to collapse from S5 to {e} we would not be resisting temptation. Resisting temptation is done with input from the environment. The drop to A5 should immediately climb back up to S5 and we would be on our way.

However, reasoning upon completely didactic logic overules the initial 600 and the 60 and therefore the 6 from the outset. Obeying the commandment is simple.

Removing down to 600 is the step of removing the man - reasoning with logic over reasoning upon our senses, entertaining the pleasures of this world. The adding of 60 is the dialectic we can run to where we discount the truth logically and become a slave to the lusts of our flesh, eyes and our own pride that what feels good is right, no matter how degrading. In this the animalistic man seeks justification for the witchcraft in its mind from the senses, rather than from the logical centre of the mind. Truly the original state of the man is upon "one fact" to live in the truth, rather than as a slave to the senses. All input from the environment is acceptable, but the man is free.

The adding of the final six heads (or minds of satan) on top is the submission to the possession of the devil as a creator: having learned the system and perpetually repeating the cycle to be a slave to the senses, a brute beast. These six serve as a defeat of logic in preference to satanic self abuse in sensuality. This is the complete antithesis of Jesus Christ's ministry, but it does not have any effect upon those who love absolute truth and reason logically. Defeating the purposes for which our understanding was created and changing the way we think for deliberate gratification that consistently eludes is pointless.

Therefore it is possible to overcome the devil and his mark.

It is worthy to note that there are four dialectic's here.. The first is the initial temptation of the man's mind where the truth is tested. The second dialectic where the feelings or senses are tested to see if the man will compromise. The third is to test whether the man trusts those feelings over the truth, and the fourth which is totally illogical - where the feelings can overrule the truth of logic altogether.

Now, if this system were not a deception, we could consider the last dialectic to be almost a necessary 'truth', ie that there is no logical truth in creation. But then this is antilogic from the antichrist, and the justification "the devil made me do it" when we are God's creations is ridiculous. Since we have logic, we may overcome and not be animals by choice. Logic will always show the correctness of a system. There is none in this satanic one. God's love extends to allowing us to reason logically without creation swallowing us up in pain or making all senses universally painful if we have them and stray from him.

God also has punished men before and killed them. God can hate men if they are as animals, and rightly so. The line that divides us from animals is slim due to satan, where a sickening marriage of the initial temptations and an acceptance of witchcraft for thought instead of logic upon the senses is in view here. However these sick natured deceptions are the result of a repeating cycle since the sickening marriage of the initial six senses and final six heads (of dialectic logic) is not a logical truth and never occurs instant. The logic in the system renders this sick marriage inert unless by choice. In fact, logic renders this system totally contingent. Therefore the system is not a continuous one and satan can never ever claim to be our creator. The Lord Jesus Christ be praised and His Father glorified.

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