The Seven Churches

The more I read the letters to the seven angels of the seven churches in revelation the more I am convinced there is only one of them. As a cyclic group of seven, with the works of Christ necessary to all for their overcoming. I assume that the angel of the church of the laodiceans is as an identity element. All the remaining six overcome the world by faith in Jesus Christ. When someone is unrefined, naked without the righteousness of Christ and dead in "their" sins, and blind to it: Jesus will spew them out of His mouth. but the other six angels overcame by the blood of the lamb.

The sixth 'church' describes the angel of the church in philadelphia as rewarded with "He shall go no more out" a reference to perhaps not changing church, or being satisfied that He has overcome the devil's work in that church by obeying the Lord's command to come out and be seperate from the woman riding the beast. The last seventh church is overcome only by the works of Christ, which surely the angel of the church in philadelphia has already accomplished, having no other work to do, and having kept the word of His (Jesus') patience.

The remnant church of believers - the remnant of spiritual Israel the body of Christ (Philadelphia) has slain a deadly wound to the beast at this point. The marriage of the beast to the church is satans greatest device ands it has failed from the outset. We are taught of the scarlet beast's seven heads, each married to one of these churches, and these are separate from the heads of the dragon, the "seven kings that there are also..." Five world empires have fallen: one (Rome in John's day) is and the other (the USA) is yet to come. The beasts deadly wound is against the marriage to the church in philadelphia - because they dwell in the wilderness. The scarlet beast represents the manner in which the USA's deadly wound is healed..

Satan himself has a deadly wound; for his one head originally created in the image of God is defeated by Christ and he has lost His crown of authority at his fall. The scarlet beast that rises up out of the bottomless pit and goes to his own destruction is the completed work of the healing of the beast from the sea - but the bride of Christ will survive these beasts completely.

The eighth king, (eighth, as in coming after the seventh head of the dragon), is formed so it may supplant the kingdom of God. It follows the uprooting of three of the first ten horns on the dragon by their roots (see the book of Daniel) and is a survivor of the seven, it is the little horn, the state of Israel, and comes after the seventh kingdom, (seventh head of the dragon) the USA - the USA is formed of the authority of those three uprooted kingdoms, (Britain, the USSR and Nazi Germany).

Even he is the eighth and is of the seven, and must continue a short space. The three kings he has uprooted therefore would follow to be those from whom he has taken their roots: namely Britain, the USSR and Germany. Britain is not yet a vassal state, but its empire has gone, as has Russia's as well as Germany's.

The image system of the ten kings have made the one country in the world that has the most will to resist the beast into the beast itself. Americans will not give up their guns easily. There will be a fight over that, thats for sure. When they come for their guns, they know they come for their freedom. Whether or not the beast reigns globally, it has been delayed most carefully by the will of God.

The church in philadelphia, an american church is also a global one. Over shortwave and internet, there is not one nation on earth that the gospel has not been preached to.

The authority figure (Death, the rider on the four horses) that has arranged the marriage of the churches to the state are such that there is always one or more agent(s) of the state (bearing the mark of the beast) that have facilitated churches to sign an incorporating charter with the state to have civil recognition for tax purposes, or even just for the Hell of it. This 'Hell' of agreement with the mark is the spirit of the false prophet - that government is God's friend and safety is in numbers. They are deluded. The false prophet is the one who has married the bride (woman riding the beast) to its king (the little horn of the beast). The two horns of the false prophet are the thesis and antithesis of this unholy marriage, and his authority extends between synthesis of the two. There is no limit on the type of religion that is wed to the state here, anything goes in hell it seems.

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