The Beast's Deadly Wound

Whilst much has been made of America, it should not be considered that this one nation is the only beast on the planet. Satan has been very busy setting up franchises all over the world of this diabolical system. There is not a country in the world that isn't either wedding its own church to its state or licencing churches for tax breaks. The creator of a corporation is its 'god' in the Lord's eyes. A corporation is a lifeless and initially corrupt and invented individual with all the rights of a human life but without any of the same traits of life or capability for logic within it. Corporations must obey bylaws of the state and the agreements in the charter itself. That makes the officers of the corporation liable, which means real prison and real fines for real people. There will be no escape from that under satan.

Does not every country do this? even the Moslems, the Israelis even the Chinese and India, all?

The false prophet spirit goes right to the top beyond the world council of churches, including all interfaith dialogue where only 'recognised' churches have a seat at the table... This is as if under the false prophet spirit. The term "harlot" is a word reserved for Christian churches that operate in the false antichrist system. The USA as it were, is (or was) the world's last best hope for survival in these end times, for all the others are either fallen or not in a position to approach God - and unable to fight back or to regain their sovereignty legally - (which is my due personal hope, however unlikely it is to happen.)

Spiritually the eighth king which is of the seven (heads of the dragon) is the little horn. That little horn of the beast is wed to the churches through satans toy, "the source of leaven, a false and 'replacement remnant' of false doctrine" away from whom the church's angel has left (leaving behind the laodicean conglomerate) to go into the spiritual wilderness of philadelphia. That corresponding image system over the churches of laodicea is the spirit that inhabits modern day dispensationalism, and is intricately grounded in the belief that physical Israeli nation is the chosen nation, and not only the bride of Christ chosen itself.

Though this woman riding the scarlet beast has also received a deadly wound, it is healed. The least of the flock has left - and left the church desolate as it truly is - as the source of all false doctrine (leaven) - and the ecumenicism of all religion spreads that desolation across the whole worldwide church (as flocks unify the least among the collective has left them behind already). There is one encounter left: and then the woman is truly one woman riding the beast, and the sabbath of Jesus' works and advice to Laodicea is for all to come out of the churches.

Those that have come out already are the 144,000 sealed Christians of the remnant of the true spiritual Israel, and Christ's commands are for the laodicean church to be 'hot' towards the true Israel of God, or 'cold' towards doctrinally mixing with the false (non-christian) secular state of Israel. The end is the same. "Come out of her my people, so that ye be not partakers of her plagues." Jesus' works are yet another deadly wound to the beast and the laodicean conglomerate will burn for her blasphemy. The beast that in John's day "is" and "would have" devoured Christ two thousand years ago, remains with its deadly wound (to its sixth head) though it limps on. Although the angel did his important but minor work, the work of Christ is the victor. What Christ opens, none can shut and what Christ shuts none can open. The door to the church is open and friendly - and it is a much more lovely day outside.

Therefore the beast has healed its deadly head wound with the physical state of Israel and is becoming the scarlet beast. No other nation has been describable in these times with "once was, now is not, and yet shall ascend". (Written at the end of the first century AD). The eighth king, survivor of the historical seven of the dragon is born of the British balfour agreement and stands in international law because of the conquering of the Ottoman empire's remains by the British.

The state of Israel also stands because of the socialist globalist UN and its security council. Every head of the security council in the cold war has been a communist agent of the KGB, often a general, and Israel has never been upbraided forcibly by the UN for violating its UN obligations and strictures.

The state of Israel is also very much built on zionism, and the nazi's had the jews persecuted terribly and the state of israel treats its neighbours the same way - these three are uprooted, but are they THE BEAST? or just another franchise in vogue at the moment?

Aside: By "uprooted", it would appear that three of the infamous ten kings of revelation, (Britain, Russia, Germany) have given of themselves to the USA, for the purpose of binding the church there. However, by calling the philadelphian church out to the 'wilderness', God has circumvented this effort. Instead the state of Israel has healed this deadly wound by enabling the liars in christendom, (the source of leaven) to spiritually ride them as "the chosen people" and to take the place of the remnant in philadelphia, but israel is not the nation to whom these three empires fell to give the beast's marriage to the church such strength. In effect, the book of Daniel describes how these three spiritual devices have failed, and the little horn state within the dispensationalist system has torn these three pages out of satan's play book by the roots.

Well, yes and no. the picture is incomplete. The state of Israel has every right to exist and do so in peace with its neighbours. I disagree that christians who trade their birthright as sons of God to the jews in Israel are truly christians themselves. To me, the jews are free to practice their religion as much as they see fit without my bothering them or them I; but that won't stop me personally beleiving the christians that teach that the jews in Israel are saved under the old covenant are themselves saved christians. They are in error.

The governments of the world are all beasts, though some larger than others. Every country has its beast, its false prophet and its marriage of satan. Every country that permits christianity anywhere, even in foreign enclaves has its own laodicea. There is no cause for a christian to attend church in such a state. Internationally, the world is one great big beast, and the interfaith dialogue its false prophet - and the christians at the table the woman riding the beast. Every nation is so intertwined that there is no difference globally now. Only the philadelphia church has any hope of survival.

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