The Vision Thereof Sure

Concerning the four horsemen and the rider Death or 'Antichrist' under the dragon that grants his authority to the beast - the USA we can see how Jesus' work is being put to the test by satan - he is ultimately tempting God - by destroying marriage, freedom to live, our health and the ability to grasp on truth.

So you see the pattern here? Destroy Jesus’ work, the marriage of the lamb (by a lie), destroy freedom (by a lie) destroy life in (or seemingly outside of) Christ (by a lie); destroy the truth of Christ (by a lie), imply there is no truth at all?

People will still want their marriages licenced, but the Lord joins a man to his wife; and there are no conditions placed on this promise in scripture. The first thesis has no basis in fact, So could the three frogs that go out of the beast; false prophet and the dragon be deceptions aligned with the subsequent three? To ally the nations of this world together at Armageddon?

Jesus life was one of obedience even to death (the way) and his life laid down was enough for eternal life for us (the life) because He is God (the truth) ; This wicked device cannot be performed.

I now firmly hold to the belief that the beast that rises out of the bottomless pit and goes to its destruction is within the ability of God in His wrath; to give the world its due reward with the actual work after this ordering as an inheritance for the evil in the earth. But the Lord’s love is more certain than the products of His wrath outside of His promised gift of life’s bounds. Therefore neither can it be performed also. The first and the scarlet beast goes into sin (perdition) as the Lord will put it away and not allow it to be performed forever as if it were any simple sin. Jesus assures us all that the book is sealed until the time of the end, and most importantly, the vision thereof sure.

By coming out of the laodicean church, we receive the sure word that not only are we in the last days, but the tribulation is certainly upon us all. We must prepare and not light our lamps at all if we can find none extra oil. We must prepare for the coming of the bridegroom, and being sly is no defence if we have already run out - anyone who leaves the system of incorporated religion to the beast can earn their penny - but the church will most certainly burn. We must happily trim our lamps - we must assure all that refined oil burns faster - but if we have enough; that is, if we hold fast what we have so none take our crown: we can easily show all that the truth is certain, and the church is doomed.

If we run out, where will we salt our fellows with the salt that Christ salted us with? We must not go back to the church, and we must not run out of speaking space. The internet is a perfect example of an area where the truth can be displayed and there is no need to entertain a reply from the church or those serpent and scorpions that torture those believers not sealed within the wilderness - the lukewarm.

But, if you really need to send me a mailing, send it to and maybe I'll reply, or maybe I wont. I get about 10,000 hits a month but no mailings. Be bold: If you dare!

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