What A Tangled Web We Weave

What follows is a brief description of the defeat of satan by Jesus Christ - in that the beast that comes up from the sea is defeated. The "first beast" as it is often referred to, and the second beast who is the false prophet that acts in the capacity of the priest as opposed to the first beasts kingly position, as married to the church of "mystery babylon" - is a defeated work. The Lord will not hold this bizarre marriage as a completed work of satan, that would leave the body of Christ in a deadlocked position of divorce from God, preventing new faith on the earth that is righteous before God. Then satan and the kings of the earth would claim against God that they have seized the inheritance of the earth for themselves for eternity. Not for long!

The mystery of the woman of "mystery: babylon the great" is easily unwound once one is truthfully guided. The beast has seven heads, and there are seven churches. The second beast has two horns, symbolising strength or authority. Passing aside for a moment from this second false prophet beast we concentrate on the mystery of the seven heads. Were it a simple matter of aligning church to head, we would be done here. but one of the churches, (philadelphia) is righteous before God. The preceding churches before philadelphia align with a head each, or rather five of the ten kings that are in the image. In each of these historic or end time churches, there are those that overcome the authority of the beast system and that leave the church of babylon. We should think of the letter to the church of laodicea, in obedience to which is as the identity element that holds true as a rest or "sabbath" for all of the other six churches.

By identity element, we consider purely that in order to overcome, one must be refined, be clothed with Christ's righteousness, and realise the improper spiritual place believers have in each church, including philadelphia. If philadelphia is simply a church where people must remain outside of corporate christianity wed to government, then to overcome the world, we still need to obey Christ in these things.

So, if the only church that is not wed to the beast is philadelphia, and the preceding five are overcome simply by leaving them; and the seventh is laodicean, (to overcome is to obey Christ and come out of the church) we have the answer to the seven heads of the dragon that are also seven kings in the passage of the scarlet beast. Five are fallen, one is, and another is yet to come (the USA) and must continue a short space. The sixth king, or kingdom is Rome, the seventh the USA, but the philadelphian church is a spiritual temple rather than a physical corporate structure.

The king or kingdom that "is to come, the USA" has no wedding to this philadelphian 'church' separate from the other six. So what is the eighth head of the dragon that IS the scarlet beast and is of the seven? well, the little horn state of Israel. This state feeds the lusts of the liars in the churches that desire to take the gospel back to its physical old testament roots. This source of false doctrine takes the place of the spiritual body of Christ (philadelphia) which is in certainty the true Israel, taking its place within the structure of the image that itself supplants the identity or rest of Christ over the churches that were intended by satan to be wed to the beast.

The eighth king is of the seven: it provides as it were a place for the "sixth church", the source of leaven; but is defeated as fallen by Christs work on the cross when Israel was perfectly translated from the appearance of a physical kingdom to a spiritual nation. Therefore the seventh kingdom (USA) that is aligned with the laodicean conglomerate (the false seventh church "of the completed image" as to the USA) is completely of the Antichrist spirit within the churches (that spirit that God has defeated that seeks to diminish the work of the cross) and the second beast appears to marry the seventh head (the USA) to the image in order to leaven the laodicean conglomerate with the leaven of false doctrine in the form of a "false church". In truth the woman riding the beast is the now desolate laodicea - and is become the image riding its only little horn, the state of Israel.

This is fundamentally important. The previous six churches of revelation can be considered in their entirety to have come out of babylon and have overcome - whereas the seventh that remains married to the beast is spewed out of the Lord's mouth. Because the laodicean church can be considered an identity element, the whole beast from the sea and its seven historical heads the last (the USA) which received the deadly wound (by the obedience of philadelphia, the body of Christ) has the wound healed by a marriage between the church of our time, (with continuity in history bridged by the return of the state of Israel, the leavening influence used by the liars in the church) and changed into a structure (through the image of ten kings to the beast drawn up by the false prophet) where the wider church appears in all aspects to be totally locked in false doctrine.

The lack of the true body of Christ in the woman riding the beast from the absence of philadelphia and it's replacement by the source of leaven using Israel as if it were the light to the gentiles and not Christ Himself (instead of being the true body of spiritual Israel in identity) leaves us with a conundrum concerning laodicea. Where is it?

Laodicea is clearly that blasphemous organisation within which those remaining elect of God are rebuked and chastened. They must come out, and quickly; yet they are indecisive - lukewarm, neither hot for Christ or cold for false doctrine. The state of Israel that loosed the restraint on the source of leaven (false doctrine) as a device appears to heal the wound of philadelphia's lack of dependence to the USA. The seventh historical head of the beast takes the place in its "marriage" that would be to philadelphia and gives it to the source of false doctrine. The state of Israel, also is as a physical nation to which the seventh laodicean "church" is wed (in fact the woman rides the state of Israel as the scarlet beast). Thus in total the antichrist liars in the church (anti as "in place of", with a different and erroneous gospel) using the also christ-rejecting nation of Israel is simultaneously the replacement for the philadelphian church as well as the rider of that certain eighth kingdom that doesn't strictly have a place at all. The rider has merged from Death into Hell.

This structure is very strange - but as the doctrine of dispensationalism requires that the jewish state be saved simply because of their DNA rather than their spiritual condition, the irony is understandable - not only does the dispensational rapture doctrine teach that the jewish religion is still valid in Christ when it clearly is not, they are somehow spiritually preferred and physically appear justified by a principle of racism.

The second beast with its two horns has all the authority of the devil granted to it. This includes the authority of the ten kings in the image - seven kings to which the seven churches were intended to be wed before its deadly wound, and three (as the three uprooted horns in the american case , ie the USA) kings that are present in the first three horsemen by which the rider "death" gifts satans work upon the fourth horse, the USA.

We have, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, Britain, Soviet Russia, Germany and the USA, followed by the "little horn" state of Israel. The body of Israel - spiritually justified by God and translated in fullness at the cross to a spiritual nation has survived these ten kingdoms, and it will do so over the "laodicean image/scarlet beast" construct and the eleventh; "little horn's" healing of the beast.

The two horns of the false prophet symbolise not only the physical justification of the first beasts (from the sea) imaginary marriage of the image to the laodicean conglomerate, but also the spiritual sand by the sea that this house of cards is built upon, the acceptance that the sources of leaven using physical Israel as fuel for doctrine is an equal church in its own right to any other christian structure.

If on the one hand it requires in laodicean 'spirituality' six other churches full of unrepentant believers that will not overcome - (without philadelphia and keeping the source of leaven as replacing the approval of philadelphia (by Christ) in marriage to such government with government's approval) we have at long last a body of six church or government heads upon the first five churches of revelation: giving us a total of 720 possible permutations for the believer to overcome.

As the first five may simply be overcome by coming out of babylon, we can remove 120 permutations except for those corresponding to the source of leaven (that is replacing philadelphia) as a physically (carnally) derived "church". That leaves us with 600. Yet we see that the seventh church, "the laodicean conglomerate" is wed to the beast leaves us with a conundrum. We know the answer must be 60, yet how do we calculate this?

It makes no difference whether the state of Israel is physically or spiritually (by the source of leaven) wed to the laodicean church - that is, as upon the sixth head of the beast healed of the deadly wound from the exit of philadelphia. (The image is placed as the seventh, in correspondence to the new world order); Both are filled with false doctrine.

A normal subgroup has equal left and right cosets, so whether we permute or travel from one of the first five to another (but remain in laodicea) makes no difference if we are to realise that our coset is the factor group A5 that contracts the 120 permutations to 60. We have to realise that the latter end, the physical or spiritual wedding of laodicea with the sources of leaven (as finally only as the image under judgement riding the nation state of Israel), to the whole healed beast (The USA) through the image are equivalents. (In all cases factoring by a single transposition, false doctrine has entered.). Whilst dwelling in this false doctrine - by holding a carnal doctrine as a spiritual one and vice versa, staying within the system adds back 60 permutations.

This can easily be seen by the process of staying in the five churches that make up the christian sector of the laodicean system. If one single church system is overcome and immediately another of the remaining four "styles" springs up in its place, we have multiplied through by a transposition and split the permutations into two cosets with a single switch of churches. We have a choice of whether to stay in the system or overcome completely. By delegating resposibility to overcome and be seperate or obfuscating or even postponing, we post-multiply again to persist the relationship with false doctrine by switiching the transposed elements back: thus generating A5 in conjugation. A5 is a simple group, so overcoming is a case of leaving the church entirely, or remaining within one of the other four until we are tempted again and return to the former vomit as the proverbial dog. So we would remain in A5, or in its coset - the system is only closed however with the group A5, so we must have those elements.

We now have 660, what of the final 6 - are these the six heads of the beast wed to the laodicean church? The decision of uptake of false doctrine under consideration by the image leads the last six as "Hell to follow after" as being led by the nose. In full there are six forms of the dialectic logic under consideration, six forms of the "dialectic logical "or" as described in the dialectic logic section of the creationism area. Once a person is processed, any result carried by the image is taken as writ, and the six of the ten kings corresponding to the churches follow blindly the action of the image,. It is this pride that is analogous to "Hell" and these six we add back in as thesix heads of the scarlet beast with the healed wound.

This is separate to the dialectic balances, of which there are six forms - when the image system is proposed to a church by someone bearing the mark of the beast, it is considered sensuously and dialectically (as if it were done so logically) now processing every individual in the room (approved by a congregation)) as having the number 666 of the beast and then finally signed or agreed upon contractually as now using the image system, thus having "the name of the beast".

These six physical government 'heads' or kings on the scarlet beast we may add back in; as only they are the ones "permitting" state sanctioned churches. This provides the final lie of justification for the existence of the image formed of laodicean churches - government approval. It also appears to give them a status of "safe haven" or not being one of those bible reading fundamentalist "cults" we "hate" (and love) hearing of so much. Whilst all six heads have deadly wounds from believers coming out to philadelphia and Christ reconfigured (translated / defeated) Israel - now the "little horn state" (quite literally); It's wound to the beast from the sea appears to be healed by the woman (the imge upon the scarlet beast- completely leavened with the source of leaven) riding the little horn whereas it is fundamentally a flawed construct. The six heads of the beast sanction any use of the separate secular state of Israel as a permitted "church doctrine" and any church that preaches against the physical salvation doctrine of dispensationalism is accused as a bigot or anti-semite for being doctrinally correct. Correcting laodiceans also appears to be illegal also!

So we add back the six "antilogical churches" that are the product of false doctrine (and as Hell following after with the image's dialectic logic) and that are the domain of laodicea. By recognising only those churches that are state sanctioned and "not" physical Israel - (Ephesus to Philadelphia) and of believers deliberately not leaving to overcome the beast, the woman riding the little horn grants the beast the meaning of the phrase "I will not suffer the loss of children" as well as "I sit as queen - I am no widow" whilst clearly physically and spiritually in a damnable spiritual place. The beast's number is six hundred and sixty six... whereas the only authority in this numbering is in respect to the church. One can not exist without the other in the book of revelation - a perpetual scene of "good cop bad cop" as James Lloyd of the Christian Media Network is so accurately putting it.

So, to take the six heads to their fullest extent - excluding philadelphia and including the woman (now totally leavened) riding Israel, we add the six back in as if we were travelling through all five consecutively and finally resting in a modern form of physical old testament law without the gospel of Christ. Having found disatisfaction with the first five churches and finishing totally as within assumed "physical Israel" in the disguised source of leaven. The believer ceases to be a spiritual creation at this point and becomes totally physical - a mere law keeper or totally devoid of obedience to the commandments of Christ to each church of revelation. Paul taught that circumcision will avail us nothing in Christ, but well said that such as preach a return to the old testament without Christ should go the whole way and emasculate themselves. The 6,7,8 cycle restarts and the church is completely leavened as laodicea with Israel as it's king. Christ is not the king of physical Israel in this beast, but He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings over all in truth.

So all seven heads of the beast from the sea actually have deadly wounds. The release of restraint enabling the healing of the beast by the state of Israel does not give "life" as physical Israel is spiritually dead. The only appearance of life is present in the image by the leavening of the false doctrine spread by the leaders of the church - the false prophet - the second beast. All of satan's authority is given into this disgusting perversion of the true faith, it will not stand correct and Christ will return soon for His elect.

"Fallen, Fallen is Babylon the great" - Amen, Come Lord Jesus!

The Beast Switch

Top row: ten kings (horns) as seven heads, green king = USA (fourth pale horse) little horn also.
Bottom row: seven churches

NB: In place of physical Israel, insert your own state's sanctioned interfaith (also secular) legalism within it's government apparatus

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