The Ten Kings - Ten Horns Of The Beast

We have a conundrum with the ten kings - the ten horns on the fourth beast of the book of Daniel. To keep this page short I will not include the verses; but bear in mind that three empires are plucked up before the little horn - and the little horn is the fuel for the product of satan's ultimate plan to physically divorce the true remnant of spiritual Israel (the body of Christ) from the Lord. These three kingdoms that are plucked up lose their thrones to achieve this end. Even as the little horn is rising up (you might want to look up the Balfour declaration promising from the British government a homeland for the Jews within the borders of Palestine (transjordan) that later led to the state of Israel recognised by the UN.) This promise was made before the falls of the British, Soviet and Nazi empires. It would appear that the unique authority satan required to donate to Daniel's fourth beast (including The USA who is satan's instrument receiving their authority to birth the eighth, the state of Israel) is explained by the first four seals of the book of revelation.

Daniel states that "In this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things". It is actually the case that we should state "In this horn were found eyes,..." That the horn is the means to satan's end and not the method or tool for it. - That he has grasped upon Israel to leaven the churches without using it directly as if it were his personal agent. Rather there is some alternative agency using Israel as its method, we find this other agency is referred to as the "false prophet", or in this site also reffered to as "the source of leaven" when it refers to a body of believers with false doctrine, or those that clearly lie by introducing a false doctrine.

Finite Fields are unique: It would carry that the below diagram would fix the false prophet and its followers - the "synagogue of satan" in place of the true philadelphian remnant church amongst the first five churches: (and thus become an identity element of C6) were one to accept a physically derived quasi christian-jewish religion as a coherent basis for christian doctrine - that the "messianic jews" are saved under both the old and new covenants, and that they are equally (and so therefore a preferred) church of God that has seized upon the inheritance of true christians.

Laodicean believers would become as the present instantiated identity of C7 instead of the required overcoming faith in Christ, replacing the sabbath rest of the faith of true Christianity within the Lord's body of believers by a global church that is locked in a system of false doctrine with no way out. Philadelphian believers will ultimately face the encroaching state bringing to them those bearing mark of the beast for religious registration and will have to resist even possibly unto death in the final forty two month reign of the beast.

The rider on all four horses, white, red, black and pale is Antichrist (Death), and Hell follows after. The system of the NWO - a merged single kingdom (USA) in this attempted "Death of the way, truth and life" on a global scale is followed by Hell - the presence of damnation for every one with the mark of the beast and remaining carefree in laodicea's system of globally leavened religion. Historically however, we identify the ten horns of the dragon with the same kingdoms as does James Lloyd of the Christian Media Network - though I do make a distinction over the four horsemen, I equate them with the three horns plucked up - which James does not yet do.

The five fallen are Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, and Greece. At the time of writing of the revelation only one was (i.e. "Is") (Imperial Rome) and one was yet to come: The globalist New World Order (NWO). The end to replace the spiritual remnant of true Christianity in all doctrine with the liars introducing false doctrine is the real attack of the NWO in the devil's hands; and upon the faith of Christianity, not upon freedom, or a way of life - the law will be take the mark and lick the hand that feeds you, but the NWO is satan's device. Don't ever forget that. To buddhist, muslims, hindus and all others it is either going to be equality and socialism, or they will face the killing too. None of any of the other faiths are under attack here. They are also devices of satan.

However, it is often missed that satan is a dragon with ten horns and only seven crowns in the vision of the woman and the man-child in revelation - before the devil was cast down. In Jesus' temptation the devil offered Him the kingdoms of this world - so we can identify these ten kingdoms with satans earthly kingdom of these ten horns, (strengths). He has only seven crowns, so if he wishes to exercise his method for the beast, it follows that three earthly kingdoms be fallen or as Daniel puts it, plucked up for the seventh. Remember satan was defeated at the cross and can not instantiate this device authoritatively as his seventh crown is struck out. - The wedding can not be made true between a sinful government and sinful church though the deception may work. No government can "live" - satans seventh crown (strength) is defeated at the cross because satan has lost all heavenly authority. In this way his modern image of jealousy is a strong delusion. The wicked device itself, of three horns plucked up for the fourth that can not be entailed logically from them; is defeated with life in Christ, and actually so defeated physically for those that can hear it.

So, three kings fall to bring in the USA which requires healing of its deadly wound with Israel... The USA led NWO is the one king yet to come from John's viewpoint, and is the beast's latest incarnation. The book of revelation tells us that the ten kings - the horns on the healed scarlet beast have no kingdom as yet but give their authority to the scarlet beast. It is apparent that these ten kings that have no kingdom as yet is a reference of bringing a kingdom to wed to the image, which we now know is the USA that was "yet to come" and must continue a short space. (Since at the time of writing, the beast once was, then was not, and yet shall ascend out of the bottomless pit and go into perdition.) "No kingdom as yet" refers to the true and lasting binding of God's people - not just into captivity, but into damnation. It has beens satan's device all along to destroy the people of God, not just persecute them. The NWO scheme of satan is his final device in this age.

The beast is granted their authority for "one hour with the beast", we can equate this with the one hour in which the judgement of the laodicean church arrives from God, and the ten kings burn the woman riding the beast. One hour also refers to an octal group of GF(8) with merely one multiplication group and only one automorphism. They require in this fashion authority over only one choice of unity (laodicaea maybe?) and only in one C7 group: corresponding to the cycle of the angel of the church: He (the angel) has truly overcome the beast and its image. As he is the least in the kingdom of heaven, all believers are required to follow suit.

The eighth king, (physical Israel) is survivor physically and doctrinally of the seven kingdoms (heads or crowns) of the dragon - it is a physical remnant of old testament Israel, and stands in the NWO as particularly favoured due to its history of persecution. Don't get me wrong, I believe israelis have every right to exist in peace in their own land in safety with their neighbours - but I would wish they also be free and not satanically played with like a favourite toy, smashed one minute and loved feignedly for mass marketing an false doctrine the next.

The New testament however teaches us that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities and powers, against the dark forces of the earth and spiritual wickedness in high places. By this, God warns us to be on guard against government powers, not fallen angels and demons, which flee from God and His elect when we pray. The switch of the true spiritual remnant with the source of leaven is an attempt to wed the Church paradigm with the rider on the horses, (antichrist or satan, Death and Hell, wormwood or abaddon) in a state of spiritual death shortly after which the true double-mindedness of the man whose number is 666 will conflict with the truth in a closed system numbered 666. This is true hell, being forced into a system of Orwellian doublethink to be herded like cattle into the churches in the NWO ready to be slaughtered or survive and be burned or worse, damned. True believers with have to resist unto death. They will also face the tempting of the mark of the beast.

satanic intent

The description of the beasts in Daniel are of a lion, leopard and bear; and the fourth beast is DIVERSE from those that went before it. But the beast in revelation has a mouth as a mouth of a lion, feet as of a bear, and a body like unto a leopard. - They are not identifications, but similarities. The marriage of a structure that necessitates a state of sin upon living human beings in physical and government form is a device that can not be performed. It remains contingent on choice and not "wed" forever to the people of God. The USA does not have this "marriage" to its citizenry because the device does not work physically. It does not follow logically - in fact it is a nonsense to imply the USA would constitutionally allow it (or was). The fourth beast of daniel is beast mk.1 and revelation's is beast mk2 now healed. (Though the device used by satan is the same.)

So, there are ten modern kings also, that are gifted satans authority - three must "fall" (I equivocate with the horns of satan for the device) to bring about the final form of this image to the beast religion and government. The final state of this kingdom is where the sinful image of the beast is so completely set upon five unrefined churches, that death rests upon laodicea, and the source of leaven (false doctrine) using physical Israel leavens the structure - the image being created with the same device as the socialising of the USA and the destruction of its freedoms; in this wedding to the beast by the false prophet. The false prophet exercises the authority of the first beast by reason of the ten kings and speaks like the dragon with his authority - as with another set of ten horns, making His two horns, as two sets of ten. This would only be so if the ten kings were modern.

So, what of the ten kings that have no kingdom as yet but receive authority for one hour to reign with the beast? Well, in order for the churches to be made into the image of sinful man, divorced from God with the leaven of this two house twist (their kingdom) - There must be ten more Kings of a modern age whom instantiate this kingdom of divorce in the modern era. Satan however is fallen - yet physical influence is not - but the church can be aligned; with each spiritual church bound by the kings authority in a 1-1 fashion under arbitrary sets of three kings (in 120 choices of those three from ten examining the false doctrine) and each leavening transposition or in such a way that the analogue of six kings follow after the one king (that one under the three) as the six as hell following after Death (the seventh). The kings are wed to the five churches by their power to speak through the image, then this tabernacle of satan, an analogue of the socialised USA is set against philadelphia, and the source of leaven is physically wed into the church in a doctrine that weds the beast to the image.

Note that the number of ways to choose three from a set of ten is 120. If we consider the system of five churches and the source of leaven, then we have 6 x 120 = 720 elements of S6 keeping the synagogue in the place of philadelphia - thus for every conflict of doctrine amongst the six churches (with the synagogue) we have for the six, one king (a chair lent the examining of three others) as judge over all laodicea an alignment where as a man we can search the doctrine of the five laodicean churches sinfully for agreement as we would temptation; i.e."I think we have room for that there". Then the chair is conceded to (in facilitation by the examining three) by the other six, giving a 666 system. The seventh is absent, it is the image itself and the image does not sit in judgement to end its influence. It is instituted by the false prophet, and will not be dismissed so easily.

For each laodicean church's strong objection, the five remaining search for doctrine to allow it, then if it is found (subtracting 60 from 720 by A5 on the five church elements (as without the source of leaven using physical Israel)) and the six "as hell following" kings concede to the facilitation of the chair then we have 666. The result is a completely leavened system. Thus for any church with the source of leaven included may sit. (As one hour with the beast) there are those 120 possible sets of three kings who grant their authority to the chair or facilitator to completely leaven all doctrine. The current doctrine of physical Israel is the amalgamation of all the false doctrine it has ever accumulated. These 120 possible choices of three kings allign with the ability to pre and post multiply elements to A5 in the churches. Thus we have the image as an examiner upon doctrine, which is only leavened, not refined in this system. Every transposition ordered upon this pre and post mulltiplication is again constructed in turn by satan's device of the three into one of the dialectic process. The one in this case rests as death in place of the life of Christ.

The Lord states that these kings have one mind - that they all operate on the basis of the same system. The scripture also states that God has put it in their hearts to accomplish His will, so those three kings that lend their authority to whichever facilitator is chosen do so by the strength of relationship - with which their authority within the system is excluded. The Lord excludes theirs from the judgement and process involved. It is enough to accomplish His will. The church will go all the way bad, however it will be a gradual leavening and a vast falling away. Only those who hear God's voice to leave and find the philadelphian remnant will escape this captivity. False doctrine will separate out the flock of Christ as they wake up.

The Lord's will is for His people to come out of laodicea and for her to be desolate. When the least of the flock leaves, he leaves his former habitation desolate. As churches merge and leaven each other, the least of all, once he has left successively leaves desolate every church that that former of his are joined to - making them all desolate. Surely he will draw out those of the true flock with him. The authority has left the church already.

So, the system in its entirety appears to be instant, and the churches wed to the sources of leaven with physical Israel leavening their doctrine. The bible teaches a little leaven leavens the whole lump - and Jesus specifically warned to beware the "leaven of the pharisees". We should have listened to the scripture and not based our dealings on satans device. Indeed back then, the mystery of iniquity was already at work. We know it today as the woman riding the beast, (the laodicean church become the synagogue of satan - the very same woman riding physical Israel, and the beast or little horn is simply the state of Israel.)

The leavened system of state-church-sin is not a kingdom yet - but only for the purpose of the one hour when the "Church", the woman is judged and burned, the ten kings grant their purpose to make this kingdom/church wedding a reality with the doctrine of the false prophet. Knowing all too well, that with a government stamp of approval the NWO system will discharge a divorce of Christ to his bride. Philadelphia however escapes the device, but not the tribulation.

So, why the switch from five senses with logic to ten kings in some shadowy background? Well, if the beast were simply some system of mind control, we could insert 60 elements on the "logic" part over the senses with the coset of A5 in S5. Boom, no more mind control. However, the switch to ten kings with 120 ways to choose seven from ten (or three from ten) does not permit this "hack". (there is no inserting upon something not present) The idea satan has had is to form the beast to bring about satans jealous witchcraft formed of and in the churches. The ten kings allow every examination of doctrine in the churches to be done so by the devices of satan through the auspices of government.

The beast itself, or "pale horse" is upon the "missing three" which are replaced with the device of satan; the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and the pride of life. These first three of the four "horsemen" being contract, regulation, scientific scrutiny or compromise to such and then finally the image system in the church locked up with the ten kings.

The lack of a "hack" leaves the church seemingly defenceless against the legal control of government and the beast system. This is why God commands his people to "come out of her, lest ye be partakers of her plagues." There is no recourse but just that - to leave.The device of the missing "three" of ten kings over the churches has meant satan has tried with all his effort to bring about a change in the way people think: this is his last weapon. This has become the dialectic; or thesis, antithesis, synthesis paradigm. This is widespread in the church today.

Once the dialectic has leavened the church and the church has lost it's battles on laws that compromise the sovereignty of God, the contractual regulation and scrutiny of the beast make it impossible to turn back. There has and continues to be a falling of the church away from sound doctrine and the ability to remain independent. Although there is no way to remove 60 from 120 to put the church in a vice like grip of mind control, the dialectic process ("Diaprax" as stated by Dean Gotcher (heard on CMN)) has leavened the church to the point it can not go back or overcome its corporate and contractual obligations.

These leavening obligations are now set in stone as laws. There is a vast falling away, and reversing this is impossible. The process itself is irreversible unless people decide to leave the church altogether and go it alone. Setting up a new church without such legal obligations will be near impossible in the near future if it already is not so.

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