The Lord's prayer is a good place to start. I do not show that the Lord's prayer has some hidden mathematical formula - rather I go through each line and show that on this site there is enough that may help the reader to understand that the concept of good, God and the election by grace make sense. Even this prayer which is much used for liturgy and though appreciated; is perhaps under estimated.

Our Father, Which Art In Heaven
If the ultrafilter appears to be complicated jargon, perhaps this page will help (or will not at the end). We are created in the image of God, and we know Christ is not a created being. That God may become as a man and be in a position that He would understand our own perspective is not such a nonsense as some would claim. There is a natural way to consider that God's own perspective of infinite regression also applies in part to us: Though we only understand this from a singular perspective - and not in knowledge of the fullness that resides in the mind of God. That God can and does understand is part and parcel with the fact He is the creator. Physics comes so close to the truth and stays so far away it can be shocking!

Hallowed Be Thy Name
Short on math, but drawing a few threads together from elsewhere on the site. The trinity is not merely a container for creation. God has strict requirements of virtue - as well as being an ultrafilter Himself, He is subject to what many would consider to be a description of another filter - one of positive properties. We have seen this filter in Anselm's argument, here we give it another visit on the basis of the trinity - Be careful, for God is not a God of forces.

Thy Kingdom Come
Again, a little light on math, but here are plenty of threads woven in here as well. The arrival of the kingdom of God allows us to exercise our faith over matters of righteousness rather than whether things are true or false. On matters of obedience grace assumes we are making the effort, it is not a question of whether things are right or wrong, but on the discernment of the individual as to where the freedom granted us should be applied in truth.

Thy Will Be Done On Earth, As It Is In Heaven
The difference between heaven and earth for the believer is one of location, not of presence. Either the scriptures are correct when they state we have been made to sit in heavenly places with Jesus, or we are at fault in our faith. Gods will is that we overcome the world and be saved, and do everything required of us that that may be so. God then, patiently waits for the number of His children to be completed and that may only be so when all the seals on the book of life are opened. There is an easing of restraint upon the elect that ensures they are refined according to their faith, whilst those that may not restrain themselves fall away. Whilst those that remain in Christ struggle - they do so in the knowledge that the wickedness of the world is no less great today than it was in Christ's day. This world has the same spiritual wickedness that must be overcome - it is merely behind a thin veneer of acceptability.

Give Us Today Our Daily Bread
There is much to be made from the metaphysics section that is paired with the K4 filter construction. In this page I show that as Christ prayer would attest, the believers are those of whom Christ spoke "Joh 17:21 That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me."

Forgive Us Our Sins...
There is no sense in the gospel that forgiveness is extended to everyone. Those whom reject Christ and blaspheme the Holy Ghost have no forgiveness. We pray to forgive others as we are forgiven, that excludes the iniquitous and we find there is a contradiction that implies the heart of our right in God to choose those with whom we have fellowship. For Christ Himself elects to salvation having chosen us - If this is virtue, then to choose where to call brethren our own in the gospel is virtue for us if it leads to salvation.

Lead Us Not Into Temptation...
Our prayer to be delivered from evil, not to be placed in situations where we are ourselves compromised before others have great weight with God. There is no situation in which God places His elect into a position where they will have no choice but to sin. There is always a choice even if it means standing fast until the point of death. Thankfully our God rarely requires such things from us if at all, being equated with any suffering. He knows pointless pain bears no fruit at all. Instead, God has loosened the grip of grace He holds over those whom call Him Lord, so that instead of great suffering God requires greater and more selective election in a world that has embraced the freedom and licentiousness of a complete lack of any restraint.

For Thine Is The Kingdom
Is Jesus saying more than simply "yes, you are!" with this prayer? Clearly there is both an assertion that God reigns from above as well as being the one true God. There is no other and denying our faith in moments of doubt is principally our concern by prayer here. If God is to be believed, then as Christ said, believe on the basis of the works, for the works sake. In that is the evidence put before us of the work of God from creation. For there is only one God and He is the God of Israel, whom call Him Christ. If there was another God, Jesus beat Him to it and is raised blameless - Forgiveness is guaranteed for those whom have part in the first resurrection.

The Power
In acknowledgement of the doubt which we occasionally give in to, God is acquainted with the meaning of losing a Son that has faith in Him. Although this is a converse to our experience we may be assured that religion is not wasted practice when faith is held in Christ, for God is in control and the material world is not made the mouthpiece of God, rather the gospel is - and that the life of Christ is the work God has made, rather than to give endless signs and miracles. Instead of having faith in performing miracles, Jesus assures us the work of the resurrection performed is enough evidence for any measure of power in the heavens. Clearly religion has little to merit it without such power - for we may as well eat, drink and be merry.

And The Glory, Forever
The last line of the prayer is without doubt praise due the performer of the work of redemption, and not of any other that may encroach upon the one gospel. There is no pantheistic sense or gnosis, or personal gain to be found in claiming some form of demigod status by the apostles and in the faith of the gospel. Neither is there any sense of the God of heaven being removed from His place so that the promise of salvation could be interrupted by another - a devil or another God. The glory of salvation is eternal, and will last far beyond the conclusion of this world.

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