And The Glory, Forever

Given that there is one God most high, the close of the Lord's prayer assures us that there is no God that created our own God, as well as this creation belonging to the one God and no other. The work of Christ and the Father is not superseded by any above Him, whether known or unknown - Jesus assures us that this is so, there is one God.

If there was another God whom created our own, then we are told there is no glory due "Him" - as well as we are ensured that Jesus' Father is the creator by this statement. There is no kidnapping of the people of Israel away from Yahweh by Jesus Christ or His Father. Were that so, then the work of redemption would be done by a lesser or a greater (as the creator or His creator) and the least in each case would be due the glory.

Rather, our creator is our salvation. For if a greater God has saved us, as our creator we have one God, and if a lesser than He saved us, then the greater has no glory. If a lesser saved us the greater will take all glory some day, and we are assured that sceptre will not be taken from God, whom did the work.

The prayer asserts that there is one God and that Christians do not merely pray for the God of Israel to save them, but for the one God to do so. They were accused of blasphemy by the jews of Christ's day - and Christ reassured them that He was and still is the God of Israel, and that the elect are Israel, not the flesh and blood tribes descended from Abrahamaic stock.

So is there some sense in which maths could help us understand this?

Clearly if God has reconciled through the work of salvation a people to Himself from the most evil corrupted creation He would ever have created as a loving creator, we have somewhere to start! For the work that redeems a people from such a world is to make the defeat of the evil within it complete and total.

If there is a God above God Himself then He did no work of His own to defeat evil and has no glory in the work. Likewise if such a being were Himself corrupt and forewent God to create God as a "proxy for creation" then In the work of Christ that devil is frustrated - clearly being defeated because this world will justify every world created after as able to be made without iniquity. Such a "super-devil" has given the disputed keys to creation away and failed when this creation itself is redeemed by the cross of Christ.

Likewise if the devil is merely satan, (a created being) then he is defeated, being the devil God hates in this world.

This world is profitable to God, because He is able to redeem His creation. It makes sense to think of an average, that 50% may be redeemable and 50% not, does that make a proof that creation belongs to one God and no other worth it? His ways are higher than ours, we can not say what the conditions are.

If in every subsequent world 100 % may be saved and redeemed, then it should be so.

On the question of glory due the creator, it is due the worker of salvation properly - and if there is none other that saves, then God is able to justify His glory in all eternity. No "good god" above Him stepped in to finish the work of evil before it required defeating, as Jesus laid down His own life, not some other.

Therefore there is no God that has created our own, or made this world other than the trinity. If there is a super devil, then he has been defeated and has lost the justification to call this creation "evil" because it has been redeemed. A creation corrupted that yet bears good fruit is not to be hewn down!. It has already produced much of its crop - and when it has finished its season it will then eventually be cut down.

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