Hallowed Be Thy Name

If we dispense with the K4 filter as purely a subgroup of the octal we have again the assertion that singletons of the octal are naturally associated with the intersection of member K4 groups in the K4 filter proper. Then we have again a dichotomy - yet this time it is within what is the "right handed" part and the "left handed" remainder. We can state right from the off that to be "In the Father" is to have an equivalence to a singleton element as it were a floating unity in GF(8). It could be argued that then everyone is "In the Father", yet there are two octals in view - one right handed wherein is Christ and another left handed which is plausibly an octal under the operation {A v B}c, yet for which there is no reasonable requirement for a second or "left hand", once it is asserted that every octal be it "right" or "left" handed is isomorphic and therefore the structure is always one and the same and the ultrafilter is present equally.

Then, to "Have the Father" - to be in the right handed octal is to be an element in that one structure which Christ Himself spans in the K4 form. There is an element contained in both (which is unity) and to be in association with unity is to be at rest in God - to be found in triples formed from the coset of the unity element of the K4 form is not to "have the Son", yet this line of inquiry only makes sense if Christ is "sat at the right hand of the Father ... until He has made His enemies His footstool."

Therefore since unity is always the common element of the K4 form of the filter, As the K4 form is true everywhere in the octal, (in every isomorphism over every octal) there is nothing that excludes a person from understanding that God is in trinity. The question of whether God's name may be polluted is a black or white assertion. There is no spot or blemish on God's perfection - likewise we may consider that every being is within the right hand octal of God - although maybe only finding rest in what are the "antichrist" bows of the one singular or "sun" octal - and not the 29 other octals in the same seven symbols.

The number of such arrangements of triples outside of the one octal (and also in those 29 other octals) equates to 666, Yet as the octal is isomorphic these octals are technically one and the same and we reduce to the first four seals of the book of revelation rather than the number of the beast that rises up "from the sea". (The 666 as across the sea of 30 octals.)

The beast that rises up from the earth practices the dialectic - (see the creationism section on dialectic logic) In order to make sense of the world the devil's devices in those four seals are manipulated to form a consensus - there in place is the only "life" that is found outside of God - to be able to reason and to be able to do so animate. The faith that should properly guide a life is absent from this paradigm, devoid of any fact that may not be diminished by relationship or consensus - facts are always up for discussion in satans world.

The name of God however is blasphemed, but never made unclean - the beast that rises up from the sea does so in a fashion (described in revelation) that the beast from the earth parodies with the devices in the seals. There is no alignment to sets of octals in the sea - especially as it requires one octal in four to be struck out as an empty set! there is no reason for it to do so without what is compromise and "antichrist". There is no equality in these two structures - it is to be double minded without sure rest that comes from within the mathematically perfect structure found in the field GF(8). (God likens the system to being "tormented five months").

The "church" of the end times, seen in revelation as the woman riding the scarlet beast is a construct that would place the image of carnality in place of the life giving spirit of God, playing five churches as five senses under the mind of the false prophet (constructed in the image) leavening through cultic christianity in the form of the synagogue of satan. Again, God's elect are absent and God's name holy - there is no cause for those with inheritance in Christ to be numbered with the tares in the harvest. The image, formed to align the elements of S5 over those senses exploits that choosing three from ten is possible in 120 ways, allows the false prophet's mindset to have organised purpose, disgusting though it is.

With all the sin and uncleanliness present in the end times, How can we state "hallowed be thy name" unless God for the greater part is absent? clearly God is able to rest and not be present unless He has assured us of it - (through Christ we have that privilege!)

That the devices of the seals are logically closed as a system as long as there is no fixed position that includes the Holy Trinity is demonstrable, equating to 666. The revelation shows how God's spirit is opposed and even interrupted by the devil, serpents, scorpions etc - but it is never put to evil purpose, nor is it ever exploited for evil to be caught in the act. When one realises that the system of logical dialectics requires not one octal to be empty, but all - there is one fact remaining - the fact that without logical absolutes there is no logic!

The system that remains only in those four devices (bows) of antichrist are then a null system in the octal. The set of 666 itself is empty without Christ in it as it denies He, and the Father in one swoop, and the appearance that Christ and the Father are not present is a delusion to rival any, no matter how high minded its proponents are or have become.

Ok, so I promised a little math - there is actually a great deal behind the lines elsewhere in this site, but I should provide something snappy !

Given a maximal set of properties that exclude no other positive properties, we expect those positive properties outside of that set will preclude other positive properties. The first set we call virtue, the second merely of positive properties. No virtue will universally decide between two opposing positive properties that would preclude each other. a virtue q then, will allow the freedom between p and r, where pos(p) => ¬pos(r) and pos(r) => ¬pos(p) given a situation.

Then, if any set of virtues may be considered maximal, it should also be static - for to include a different set of virtues, with a greater set of "p" we would have to exclude another - an "r" and that requires that the excluded element not be p or r, but q.

Then, we have redefined what is moral by inclusion of p, and excluded r as immoral, and q is lost, as virtue held would not private us of any r dependent on mere situation. (Thus we may assert that there are many sets of possible virtues, but only one maximal set. The least element then of this maximal set is one that is common to every set of virtues - the ability to define what is moral and immoral, irrespective of any requirement of virtue.

Then, God would have instilled within us to begin with an assertion that we are able to define what is moral and what is not. Later, he would have increased his restraint by excluding what is not virtue - and have done so strictly. Then, He would have demonstrated precisely what is the product of virtue, that there is indeed a maximal set of all 'q' that offends nothing in any p or any r..

His creation is required to have reason to decide what is moral, what is virtuous is that which offends no one. The OT law is not virtuous but exclusionary, so that when that which is full of virtue with no spot (Christ) should arrive, we should know it for what it is: our obedient superior.

In rejecting Christ with the assertion that Jesus was a blasphemer, on the basis (for this it was) that they, as Israel were able to define what is virtue - of that little remaining after exclusion of much by their own superfluous morality, they dismissed the maximal set of virtue presently demonstrated before them. They just did not want their own position taken away.

To recap,.. The jews by tradition and moralising had added various legalistic and traditional practices upon the set of exclusions in the law so that they would strain at a gnat (not permit the smallest of freedoms between pos(p) => ¬pos(r) etc) and swallow a camel (as excluding a whole multitude of virtue by making some p mandatory thus excluding two positive properties, namely q and r (a dip between two humps if you like!)) by inclusion of what was essentially a law of their own making. To do so was to take the seat of God.

When that which was perfect had arrived, they dismissed it and crucified their own saviour.

So, we find given that the set of all positive properties is itself innumerable and in itself a non-principal ultrafilter, that if the maximal set of virtues is in q and as "unity" and the two in freedom of choice are p and r, then we have two inverses that are met in a join with the unity element.

The operation (A v B)c then shows us in the three sets or virtue, one with p intact - and one with q excluding p and r, and the last with r excluding p and q, a simple operation of the ultrafilter in K4 form acting upon the set of positive properties. As long as one holds true to the essence of faith L(G), (that God is able to define, redefine and enforce to any degree His own requirements of us) on the basis that He is able to demonstrably show it possible, there is in no way a discrepancy on the presence of God as a God of truth.

For us then, we may safely reside in the knowledge that Jesus Christ has displayed the efficacy of the law and the character expected of us by God, we may approach Him in steadily increasing virtue in eternal life, knowing that God is patient to reap fruit from us whilst we are yet under grace. We will live and reign with Christ a thousand years - but this time is reckoned of patience, not of deadline.

So, Is God's own name hallowed? assuredly it is, as there is indeed a maximal set of virtue that has been displayed - and there is no blemish in that example whatsoever.

Christ is sat patient, and the Father has offered us His own rest, the Holy Spirit is working our predestination to emulation of our saviour even today, there is no change in the example of Christ, and that the spiritual gentiles of our day trample the kingdom of God underfoot is besides the point.

In no one else has such salvation been offered to us. There is no name under heaven but Christ's own by which we may be saved. Indeed, God's name is Holy. For He said,

Psa 14:1 To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David. The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.
Psa 14:2 The LORD looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God.
Psa 14:3 They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one.

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