Thy Will Be Done On Earth, As It Is In Heaven

We made separate the static subgroup of the octal and the antichrist "bow" by stating that Christ is "sat at the right hand of the Father". Yet the book of revelation concludes with the wrath and the inheritance of the saints. The octal is shown to be singularly isomorphic, the saints sealed as unity and the remainder of humankind in the lake of fire, or a closed "null" system out of which there will be no escape.

The book ends with imagery of the judgement with Christ sat in the K4 form of the filter, not at the right hand as before; The revelation shows that God will dynamically progress through to greater perfection, not in Himself but in that which He shows towards His people.

The dividing line then must be drawn not between the static subgroup and it's coset but between the virtue found in Christ and the wider K4 span of the octal that describes the perspective of infinite regression that God indeed possesses.

In giving glory to God that "In Him we live move and have our being", and in acknowledging the Kingdom has arrived, the prayer of the page title neatly closes the first part of the Lord's prayer. The Lord's will has been neatly summed up as "that all men will come to the knowledge of the truth of salvation in Jesus Christ". We can be assured that this is true in heaven, so we may be assured it is also in this world.

We have divided the octal into K4 group and coset, and we divide the heavenly throne scene with the lamb slain upon the altar as likewise in heaven (as opposed to earth), though the sacrifice bare record in earth, it is actually a spiritual event that yet continues by being displayed in the revelation's heavenly scene, indicating that this sacrifice does not end, but continues always, standing forever.

We may divide so the octal into static subgroup and bow, (as well as unity), but the K4 form will divide into three K4 subgroups all containing unity with both the octal's static subgroup's multiplicative elements and the static bow's elements distributed evenly amongst the K4 filters members, one of each in each.

So, when we divide the heavenly scene from the earthly, we should acknowledge that there is a further regression here. In heaven, as now there is an election by grace,.. and the Earth is under the law of that election. Just as Christ is divided in his members between right and left, the heavenly scene is divided between the lamb and the four beasts about the throne.

As the lamb opens the seals, we may consider that the sacrifice is victorious against ALL argument in the earth, from which a rider goes out of each beast, showing the enemy fleeing to yet another lie. The sacrifice itself is "unsealed" within that beast and is shown to be efficacious against the increasing wickedness and easing restraint of the Lord on the mind of His people.

Just as in heaven the seals open and the Lord is shown to be victorious, the restraint on the practice of the dialectic is loosened - not on the ungodly, but upon the people who follow Christ and keep the commandments and the testimony of Jesus.

It is God's will that this creation be shown to satisfy the requirements for the defeat of evil for every further act of creation done after. In loosening the restraint on His own elect He refines them for a greater love of the truth, not that any should fall away but so that those He would keep are truly His own, that God is shown to be victorious even when we are weak. The restrainer is removed from God's people and there comes a great falling away as four final kingdoms come into play, this is the effect of satan developing the world after his own paradigm, taking the advantage to himself and it is not anything more than a feint whilst God prepares to return. Satan, can do nothing to stop it.

God's will "done on earth" is already done so in heaven by those that have a great love for the truth. The singular mindset fixed on Christ, no matter the arrangement at the instant, is the victory we have when we are weak, overcoming the world. In heaven, the seals are opened and the sacrifice holds true - on earth the restraint is loosened and we hold fast, despite every wind of doctrine that tempts us to compromise.

The Lord will soon return; that we do God's will (when we are expected to hold to the truth more strongly), ensures that the elect are not in themselves diminished though fewer in proportion of number, but that the tares will in essence, wither away in the heat of the day.

The "earth" in the revelation scene is depicted by four beasts (seraphim). These four elements forming a coset of the static subgroup are in essence with their six wings a picture of the two (non-unity) subgroups of the K4 form. Each then is at the Lord's right or left, two each - and there is no reason to ascribe one to the other when isomorphism is considered. Likewise the position in the order of the seals of the lamb is shown to be in all seven, not just in one or three or four. the three remaining elements are represented by the 24 elders - in the eight C7 groups on the octal in their three automorphisms.

Dividing the earth from heaven is then a difficult thing: If we divide it at the elders and before the four beasts, then God's will is to be completed when all those that will be sealed are done so. These are sealed only when the believers are restrained from any further falling away. Whether this is to the tune of just one seal, or all seven I do not know, perhaps we will not be found to be lax in either case.

If we divide heaven at the beast's outward, then all creation is null and void - and we are become as "hell". The set numbers 666 and we also have a null system.

I believe God greatly desires that no one will find their way into that place but the devil and his angels for whom it is prepared. Either way, such a place is not "on earth" , at least not yet.

To divide heaven from earth in the K4 form is not shown in the revelation except at the scene of the great white throne judgement (the BEMA seat). Free from containment in the octal, the appearance of the K4 filter is described as that from which heaven and earth flees away. Dividing the will of God at that time is towards His elect or against the unbelief: That God's will be done on earth is to show that there will be no paradigm that will ever be able to diminish the actual merit of the work of the cross. In setting, the unity element - the intersection in the K4 form that traverses each of the seals simply shows that yes, this particular sacrifice raised from the dead is that one unique Son of God, Jesus. No other could do that work.

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