Lead Us Not Into Temptation...

...but deliver us from evil.

We should note that the ultrafilter of perfections divides into a K4 subgroup of the octal. The coset of that subgroup contains the unity element that is the fixed position of maximal virtue The static subgroup is to (say) the Lord's right and the static bow remaining apart from unity is to His left. In holding true L(G) for the unity element there is the equivalence made between reasoning didactically on the fixed position of unity as compared to dialectically reasoning on a shifting position (unity) where the fact or L(G) is taken off the table for consideration. It as "oil" is hurt and the wine likewise in being made equal to the empty set.

Then our faith is with Christ in all His perfection, and our earthly lives reasoned within the same system of the first four seals, according to the restraint upon us in the age. In holding true to the one fixed unity element and not compromising on our faith, we can decide rightly between virtue to the Lord's right and "evil conversation" to His left. We choose to be minded of the things of God or to hold fast to our faith in the world. The system of the unsealed dialectic logic is itself only temptation when the believer is lead to compromise on L(G).

We are not of the world when we are a new creature in Christ. We have to live in the world however, and we are lead upon our calling in Christ - to increase in virtue, not to practice the dialectic logic, but to hold fast to the system of liberty given us. Dialectically one would reason between 6 alternatives, 3 pairs of thesis/antithesis with a choice of two for disjunction / conjunction. The disjunction is justified by dismissing the conjunction as null, blasphemy of the Holy Ghost is at the heart of this process, as it is the unity element which is to take the drop.

In the knowledge that there are 30 octals in seven symbols it makes sense to consider all of them as isomorphic up to relabelling also when under multiplication. Then every testing of our faith makes no spiritual difference unless we "cast our pearls before swine" and compromise on faith, and not on "structure".

The counterfeit rest of the antichrist bow is between endless disputations to reach a consensus of opinion. In Christ it is rest on liberty without condemnation under the laws of God. We pray to be found in the latter and not in the former camp whom have only a form of Godliness but deny the substance of God found in Jesus Christ.

Likewise returning to the K4 form we have three groups spanning the octal with 'a = 1'

a = 1 = [a,b,c]
b = [a,d,e]
c = [a,f,g]

Which in the octal have different associations to a static subgroup with the Lord sat to the Father's right.

To the right and left we have the octal's static subgroup [b,d,f] and the antichrist bow {c,e,g} in each K4 group

[a,b,c] => b
[a,d,e] => d
[a,f,g] => f

[a,b,c] => c
[a,d,e] => e
[a,f,g] => g

To be lead not into temptation is to remain to the right hand of Christ Himself who is sat at the right hand of the Father as in [b,d,f]. The remaining elements are to Father's left, in "the earth".

What we would consider to be the fixed position of unity, or "a" in the K4 form is in the octal the static group [b,d,f] as we have seen in perfections of virtue and positive properties. That there are two alternatives, to the right or the left in Christ and to the right or left in the Father, relate to the difference between the liberty in God's grace or the restraint of the first seal.

In order to be tempted we are tested with the dialectic. In each seal of the first four the church has been tested with a more lax paradigm so that those with a greater love of the truth should remain "salty" amongst those whom have lost their saltiness. It is for the most part (at least in this country) easy to live when calling oneself a christian. 2000 years ago it meant persecution, and it is only in the last few hundred years that the bible has been freely available without threat of death for reading it - It was purposeful for God to require more from those whom have greater ease: Whilst those with a love for the truth are still as salty, they are a brighter light amongst many that have run out of oil for their lamps.

In every situation we may be tested on the basis that the unity element has shifted relative to the static subgroup. There is in revelation and the seals the example that the sacrifice of God as grace, is sufficient for us and it has the victory over the devils devices. In every conceivable situation of temptation the octal and field structure is isomorphic and the Kingdom of God now arrived is never broken. Virtue may not be shown to be iniquity, and iniquity never virtue. To be found in the dialectic as spreading its purpose (to bear the mark of the beast elsewhere) or to facilitate it in a situation (to bear the name of the beast amongst those without) or to reason to consensus (to have the number of the beast) is the end result of mixing the world and the devices of satan in with faith in Christ.

Reasoning to consensus is a problem when the gospel is at the heart of discussion, but not an issue when the bow devices are not used. The ministry of the spirit is to grace instead, and agreement on L(G) is necessary, or else the gospel would not be spread (although it may be found).

"Lead us not into temptation" is then a prayer for us to be presented with the truth of the isomorphism of the octal in every situation, to remain fixed when we are tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. In receiving that, we are at rest in Christ without compromise. We are both not lead into temptation, as well as delivered from evil. We are not practicing the devices, and we are not guilty when we hold fast to Christ.

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