For Thine Is The Kingdom

In this statement can be seen several things, first, the Kingdom that rules over this world is God's own and not an earthly or worldly kingdom. Second, it belongs to only one, namely God - and that in all things the kingdom is not to be formed by men after their own fashion.

Also, we expect the statement of the title to be a deduction from the previous parts of the prayer. It should be taken as a conclusion.

Jesus taught that the kingdom of God was within us. For that He meant that is was possible for us to find it. Clearly given L(G) as an essence and the example of Christ as the maximal set of virtue that could ever be expected of us, we have both the fulfillment of all the law and the prophets in the record God gave of His Son. More than this, it is shown to be possible and this justified every commandment of God that He gave His people.

What was in view in Jesus' day is that the Kingdom of God was given into the keeping of Israel. The Israel of Christ's day either followed Christ or crucified Him. The prayer relates to the fact that the Lord dwells not in temples made with human hands and does not dwell in the flesh of one race over another but is to all men whom believe on Christ equally.

In declaring the Kingdom to be God's own we take our faith out of the hands of others and immediately place the believer directly before God with no mediation other than Christ's own. There are no ministers or popes or gurus that minister salvation, only Jesus Christ.

In equating the Kingdom to the virtue which is both the character of Christ as well as our destination in the Spirit, we find that we have a declaration of the trinity in God, so that the liberty God has in His own perfection as to whichever positive properties to instantiate at any time is shown before us: and that there is none greater.

The construction of the trinity model is such that the "strange twist" it takes (on the basis that Christ is sat at th right hand of the Father) is such that virtue sits in the place of unity as the example of the lamb slain, and then that God has shown beyond doubt that Jesus is victor, by giving us every possible retaliation and device against His kingdom in the same revelation. Christ in the K4 form is the substance and the sacrifice on the cross the shadow. The life in God and the world itself was turned upside down with the resurrection - and the resurrection is the victory shown us, not the death on the cross.

In no other has this ever been seen, that a man should turn upside down the world and all its established practices and come out of the grave blameless without guilt before God and show hat the Kingdom belongs to "our Father" without question.

That unity is the set of virtue found in God and the believer is counted to have that same righteousness as Christ has is an awesome thing. We are not to be "Gods", but kings and preiests to serve our God - it can not be overstated of the good things God has prepared for us.

That our Father came in Jesus Christ to show us that we are redeemed as His people, being without race or descent or caste, that we might be called His children upon our election is no less marvellous, for God is present with us in our lives, directing us to salvation in eternal life.

The essence L(G) that entails upon the law the recognition of Jesus Christ as the messiah is not able to be subverted by men to their own use: We are created with the ability to discern virtue from iniquity, and in that sense are created prepared for the kingdom of God, we reject it only because we reject God as without merit. L(H) is universal in every religion to some extent, but there is replaced for G some X. In the Kingdom of God, there is the accumulated work of God that positions in Christ salvation for mankind under a triune God over law and virtue, whom for better use of the facts, would forgive the misunderstanding that I call Him Jesus and not Yahweh, Father and not Jehovah etc.

Without cost to the most high God, if Marcion was to some degree correct - (which he was not) I would be forgiven by the creator for my faith held in Christ, whom is either the creator Himself come to us or the man whom beat Him to the work He should have completed Himself. At any moment of doubt, I can return to that axiom of the Kingdom as come already, for in believing so I have built my house upon the rock.

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